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Florida is a progressive state in terms of marijuana usage with legal medical marijuana and widespread access to CBD. However, there is some ambiguity in the law on CBD in Florida given that industrial hemp was only legalized by the federal government in 2018, though legislators are working on bills that would regulate the industry. That said, what would be the best CBD oils in Florida?

Under current Florida law, hemp is still a schedule 1 drug, and the legality of CBD from hemp is unclear. CBD is widely available in the state and it seems as if police have not cracked down on consumers or sellers, but purchase at your own risk!

Best Overall: Hemp-Derived CBD Oil by Nutracanna

When purchasing CBD, an affordable product often comes at the cost of a lack of transparency, a poor refund policy, or an unreliable name. With Nutracanna, you get the best of both worlds with a very affordable product which has the type of transparency and reliability that you’d expect from pricier alternatives. That’s why it’s our top choice for the best CBD oils in Florida.

1. Pharmacist Formulated CBD Oil by Green Roads

Purchasing Locations:

  • Primarily online

Green Roads, a Florida-based company, has taken a large portion of the CBD market in Florida by focusing on quality and transparency. The company has extremely good reviews and produces a variety of CBD products. Lab results are also available for all of their products so you can be sure of what you’re getting.

Their CBD Oil comes in sizes ranging from 100mg-3500mg. The 1000mg size contains 33mg in a 30 ml bottle and they consider a serving to be between 0.5 and 1 ml. 

While they have a corporate office in Deerfield, Green Roads doesn’t have any dedicated stores. However, their CBD is available online and can be purchased from many health food stores and CBD retailers.

Price: $162.99/16 cents per mg

Shipping and refund policies:

•Orders will be shipped within 48 hours on business days, with free shipping on orders of $100 or more.

•Contact support for replacement of damaged product.


•Lab results available and easy to find

•Website provides good information about legality and benefits of CBD

•Highly reviewed, excellent product


•Lacks a detailed and robust return policy

•Expensive compared to other options

2. Hemp-Derived CBD Oil by Nutracanna

Purchasing Locations:

Another Florida-based company, Nutracanna, produces a variety of CBD products at a very affordable price. Their products are well-reviewed and have lab results available. Nutracanna’s website is also informative and easy to navigate.

Nutracanna’s Hemp-Derived CBD Oil is available in sizes ranging from 250mg to 1000mg in a small 15ml bottle. This makes their 1000mg bottle more potent than many competitors at 67 mg of CBD per ml. The product has a five star review and is very affordably priced.

Price: $84/8.4 cents per mg

Shipping and refund policies:

•Free shipping on orders over $60.

•Nutracanna offers a 30 day money back guarantee with all of their products on the website.


•Well-reviewed products

•Easy-to-find lab results

•Very affordable compared to other competitors


•Not as wide a range of concentrations as some competitors

3. Sunmed Broad Spectrum Organic Tincture by Your CBD Store

Purchasing Locations:

Your CBD Store is a nationwide CBD distributor that brings the reliability of an established name and quality CBD products to 60 locations in Florida.

Their CBD Tincture is available in potencies ranging from 40mg-3000mg of CBD. The products are well-reviewed both on their site and on the web. The company’s sixty locations in Florida will also allow you to shop for your CBD in person rather than just online no matter where in Florida you’re located.

Price: $110/11 cents per mg

Shipping and refund policies:

•Free shipping over $100, $5 flat rate shipping for orders under $100.

•30 day return policy for items in original condition, items damaged, or if they’re damaged due to the company’s error.

•There are many locations in Florida for people who want to buy in person.


•Reliable brand

•Decent returns policy


•Not as affordable as some options

•The shipping policy isn’t great


Although the legal status of CBD in Florida is ambiguous, CBD products are available state-wide and laws are on the way that will make well-reviewed CBD products even easier to find. The CBD oils discussed here are all quality, lab tested products.

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Last modified: December 18, 2019