CBD and Dental Pain: An Effective Solution?

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CBD for Dental Pain

Can CBD help reduce dental pain? Research suggests that cannabis composites like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) have many benefits. These cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and bone-stimulating properties, all of which can help ease several painful ailments, including dental pain. Whether it is an average toothache, gum pain, or the results of recent dental work, certain cannabinoids, such as CBD, might be able to come in handy.

While CBD-related research is growing, there remain limited studies with a focus on cannabinoids in dentistry. As with many anecdotal reports of CBD for pain relief, the results are varied regarding CBD and dental pain. While some people found substantial relief through CBD and dental pain, many others saw no improvement in their pain.

Despite the inconsistencies in research regarding CBD and dental pain, there is still a fair amount of evidence pointing to CBD’s potential ability to reduce pain in other ailments and may even be able to be used for serious diseases such as cancer and epilepsy.

Besides, a growing number of people are already experiencing the pain-relieving benefits of CBD for their dental pain through the use of topical treatments. This evidence suggests that there may be a future for CBD and dental pain.

Specific topical treatments with cannabinoids are already available in many regions, so let’s have a look at CBD’s potential against toothaches.

CBD and Dental Pain: The Sources of Pain

Toothaches are one of the most common causes of dental pain and, while they can occur as a result of many scenarios, are most often a consequence of an infection.

The central area of our teeth, also known as dentine, comprises blood vessels and nerves responsible for our ability to feel cold, heat, and pain. This pain can be especially prevalent in the dentine when an infection or abscess is present.

Infections in the teeth are often a result of a build-up of bacteria. The food we eat naturally turns into bacteria, and if we fail to keep up with proper dental hygiene, we become more susceptible to infection-induced toothaches.

Another root of toothaches are abscesses, which attack the gums and bones, creating an empty area between each tooth that continuously grows broader.

Aside from infection and disease- or abscess-related dental pain, there is also post-surgical dental pain to take into account. This type of dental pain can be equally or even more distressing than the previously-mentioned examples. However, CBD and dental pain seem to be a likely match no matter the source.

CBD for Dental Pain

You should always take caution when putting any new substances into your body. Before attempting to use CBD for dental pain, talk with and visit a dentist to discuss the pain you’re experiencing.

CBD and Dental Pain: The Connection

An active anti-inflammatory property is beneficial for the pain associated with dental work and toothaches. Luckily, CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and so can be a crucial ingredient in healing dental pain.

While anti-inflammatory remedies are vital agents in dental-related pain reduction, CBD has a few other properties that are typically used to treat dental pain. Many dental professionals make use of antibacterial and antiseptic medications to help alleviate their patients’ pain.

CBD happens to have both antibacterial and antiseptic properties, meaning it can possibly do the work of three traditional medications by itself.

Despite the limited research focusing on CBD and dental pain, there is at least once related study that is worth taking into account. At the very least, this study can form a foundation upon which more research on this topic can be built.

This particular study focuses on periodontitis in rats and demonstrates the effect of CBD on weak dental bones. Researchers at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology at the University of Uberaba, Brazil, tested the effects of CBD in an experimental model of induced periodontitis. The analysis of alveolar bone loss confirmed that animals with CBD treatment showed a reduced alveolar bone loss and a lessened composition of some common biochemical inflammation agents.

Using CBD for Dental Pain

Given that topical treatment of CBD tends to be the most effective for pain, it’s possible that it would work this way with dental pain as well. It could be beneficial to directly apply CBD  to the area of pain in the mouth, creating a safe, speedy, and efficient ingestion method when looking for dental pain relief.

Several kinds of CBD products are available and can potentially be useful in lessening dental pain. Oral sprays, oils, and tinctures are simple ways that you can apply CBD directly to the source of pain. Many retail stores and health food shops are selling CBD-infused beverages such as water, juices, and even coffee, though the concentration of these is generally not enough to ward off severe pain.

No matter which way you use CBD for the relief of dental pain, there is the added benefit of CBD’s propensity to help kill bacteria, which are often present post-surgery and during the presence of an infection.

Talk to a Professional

The potential for CBD and dental pain requires much more solid evidence until it is widely accepted as a treatment alternative by dental professionals. That said, there is little evidence supporting any harmful side effects of using CBD to help reduce dental pain as well.

However, it is always the safest route to consult with your dentist before attempting any CBD and dental pain self-treatments.

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Last modified: June 3, 2019