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Pure Hemp Botanicals

Are you looking for a CBD company that strives to use hemp to leave a positive impact on the environment, the ecosystems, and the world? Let us introduce you to Pure Hemp Botanicals.

Founded in 2015, Pure Hemp Botanicals is a CBD company that is passionate about making plant-based products that are eco-friendly and cruelty-free. What’s more, from their full-spectrum to CBD isolate products, every step in the farm-to-oil process is sustainable and ethical. From their hemp and packaging materials to their partners and the charities they choose to support, Pure Hemp Botanicals believes in doing good for their planet and its inhabitants.

Alex Seleznov: Pure Hemp Botanicals’ Hemp Master and Founder

At the helm of Pure Hemp Botanicals, Alex Seleznov leads his team with passion for hemp and its many environmental and health benefits.

Prior to starting Pure Hemp Botanicals, Alex worked as an accountant. He specialized in helping startups and businesses in trouble to regain their financial footing, grow, and become more efficient.

However, his real passion lay in hemp and its potential to heal both our environment and bodies. So, through his work with Tagawa Greenhouse Enterprises—the largest family-owned horticulture farm in the region—he began learning all he could about the intricacies of organic farming.

His timing couldn’t have been better. At around that time, Colorado was beginning to decriminalize marijuana and hemp.

As he toured a farm in 2014, Alex marveled that this one crop, which had been illegal since 1957, had so much potential to heal our environment and restore our health.

In addition to serving as a phytoremediator, hemp can be made into over 25,000 different products—ranging from paper and fuel to fiberglass and concrete to CBD oil extracts. With all these benefits, Alex hopes that Pure Hemp Botanicals can play an active role in restoring both our ecosystems and our health.

Pure Hemp Botanicals’ Company Values

Pure Hemp Botanicals is founded on the principles of transparency, quality, sustainability, compassion, and charity. Their products, hemp, and manufacturing practices are all developed with the welfare of the planet and their customers in mind.

First and foremost, they partner with businesses that take environmental responsibility and ethics as seriously as they do. Greenhouse Growing System and Advanced Plant Processing are both focused on reducing their carbon footprint and implementing eco-friendly processes. They, too, place a high premium on compassion by instituting cruelty-free materials and processes every step of the way.

Moreover, this compassion is demonstrated in the respect the Pure Hemp Botanicals team members extend to each other. They consider each other family and celebrate their diversity, all while striving to serve each other and their customers. In short, their goal as a group is to place compassion over their bottom line and communication above their productivity.

What’s more, one percent of every Pure Hemp Botanicals purchase is donated to Mercy for Animals, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending cruel farming practices and encouraging cruelty-free food choices.

Lastly, Pure Hemp Botanicals strives to make their hemp products available to those who are in urgent need of full-spectrum or CBD isolate products through the Pure Hemp Botanicals Care Club. For those who need to use CBD products on a daily basis, Pure Hemp Botanicals makes their products available to them at up to 50 percent off the total retail price.

Pure Hemp Botanicals’ Dedication to Quality

Pure Hemp Botanicals offers both full-spectrum and CBD isolate products made from organically-grown hemp that has less than 0.3 percent THC. All their products contain whole-plant CBD oil extracts, and their CBD isolate products are more than 95 percent pure.

Unlike other CBD companies, Pure Hemp Botanicals takes their customers on a video tour of their soil-to-oil process.

First, the industrial hemp starts out in a greenhouse as small seedlings. At this phase of their development, the clones have been taken from the mother plants and are developing their root systems. Then, as they mature, they are moved over to the vegetative portion of the greenhouse where the plants continue to mature.

Next, the hemp enters its flowering phase. These flowers contain the majority of the hemp’s trichomes, which are hairlike structures containing the CBD-rich resin.

As the plant matures, farmers watch the color in the hemp’s trichomes carefully to ensure they harvest the hemp at just the right time. This crucial timing ensures that the hemp’s THC levels fall below the federally mandated limit of 0.3 percent.

After the hemp’s flowers, leaves, stalks, and stems have been dried, they undergo CO2 extraction.

Then, the raw hemp oil undergoes winterization/filtration, solvent removal, decarboxylation, and short-path distillation before being incorporated into Pure Hemp Botanicals’ products. CBD isolation, which yields a CBD isolate that is more than 95 percent pure, is used for their CBD isolates.

Greenhouse Growing System’s skilled team of farmers, hemp specialists, and botanists believe in growing hemp under 100 percent organic conditions. This means they don’t use any herbicides or pesticides. Consequently, they use only natural pest deterrents and natural, beneficial nematodes, like these, in their hemp cultivation.

Pure Hemp Botanicals

This results in whole-plant, full-spectrum CBD oil extracts that are organic, cruelty-free, and free from contaminants.

Pure Hemp Botanicals’ Third-Party Lab Test Results

Pure Hemp Botanicals makes all its third-party lab test results available here. Customers can look up certificates of analysis by batch number and product, and their tests guarantee that the cannabinoid levels and potency on the label are exactly what will be found in the products themselves.

Moreover, Pure Hemp Botanicals guarantees that their hemp extract dosage amounts are standard across every product. This means that 25mg of CBD in a capsule will be exactly the same as that found in a tincture.

Last, but not least, Pure Hemp Botanicals provides a very helpful certificate of analysis guide to help customers interpret their batch test results. In addition to listing both CBD and THC potency, Pure Hemp Botanicals’ COAs also list the full ranges of the other cannabinoids found in their products, like CBDA and CBG.

What Are Other Customers Saying About Pure Hemp Botanicals?

Overall, Pure Hemp Botanicals’ customers are very happy with the quality of their products and the attentiveness of their customer service team. What’s more, Pure Hemp Botanicals seems very engaged with their Facebook community, responding to each customer review promptly and courteously.

Ashley Ivey states that Pure Hemp Botanicals’ is “hands-down amazing.” After receiving her order, she realized there was a problem with her vape cartridge. After sending an email to Pure Hemp Botanicals’ customer service team, they responded within minutes and offered to fix the mistake. After apologizing for their mistake, Pure Hemp Botanicals sent her an entirely new vape kit instead of just replacing the vape cartridge.

She is impressed with their sincerity, prompt response, and their genuine dedication to serving their customers. She highly recommends Pure Hemp Botanicals because she feels they have the customers’ backs. What’s more, the vape really helps with her fibromyalgia pain.

Heather Trahan states that Pure Hemp Botanicals’ CBD tincture has alleviated much of her pain. She experiences excruciating pain due to a dozen different health conditions, and this tincture has been the only product to lessen the pain so she can move.

What’s more, Pure Hemp Botanicals’ customer service team is great, so she and her family have decided to remain permanent customers.

Lastly, Janell Duran is also impressed with Pure Hemp Botanicals’ customer service. She received the vape pen kit and was impressed by its quality.

She notes that CBD produces a calm, relaxed feeling, and it has helped her to fall asleep within ten minutes. This is significant because she has frequently had trouble falling asleep due to ringing ears and a sometimes too active mind that won’t shut off. However, she woke up feeling refreshed and calm.

In the future, she looks forward to continuing her CBD regimen and to trying new products from Pure Hemp Botanicals. In fact, she declares that she won’t buy her CBD products from any other company.

Pure Hemp Botanicals Shipping and Returns Policy

In order to find their shipping and returns policies, customers can either click on the above links or find answers to the most frequently asked questions on their FAQs page under the “Ordering & Shipping” tab.

Because all of Pure Hemp Botanicals’ products are formulated with hemp containing no more than 0.3 percent THC, they can be shipped to all 50 states. Once an order has been shipped, customers will receive an email notification containing their tracking information.

All orders are typically shipped within 24-48 hours and any orders placed over the weekend will be shipped the next business day. By default, all orders will ship via USPS Priority Mail and will take three to five business days to arrive. Lastly, Pure Hemp Botanicals does not currently offer shipping to countries outside the United States.

If a customer wishes to cancel an order, they should do so as soon as possible, as all orders are shipped between 24-48 hours. Moreover, if customers miss this window and the product has already shipped, customers will need to return the unopened/unused product back to Pure Hemp Botanicals before a refund can be issued.

Overall, refunds apply to two specific cases. Refunds are applied to the customer’s account if a cancellation has been placed before an item has shipped, or once the unused/unopened item has been safely returned to Pure Hemp Botanicals’ facilities.

Lastly, Pure Hemp Botanicals will replace incorrect or defective items at no cost to the customer. The only time replacements will incur costs to the customer is when a customer wishes to exchange their items for ones that are more expensive than the original product.

Pure Hemp Botanicals Product Catalog

For your convenience, Pure Hemp Botanicals offers their full product catalog online as a downloadable document. Pure Hemp Botanicals offers the following items.

Our Verdict

Overall, Pure Hemp Botanicals is an excellent company that truly stands behind their values. With an excellent soil-to-oil video tour of their greenhouses and manufacturing facilities posted on their front page, they give their customers an unparalleled glimpse into how their CBD products are produced.

What’s more, their third-party lab test results are readily available from the navigation bar at the top of every page. And, for those who may find certificates of analysis intimidating at first glance, Pure Hemp Botanicals offers an extremely helpful guide.

Lastly, Pure Hemp Botanicals’ blog and social media channels are chock-full of promotions, drawings for special prizes, and even recipes for things like CBD-infused chunky salsa and body scrubs.

Their site is easy to navigate, organized, and is accessible with adaptive technology such as screen readers and magnifiers.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a CBD company that stands behind its word in quality, transparency, and environmental responsibility, we highly recommend Pure Hemp Botanicals.

Last modified: December 18, 2019