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Illinois has been gradually heading down the route toward legalizing marijuana, with recreational use slated to be legal starting January 1st of 2020. And, as of right now, medical use and hemp-based CBD are legal, statewide. The CBD industry is growing rapidly in Chicago and all across the Illinois, which means there are a lot of options for buying your CBD from Chicago-based sources. Check our our picks for the best CBD oils in Illinois.

Best Overall: Full Spectrum CBD Oil by Mishka Oil

Mishka Oil provides what appears to be an excellent and well reviewed product. Better yet, they offer transparency with regard to lab results as well as sourcing. Given the demonstrable quality of their offering, the prices are fair, if higher than some competitors. When you consider the fact that they offer free shipping on orders totaling over $25, Mishka Oil is our top overall pick for the best CBD oils in Illinois.  

While we were unable to find an explicitly stated return policy, we think that the quality of the product more than offsets this potential downside. Learn more about Mishka Oil and their product below in our list of the top places to source the best CBD oils in Illinois.

1. CBD Oil Tincture by The CBD Gurus

Purchasing Locations:

Though not a Chicago-based company, The CBD Gurus provides affordable CBD oil that can be found at brick and mortar locations in Illinois and can also be ordered online. This company has also upped their game with the increasingly popular rewards program model which allows customers to add freebies like an additional 500mg bottle of peppermint CBD oil or a set of CBD bath bombs for orders over $125, and two such items for orders over $250.

We couldn’t find lab results available on the site or elsewhere, which is a significant downside that has to be weighed against the relative affordability of the product. Also of note, the website is well-designed, but their products have very few reviews. Still, there’s a reason it’s our top choice for best CBD oils in Illinois.

The CBD Gurus’ CBD Oil Tincture is available in concentrations ranging from 500mg to 3500mg. The range of potencies in the same sized bottles provides options for a variety of people interested in reaping the benefits of CBD. The CBD Gurus provide a cheap alternative to other CBD providers, with the tradeoff of lab results not being available.

Price: $59.99/5.9 cents per mg for the 1000mg bottle.

Shipping and refund policies:

•$9.99 flat rate for shipping on all orders. This would be more than offset by the rewards program on orders over $125 given that you could get a 500mg bottle of CBD oil worth $39.99.

•The CBD Gurus offer a 30-day money back guarantee for unopened and unused products.


•Exceptionally affordable compared to competitors

•Very wide range of concentrations

•Competitive product packages


•Lab results not available

•Very few reviews

•Return policy only applies to unopened products

2. Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil by Mishka Oil

Purchasing Locations:

Mishka Oil is an Illinois-based CBD company that distributes products online through third party distributors and through their store, owned by the same woman, Stella of CBD Infused Edibles

Their Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil is only available in the 500mg size. The product is well reviewed and produced local in Chicago by a smaller manufacturer than many competitors. Lab results are available on their site. While they primarily sell through third-party stores and online, Mishka Oil has a brick and mortar store in Chicago.

Price: $59.99/12 cents per mg for 500mg size

Shipping and refund policies:

•Free shipping on orders over $25.

•The website lacks additional information about returns.


•Local brand that is more grass-roots than many competitors

•Information about sourcing is available 

•Lab results are available


•Higher prices

•Only one potency for the oil is available

•Lacks information about returns 

3. CBD Herbal Drops by Chicago Cannabis Company

Purchasing Locations:

The Chicago Cannabis Company is a Chicago-based CBD producer that makes a large variety of CBD products. Their products are well reviewed and lab-tested. The company is currently only accepting pre-orders at a reduced price due to high order volume.

Chicago Cannabis Company’s CBD Citrus Drops are full spectrum and are only available in the 350mg potency. The small amount of CBD in a 30ml bottle makes them fairly weak in terms of potency compared to many competitors.

Price: $45.00/13 cents per mg for the 350mg potency

Shipping and refund policies:

•Standard shipping with prices that increase with order volume.

Refunds available within 30 days for damaged product only.


•The company is a worker cooperative with a commitment that at least 60% of workers will have some form of ownership

•Well reviewed and lab-tested product

•More affordable


•Higher prices

•Only one potency or size available 

•Poor refund and shipping policies

4. Full Spectrum CO2 Extracted Organic CBD Oil by Greenpost CBD

Purchasing Locations:

Greenpost CBD is a Chicago-based company that distributes products through their store, Smokepost CBD. The company is well reviewed and organic but we couldn’t locate any lab results, which is a major downside.

Their CBD Oil comes in 1oz and 2oz sizes, both with the same amount of CBD at 1000mg. The 1oz size more potent as well as less expensive, so it’s a better value.

Price: $140.00/14 cents per mg for the 1oz size

Shipping and refund policies:

•Free Shipping for orders over $50.

•No return policy mentioned.


•Good shipping policy

•100% organic product

•Well reviewed


•Lacks information about returns

•Lab results not available

•More expensive


The CBD industry is growing quickly in Illinois and many options are available around the state. With the upcoming legalization of recreational marijuana use, the options will surely grow to include marijuana-based CBD in addition to the hemp-based products currently available.

To get ahead of the game, try out one of our four best CBD oils in Illinois for yourself.

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Last modified: December 18, 2019