Meet the Writers

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Here at CBD Breaker, we aim to bring our readers and fellow CBD users the most up-to-date content on all things CBD. With a team of educated writers, conditioned in the uses and benefits of CBD, the articles CBD Breaker produces are not only well-researched, but highly personable and easy to understand.

Let us introduce you to these skilled content producers…

Tara DeVincenzo

“Tara is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer. A jack of all trades as a writer, she’s become a master of finding real science-backed research across the internet to present readers with true CBD science. This holistic approach to health and wellness inspires her personal life. When she’s not researching, reading, or writing, she enjoys cooking with fresh herbs she grows on her own fire escape.”

See all of Tara’s articles here.

Miriam Brait

“Miriam Brait is a health and business writer. She helps medical practitioners, startups, and small business owners build a bridge between their products and their audience using content marketing and persuasive web copy.”

See all of Miriam’s articles here.

Heather Ryerson

“Heather Ryerson is a freelance writer who creates engaging and informative content for the cannabis industry. An iced coffee addict and Maine native, her friends call her Pepper. She is happiest when she is fully caffeinated and near a body of water with her two hilarious teenage boys.”

See all of Heather’s articles here.

Iris Pang

“Iris Pang has been a lifestyle, health, and wellness freelance content writer for two years. When she isn’t taking copywriting courses, reading, researching, creating outlines, or writing, she enjoys long walks, crafting still longer sentences, and drinking coffee.”

See all of Iris’ articles here.

Julia Klaus

“Julia is a scientist turned freelance writer and health & wellness educator. When she’s not using the strokes of her keys to evoke a good story or compose an insightful article, you can usually find her immersing herself in nature, bouncing between being a foodie and an experimental at-home chef, and exploring ways to help bring awareness and peace into the lives of others through yoga, spirituality, and science.”

See all of Julia’s articles here.