CBD and Sex: Everything You Need to Know

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CBD and Sex

Sex predates pretty much everything. It’s the most primal urge human beings have and it’s known that some animals, like dolphins and bonobos, find pleasure in the intimacy of procreation as well.

Similarly, the medicinal use of plants has an ancient history on par with sex. And together, they have lasted the ages and exist today, often symbiotically. Sex is not just a means to procreate but is an important part of healthy relationships. A good sex life promotes intimacy between partners that translates into happier lives together.

As with any aspect of life (let alone relationships), some people may need a little extra help feeling good enough to get into the mood. That’s where cannabidiol (CBD) comes in.

Sexual Functionality on CBD

CBD and sex have a surprising relationship with each other. Since CBD is non-psychoactive, sipping on a dose of CBD might prove to be the missing link in the bedroom for first encounters and long-lasting-lovers alike.

Using CBD in its traditional forms–oil, topical, or edibles–is a routine that many have picked up, even exclusive of sexual health. CBD has been touted with abilities to work against anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. All of these problems can interfere with sexual health.

CBD’s potential as an anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic paves the way for a good sexual encounter, both mentally and physically.

CBD comes from cannabis plants and is used as a supplement rather than a drug, despite the connotation. Frequent and healthy sexual habits can be good for your health, too. It reduces levels of stress-causing cortisol and boosts serotonin, making us happier. These shared similarities between CBD and sex could be the turning point for many people who struggle with copulation.

CBD vs. Alcohol

If we were to personify these substances, you could say that CBD is the nice guy and alcohol is the bad boy. Alcohol is the world’s most popular party guest, but CBD is much more suited to be talking you off the ledge. CBD and sex, therefore, make a better match.

Socially speaking, alcohol has made a reputation for itself as a gateway to sex. It tends to shake inhibitions and boost desire. Alcohol works to increase production of norepinephrine, the neurotransmitter linked to arousal. With a heightened pleasure center and a decrease of inhibitions, decisions become more impulsive.

Due to the effects it has on the brain, alcohol falls into the same psychoactive category as THC. Though psychoactive substances may quiet stressful or intrusive thoughts in the short term, there’s an inevitable crash that follows.

Enjoying sex–or worse, seeking it out–shouldn’t fall to dulled senses. Thanks to CBD, the senses don’t have to be dulled to enjoy a good roll in the sack. Instead of dulling the senses, CBD can dull anxiety (as well as any chronic pain, and inflammation), calm the nerves, and promote relaxation, all without altering your judgment or dulling your senses.

Sex, CBD, and Happiness

CBD and Sex

Having more sex in a relationship is linked to lower blood pressure, reduced stress, and pain reduction. CBD is linked with similar benefits, like reduced anxiety, pain reduction, and improved sleep.

A good sex life is important for preserving physical and mental health. By promoting the release of serotonin and lowering levels of cortisol, sex leads to decreased anxiety and depression. But in order to reap the benefits, you have to do the deed. If stress is already getting in the way of your sex life, CBD may help to calm the overproduction of cortisol and allow for confidence and, later, arousal.

CBD’s calming effects make for an obvious match with the sexuality. CBD is likely to make you–and keep you–happy. Since CBD can help reduce social anxiety, it can be just enough to get you over the (ahem) hump of finding a new sexual partner.  

Alcohol has long been attributed with motivating effects, but its dehydrating effects offer more harm than help. Alcohol especially clouds senses, dampening sexual encounters. While men may experience temporary impotency, women may find a lack of intensity in orgasms, or even lack of ability to orgasm.

Yes, gentlemen, “whiskey dick” is real. Instead of getting boozed up and let down, CBD and sex may be a better combination. Instead of dulling senses during sex, CBD may help to heighten them. Through increased mood, decreased pain, and improved blood flow, CBD is much more of a friend than foe to your libido.

Painful Sex and CBD

When it comes to a late night romp or Saturday morning roll in the sack, CBD is there for you. With the help of CBD, you may feel a stronger sense of mental and emotional comfort, allowing sex to become easier and more enjoyable. That’s only to say if your body is feeling up for it.

It might not just be the psychological aspect of sex that presents a struggle. In some, it can also be physical. For the 1 in 13 women who experience chronic pain associated with sex, it’s a lot less about getting in the mood than it is feeling the love.

CBD and Sex

Some treatment exists, but even women who speak up about their discomfort are not guaranteed an answer to the problem. Endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, or general pain during sex (dyspareunia) are exceedingly common and in many cases go untreated for various reasons.

There’s power in knowledge, and CBD has given hope for those who suffer from pain where there’s supposed to be pleasure. Using CBD lubes and topicals is one effective way of easing natural pain and allowing for sexual acts to be more enjoyable.

This concept is so strongly supported that some companies have created CBD products specifically intended for women who experience sensitivity or pain during sex. CBD can help to improve circulation and repair tissue damage, as well as stimulate natural lubrication. All of these basic functionalities promote successful sexual interactions. When any of them is lacking, sex suffers. All of them have a chance to improve through CBD.

Though everybody is different, there are a few key touchstones that make CBD worth a go for almost any issue. CBD is used for dealing with chronic pain in diseases like arthritis and can be used for the likes of improving sex as well.

Final Thoughts

Sex is sex. Sex and CBD is still sex. But for those who can’t just have sex straight up, CBD may be helpful in getting your motor running.

For men and women alike, CBD can act as an aphrodisiac. Allowing for all-out pleasure starts with releasing your body and mind to the idea. As CBD calms and relaxes both the body and the mind, it makes way for a tantalizing experience–without a hangover.

There are many ways to use CBD, but in the bedroom, some CBD lube can be sensational and beneficial. Finding the right one may take some trial and error, but overall the healthful benefits of CBD can contribute nothing but good health and, ideally, good orgasms.

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Last modified: June 3, 2019