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Receptra Company Profile

If you’re looking for a reputable CBD company that stands by their commitment to integrity and transparency, we highly recommend Receptra Naturals.

Who Is Receptra Naturals?

Founded in April 2016, Receptra Naturals is a Colorado-based company which grows all of its industrial hemp on family farms. Offering a wide range of full-spectrum CBD products, ranging from tinctures to lip balms, Receptra Naturals has products to suit every lifestyle. What’s more, all their certificates of analysis are freely available on their site.

Receptra Naturals’ Commitment to Quality

All their industrial hemp is grown in Colorado on family farms under 100 percent organic conditions. Though the USDA does not certify any hemp as organic, Receptra Naturals notes in their FAQ section that they use no herbicides or fungicides. Also, they source organic raw ingredients whenever possible. What’s more, each batch of CBD oil is sent to a third-party to guarantee its quality, safety and potency.

What Do 100 Percent Organic Growing Practices Look Like?

Generally speaking, plants are certified organic by the USDA if all biological, mechanical and cultural methods used to cultivate them support biodiversity. Additionally, any methods used should also work to conserve the delicate balance of the ecosystem in which they’re grown.

This means that everything—down to the fertilizers and pesticides—should all be organic and free of chemicals. Also, under the current USDA guidelines, genetic engineering is prohibited.

What About Receptra Naturals’ CBD Oils?

As a further demonstration of its commitment to quality, Receptra Naturals only uses the oils derived from the hemp flower. Its CBD oils do not contain any oils made from the hemp plants’ stalks, seeds, or stems. While other CBD companies use the stalks, stems, and seeds, oils derived from these parts tend be less potent.

By using only the highest quality ingredients, Receptra Naturals produces only the purest, full-spectrum CBD oil. Instead of isolating the CBD from the hemp, their oils contain all the cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins and flavonoids necessary for the beneficial entourage effect.

Receptra Naturals’ Products and Third-Party Lab Testing

As with all reputable companies selling high-quality CBD oil, Receptra Naturals makes its third-party lab results available to consumers. However, Receptra Naturals takes it one step further and lets customers trace their products directly to its source.

On each product, customers will find a green label with a code. In order to view the certificate of analysis for their specific product, simply enter the code into Receptra Naturals’ Interactive Certificate Analysis tool.

Receptra Naturals provides the most current certificates of analysis for each line of products. Also, clicking on any of the 26 items will open a pop-up window which explains each category on the certificate of analysis. This makes the certificates of analysis more accessible.

Receptra Company Profile

A Quick Note on CBD Extraction

If you happen to click on the link titled “Ethanol” under Receptra Naturals’ interactive certificate of analysis, you’ll find the pop-up explaining that they use only “100% pure, reaction-grade, non-denatured Ethyl Alcohol” (ethanol) to extract CBD.

Ethanol is a cost-effective, safe method of extracting the full spectrum of oils in industrial hemp. But, because chlorophyll may be extracted along with all the beneficial compounds, this can sometimes lead to some unpleasant earthy flavors.

What Do Other Customers Say About Receptra Naturals Products?

Generally speaking, Receptra Naturals gets very high marks for its transparency, potency and quality. For instance, CannaInsider gives Receptra Naturals a 4.37 out of 5 stars. They evaluated Receptra Naturals’ products based on their price, CBD content, color and taste. While they appreciated that Receptra Naturals makes their third-party lab test results readily available, they weren’t huge fans of the flavor.

On the other hand, the reviewers over at CBD Origin disagree. After considering quality, flavor, price vs. value, and Receptra Naturals’ company background, they give it a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars.

As with CannaInsider, CBD Origin was impressed by the level of transparency Receptra Naturals shows with their third-party lab test results. However, they were equally impressed with the absence of the aforementioned unpleasant earthy aroma present in many high-quality CBD products. In fact, they noted that Receptra Naturals’ proprietary berry blend complemented the natural flavor of the hemp oil.

And perhaps the most moving review of all comes from UFC Hall of Fame member Bas Rutten himself. In the early days of Receptra Naturals, Bas Rutten—who had won his battle against opioid dependence—received a bottle of Receptra Pro to see if it could help him manage his pain.

On one notable two and a half-hour road trip, he was prepared to take a Vicodin to dull the pain, but he decided to try the Receptra Pro instead. After taking a dropper full of the tincture, he noted the pain in his back had completely subsided.

And the rest, as they say, is history. After experiencing the effects for himself, CEO of Receptra Naturals Jim Scott noted that Bas Rutten then helped them create a very successful MMA sponsorship to help spread the word.

Receptra Naturals Customer Service

In addition to their exemplary quality and transparency, Receptra Naturals also shows a deep commitment to customer service. Along with their phone number, Receptra Naturals has a live chat feature which is easily accessible via the home page. Their contact form also includes a phone number and business hours.

The FAQ section is quite extensive, covering frequently asked questions on CBD, shipping, returns, and CBD dosage.

While they strive to produce the highest quality products, Receptra Naturals offers a full, 30-day refund should customers be dissatisfied with the product. Additionally, they seek to resolve all customer issues within 48 hours.

Their shipping options through Fedex are all fairly quick, taking an average of three to five days to reach the customer. And, good news for international CBD consumers, they also offer international shipping.

Receptra Naturals Product Catalog

Receptra Company Profile

Aside from using only hemp flowers for their CBD, Receptra Naturals also offers two main lines of CBD oils to better serve their customers’ needs.

  1. Active Lifestyle—packed with CBD, turmeric and their proprietary blend of fatty acids to help anyone leading an active lifestyle combat muscle fatigue, soreness, and mental stress.
  2. Health and Wellness—packed with their high-quality CBD oil and MCT oil extracted from coconuts to help the average user meet their general wellness needs.

Additionally, the Active Lifestyle line can be further divided into Active, Elite and Pro. Each of these levels represents a different dosage of CBD per dropper. For instance, the Pro formulation has 60mg per dropper, while the Active formulation only has 15.

Similarly, the Health and Wellness line also has two different concentrations. The Prime formulation contains only 20mg per dropper, while the Plus contains 40 mg per dropper.

In addition to these customized formulations, Receptra Naturals also has CBD products for pets, body butters, targeted topicals, and lip balms.

Our Closing Thoughts on Receptra Naturals

While Receptra Naturals’ product catalog isn’t as expansive as other companies in the CBD oil space, we are truly impressed by their unwavering dedication to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, their Education section offers tips on incorporating CBD into recipes, how CBD can improve yoga practice, and, most notably, reasons why pumpkin spice is addictive and CBD is not.

Last but not least, Receptra Naturals’ site is organized, interactive and honest. There are no odd hashtags or any hint of preachiness. The visitor comes away from the site with the impression that the people behind Receptra Naturals truly love what they do.

So, if you’re seeking a company that is truly dedicated to quality and transparency, check out Receptra Naturals.

Last modified: December 18, 2019