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Are you looking for a CBD company that highly values purity and quality? Let us introduce you to Pure Science Lab.

Founded in 2014 by experienced nutraceutical entrepreneur Steve Pomerantz, Pure Science Lab is a CBD company dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality, most potent CBD oil available.

After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease over thirty years ago, Steve went in search of an alternative method to alleviate his symptoms. While he followed a conventional regimen of therapy and medication, he still found very little relief.

So, Steve set out to find a natural alternative to the pharmaceutical drugs he had been putting into his body. Due to his decades of experience in the nutraceutical field, Steve soon discovered the myriad benefits of cannabidiol.

He then travelled around the world searching for farmers who could provide him with the best hemp-derived, CBD oil extracts. Though he searched the world for the highest quality extracts, ones with a high concentration of CBD, he finally found the cream of the crop here in the United States.

After working to forge strong relationships with ISO-certified laboratories and meeting with representatives of his chosen farms to flesh out his vision for the company, Steve began selling his first CBD oil extracts to the medical community. Thus, Pure Science Lab was born.

Pure Science Lab Company Values

Pure Science Lab is committed to transparency, quality, and to genuinely providing the best customer service possible.

First and foremost, Pure Science Lab makes all its certificates of analysis available to its customers in a clearly-labeled link, which is available under its “Site Map” heading and on each product. What’s more, they make their certificates downloadable in a PDF format.

Each product page also clearly lists the amount of cannabinoids—such as CBD, CBDA, and CBG—per bottle. Pure Science Lab also clearly indicates the number of milligrams of CBD per drop, as well as the number of drops per bottle.

Next, Pure Science Lab believes in providing their customers with the highest quality, organic hemp extract at the best possible price. They consider it an honor and privilege to serve their customers and do all they can to make the use of Pure Science Lab products a great experience.

Pure Science Lab’s Dedication to Quality

From seed to sale, Pure Science Lab extracts and formulates all its products here in the United States. What’s more, their hemp is grown under 100% organic conditions, which means they never use any synthetic pesticides or herbicides.

Once the hemp plant is ready to be extracted, Pure Science Lab uses supercritical carbon dioxide to produce their whole-plant, full-spectrum CBD oil extract. This CBD oil extract contains the full phytocannabinoid profile of the original, high-CBD hemp. What’s more, the resulting broad-spectrum CBD oil extract is virtually free of THC and is non-psychoactive.

Pure Science Lab’s Third-Party Lab Test Results

Pure Science Lab makes all its third-party lab tests available to their customers via a clearly labeled link at the top of each page on their website.

Here, customers will find links to Pure Science Lab’s certificates of analysis along with the product name and the date on which the tests were conducted. Moreover, products are separated by categories, so customers can quickly find their products by scrolling through the headings.

What Are Other Customers Saying About Pure Science Lab?

Overall, Pure Science Lab customers seemed very satisfied with the quality and efficacy of their products.

Bill W. had been using other CBD products before trying Pure Science Lab. The previous products helped a bit, but he discovered he’d need a CBD product with a higher concentration of cannabidiol. So, he decided to buy Pure Science Lab’s 5000-milligram pure hemp extract.

Unlike the prior products, this pure CBD oil extract has alleviated much of Bill’s knee and hip pain. What’s more, while Bill notes he pays more for this hemp oil, he is also using significantly less per dose.

Darren bought Pure Science Lab hemp oil, along with several gummies, with some doubt as to whether or not CBD would help him. He was pleasantly surprised to find that CBD did alleviate his pain.

The company’s high-quality products have also helped to improve Darren’s quality of sleep and has significantly reduced the discomfort he experiences due to his IBS.

Another user named Miles starts off his review by apologizing for not leaving a review sooner. As a British soldier who had to leave service for medical reasons, he was experiencing quite a bit of pain, fibromyalgia, panic, and anxiety after his time in the service.

However, after supplementing his diet with this 5000-milligram CBD oil, he has been able to go to the gym, catch up on movies, and take walks. In addition to relieving much of the pain in his neck, head, and shoulders, this 5000-milligram CBD oil has also given Miles a sense of overall well-being and serenity.

Though the 5000-milligram hemp oil has not completely eliminated his pain, Miles notes that it has enabled him to significantly reduce his dose of conventional pain medication. Moreover, it has drastically improved his quality of life and overall mental health.

Miles and his family are immensely grateful he is no longer in agony and can enjoy simple pleasures, “like feeling the wind on his face,” once again.

Last, but certainly not least, Lisa Gillette states Pure Science Lab hemp oil has been nothing short of a miracle in her life. Twenty-three years ago, she was diagnosed with insomnia, and her doctors wrote her a prescription for 300 milligrams of trazodone to help her sleep.

Though she has tried to wean herself off of trazodone before, her previous attempts have been unsuccessful. But, after just four weeks of taking this 5000-milligram CBD oil, Lisa was able to finally say goodbye to her trazodone for good. It has been six weeks since she first began taking this CBD oil, and Lisa now uses it to improve her quality of sleep.

This CBD oil extract has also helped to alleviate her pain, and Lisa notes she now has more energy during the day. What’s more, her mood has also improved, and she loves this product.

Pure Science Lab’s Shipping and Returns Policy

The company’s full shipping and returns policy may be found here.

In short, customers should carefully inspect their orders for any signs of damage upon receipt. If the product has indeed been damaged during shipping, customers should notify Pure Science Lab within 48 hours. All damage claims must be made in writing and accompanied by photos of the damaged product.

Pure Science Lab also has a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee for all its customers. But, if customers wish to return their orders for a full refund, simply return the product within thirty days of purchase with a receipt for a full refund.

However, Pure Science Lab reserves the right to refuse or limit returns for any reason. Moreover, refunds can only be credited to the original payment method, and that does not include the cost of return shipping.

Once the product has been received, Pure Science Lab will notify the customer of the refund amount via email and should take no more than 14 days to process. If customers still do not see their refunds after 14 days, they should contact Pure Science Lab’s customer service team.

Pure Science Lab also charges a restocking fee—which will be deducted from the total refund amount—for all opened products that are returned. Moreover, customers should be sure to keep all items in their original packaging and in their original condition.

Last, but not least, Pure Science Lab also reserves the right to refuse the return of any defective products. Yet, if the product is determined to be damaged or defective, then Pure Science Lab will replace and exchange the item.

Pure Science Lab Product Catalog

Currently, Pure Science Lab offers the following products.

Our Verdict

All in all, we’re encouraged by Pure Science Lab’s dedication to transparency and quality. We like that they make all their third-party test results available to their customers and invite buyers to ask questions about those reports.

However, with that being said, we weren’t so sure about the heading, which asks the question, “Suffering from any of these conditions?”

The heading is then followed by a list of conditions, which run the gamut from acne and anorexia, to bipolar, anti-bacterial resistance and stress. Clicking on these links will take you to the same products page.

To the casual reader, the insinuation here is that their CBD-based products are great for all of these conditions. Yet, there are no clearly-labeled resources citing scientific studies that show CBD oil to be effective at alleviating any of these conditions.

Still, due to their dedication to quality and transparency, we would recommend Pure Science Lab to any customers looking for a company that has a wide range of CBD products to meet their customers’ varying needs.

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Last modified: December 18, 2019