Sagely Naturals Company Profile

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Sagely Naturals Company Profile

In a chaotic landscape of CBD companies clamoring for media attention, Sagely Naturals wants to provide some peace and quiet. Their range of products covers the essentials for treating stress, pain, and tension with CBD.

Boasting nods from Popsugar, Refinery 29, and Hello Giggles, their products are separated into two main categories (“Relief + Recovery” and “Tranquility”) designed to help you find the most appropriate product for your individual needs.

History of Sagely Naturals

Sagely Naturals began as an idea from Kerrigan Behrens and Kaley Nichol in 2015. They recognized the growing popularity of cannabis and wanted to make it approachable for those more inclined to gently working it into their wellness regime.

Sagely Naturals was born from this idea. An air of inclusivity surrounds the products that are categorized into their duo of calming collections that those fight pain and inflammation naturally. Instead of packing their products with vigorous applications of CBD, they opt to go about it with a bit more finesse.

For those who have heard of CBD and are not sure how to apply it to their personal needs, Sagely Naturals offers some insight. They offer to improve wellbeing if you experience stress, occasional discomfort, pain from intense workouts, or tension.

Each option leads you to their recommendation for the best product to tackle the issue. If you opt to browse their full catalog, they’ve separated it into collections aimed at Tranquility and Relief + Recovery.

Their highly-specialized suite of CBD products takes the daily-dosage guesswork out of play. Sagely Naturals caters to customers who want a streamlined approach to using CBD gently yet effectively. Their products build from the basis of CBD into sweet-smelling and revitalizing concoctions presented in effortless applications.

Sagely Naturals Company Profile

Product Quality

Sagely Naturals sought the help of Ph.D. chemists to create their line of accessible products. At its core, it’s about the hemp. They source only organic and non-GMO hemp grown in in the USA and their products are manufactured in GMP-Certified facilities. Every batch is triple lab-tested for quality assurance.

In addition to their organic hemp, the other ingredients that go into their product lines are all naturally-derived. Essential oils create the familiar scents that help to induce relaxation for the users. Lavender, chamomile, and bergamot are among the many recognizable essential oils they include in their formulas to bolster the relaxing effects.

Also, Sagely Naturals makes their independent certificates of analysis publically available. This kind of transparency is crucial in ensuring the quality of CBD products, and the certificates provide assurance that their products are free of harmful contaminants such as pesticide residue or heavy metals.

What Customers are Saying

One happy customer reported that she uses their tranquility roll-on to alleviate tightness in her neck and as “a perfume with added benefits.”

Another customer who calls the tranquility cream “luxury in a bottle” hailed the lavender scent for instantly putting her “in a state of relaxation.” Essential oils like lavender are touted with these effects but adding CBD to the mix has, for some, proven to be a match made in heaven.

Shipping and Returns

Sagely Naturals seems to keep stress-free living at the apex of their business. This even applies to their shipping and return policy. All orders over the easy-to-reach price of $36 receive free shipping. Anything lower than that costs a flat rate of $3. Either way, getting it to your front door comes reasonably and transparently from Sagely Naturals.

Currently, they only ship within the USA.

Their return policy also offers some flexibility and peace of mind. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to postmark your product for a return or exchange. Alternatively, if you aren’t satisfied with your product, they will fully refund your purchase price with the exception of shipping costs.

Product Catalog

Sagely Naturals Company Profile

Sagely Naturals has been getting affirmative press from some of the internet’s leading wellness brands. Lifestyle publisher Popsugar equated their CBD Turmeric capsules to the lovechild of Xanax and Advil.

The remainder of products that are in their Relief + Recovery collection, with a focus on promoting an all-encompassing feeling of relaxation. A cream, spray, and roll-on are offered for those scents reminiscent of a spa treatment.

The Tranquility collection has similar product offerings with a slightly different profile. They avoid the energizing scents of peppermint and eucalyptus and replace them with the softer scents of chamomile and bergamot. These oils promote enhanced mood and sense of clarity.

The Tranquility collections consist of a roll-on, cream, and capsules.

A Good Deal

You’ll find some of their products on Amazon, but going straight to the source is the option with the best payoff. First-time shoppers on their site can receive a 15 percent discount on the first order when you sign up for their email list.

They also offer incentives for sharing with your friends. Send a coupon for $5 and get one back for your next purchase.

Final Thoughts

Sagely Naturals makes peace and wellness their priority. Their approach to using CBD is more as a wellness-assistant than a treatment or supplement. This approach opens the door for those who are interested in using CBD in conjunction with widely-accepted wellness ingredients.

Their topical products are filled with essential oils that offer the elements of a spa treatment while their capsules are paired with health-balancing herbs like turmeric. None of these products are especially heavy hitters in terms of CBD concentration (when compared with competitors) but offer instead a more delicate experience. The result is sensational in ways that go beyond tickling the visually indiscernible ECS receptors that lie beneath the skin–but those receptors are sure to benefit, too.

Last modified: December 18, 2019