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Are you looking for a straightforward CBD company that offers high-quality CBD products at a reasonable price? Let us introduce you to Zakah Life.

Founded in 2017, Zakah Life is dedicated to providing their customers  with the highest quality CBD products at the most affordable prices.

Through their line of high-quality CBD products, this CBD company is committed to helping their customers reach all their health goals, giving hope to those who are in need, and serving their customers with honesty and transparency.

Zakah Life Company Values

All Zakah Life products are formulated with one goal in mind: to empower their customers on their health journeys and bring hope to their lives. Zakah Life founder and CEO Cole Stegman says it best: “I’m not out to make millions. I want to change millions of lives.”

Fed by crystal-clear water, mountain air, and formulated with the best ingredients, Zakah Life’s mission is to help their customers achieve balance, build strength, and attain to all their highest health aspirations.

Last, but not least, Zakah Life supports America’s finest by offering a generous 20% discount on all their products for military veterans. Americans can live freely because of their service, and this is but a small token of Zakah Life’s appreciation and gratitude.

To apply for the military discount, simply fill out the form on their website and submit proof of military or veteran status. Valid forms of ID can include VA cards, military dependent IDs, valid driver’s licenses, or any other forms of ID which indicate veteran status.

Zakah Life’s Dedication to Quality

All of Zakah Life’s products are formulated with certified non-intoxicating agricultural hemp. What’s more, this hemp is grown under 100% organic conditions. This means that no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers are ever used. All their products are also made right here in the United States, are non-GMO, and also vegan.

Once the plant material is ready for extraction, Zakah Life uses a patent-protected process to extract the full-spectrum hemp oil. Essentially, this process manipulates the low THC content in their full-spectrum hemp oil so that it results in a pure, exclusive full-spectrum hemp oil.

After Zakah Life’s products are formulated, they are submitted to a third-party lab for testing to verify safety, potency, and purity.

Third-Party Lab Test Results

Though Zakah Life states in their FAQ section that their products undergo a two-stage testing process by an independent laboratory, certificates of analysis are not publicly available. However, certificates of analysis are available upon request. Simply send an email to Zakah Life and request third-party lab test results for the most recent order.

What Are Other Customers Saying About Zakah Life?

While Zakah Life doesn’t appear to maintain a blog on their main site, their Facebook page is pretty active. Overall, customers have great things to say about Zakah Life’s product quality and efficacy.

Robert Gore MD, FACOG, says that Zakah Life’s CBD cream has been tremendously helpful in alleviating his osteoarthritis pain.

After applying the cream, the pain almost immediately subsides, and it remains effective for anywhere between 12 to 24 hours. Because the CBD cream worked so well for Gore, he highly recommends Zakah Life’s products.

Elyse Segebart has been an ardent believer of CBD’s health benefits for a while. After using CBD oil in conjunction with her medication for ADD, Segebart states that she feels much less scattered, feels more stable, and can can focus more efficiently on tasks.

However, due to a large knot in her cervical spine, Segebart suffers from quite a bit of nerve pain and numbness. What’s more, a low back injury caused by a car accident has resulted in L4 L5 lumbar vertebrae that are often out of alignment. Together, the muscle knot in her cervical spine and the injury in her lumbar spine cause a significant amount of nerve pain and carpal tunnel-like symptoms in Segebart’s arms, wrists, and hands.

To help alleviate some of these symptoms, her boyfriend purchased Zakah Life’s Topical Recovery Balm, which had a pleasant, refreshing scent.

First, Segebart tested it out on her arms, wrists, and hands. After applying a bit of the cream onto her palm, she notes the cream was very smooth. Instead of sitting on top of Segebart’s skin, it completely absorbed into her skin within 15 to 30 minutes. Once it took effect, she noted the tenderness and pain from her wrists and hands was gone.

Next, Segebart’s boyfriend applied the topical to her lower back. She notes the menthol crystals in the formulation had a calming, “refreshing” effect.

Because of her experience, Segebart highly recommends this product to anyone suffering from sore muscles, a misaligned back, a repetitive strain injury, or inflamed tissues.

Last, but not least, Sarah Carsten says that Zakah Life’s CBD capsules have been very effective in helping her get a good night’s sleep. Normally, Carsten takes one 25-milligram CBD capsule to help her get a solid six to eight hours of sleep.

Recently, due to the fact she was running low on capsules, Carsten has had to reduce her CBD dosage.

However, she notes that she woke up several times during the night.

Since her payday has finally come around, Carsten can now replenish her supply of CBD capsules. She is grateful to Zakah Life for formulating such high-quality products.

Shipping and Returns Policy

Zakah Life has separate returns and shipping policies on their site.

In short, customers may return their products to Zakah Life within 30 days of the purchase date. However, these products must be sealed and shipped back in the same condition that they arrived in. Moreover, customers should include their receipts or a proof of purchase with their returned products.

When Zakah Life has received the returned products, they will notify their customers. Once the return has been approved, the company will refund the full purchase price to the customer’s original payment method.

Before shipping your products back to Zakah Life, make sure you didn’t purchase them from a third-party retailer. This company cannot accept returns on such products. To make a return, customers should go back to the retailer and go through their return process.

The good news is that shipping is always free. What’s more, if you place your orders with Zakah Life before 3 p.m. CST, they will usually ship that same day, provided that they’ve been ordered between Monday and Friday. Otherwise, they will ship the very next business day.

Once the product has been shipped, your order will usually take three to six business days to arrive, depending on your location. Shipping may take longer during holidays, but you’ll receive tracking information so you’ll always know where your order is located in the shipping process.

Zakah Life’s Product Catalog

Currently, Zakah Life offers the following range of products…

Our Verdict

Overall, the company’s site is well-organized and easy to navigate. Also, while Zakah Life doesn’t appear to maintain a blog on their main site, their Facebook page is pretty active.

But, there are a few points of concern. While many other companies give, at minimum, a brief explanation of their hemp-based CBD oil extraction process, Zakah Life only mentions they use a method of modifying the low-THC content in their hemp extract.

Consequently, customers have no way of knowing whether their products are free of residual solvents. What’s more, because customers have no access to third-party lab test results, they don’t have the requisite information to make a truly informed purchasing decision. Prior to purchase, all customers have to reference are Zakah Life’s assurances that their products are safe and pure.

Lastly, the company does not mention where they source their hemp from. While they do mention their hemp has been grown without the use synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, there is no information on the location of their hemp farms.

For these reasons, we recommend Zakah Life as a reputable source of CBD oil with some reservations. Before making a purchase, we strongly encourage customers to request certificates of analysis and request more information on the source of this CBD company’s hemp.

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Last modified: December 18, 2019