Phivida Organics Company Profile

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Phivida Company Profile

Are you looking for a company that highly values quality, plant-based nutrition, and helping their customers maintain their health and well-being through premium, natural ingredients? Let us introduce you to Phivida Organics.

Founded in 2015, Phivida Organics is a company dedicated to helping their customers reach their health goals through their organic, plant-based products which are infused with full-spectrum CBD oil extract.

Phivida Organics’s products are a unique combination of Eastern knowledge of plant-based medicine and Western naturopathic practices. By bringing together the best traditions of holistic healing, they strive to balance their customers’ bodies, minds, and souls. In doing so, they hope to help their customers attain to an overall sense of health and well-being by bringing major systems in the body back into balance.

The Phivida Way

The two tenets of Phivida Organics’ philosophy are found in their name. Phi is the Golden Ratio which is found everywhere in nature—from seashells to hurricanes. As the “mathematical code of nature,” Phi brings harmony, balance, and proportion to all things.

The second pillar, Vida, is the principle which gives us permission to be happy and to revel in the nature all around us. Vida reminds us to strive for health and balance by reconnecting with ourselves, our communities, and each other.

Phivida Organics’ Company Values

In keeping with their guiding principles, Phivida Organics seeks to help as many people as they can through the cleanest, purest, and most natural ingredients available. What’s more, they tenaciously pursue their mission to be the CBD and alternative health care industries’ benchmark for quality.

Through innovation, research, education, and charity, Phivida Organics strives to evolve, collaborate, and innovate with, and for, their customers. They partner with the industry’s best professionals, formulate their products with the highest quality sources, and use the best quality ingredients to make a positive impact in the world.

What’s more, they demonstrate their commitment to giving back to the communities they serve by establishing a program for active military members and veterans. Through this program, veterans and active military members can receive a 20 percent discount on all of Phivida Organics’ products.

To enroll in this program, first fill out the online form at the above link. Then, be sure to attach clear copies of either a current military ID or a VA card. Next, attach a clear copy of a non-military ID.

It will take approximately one business day for Phivida Organics to review the form. Afterward, if approved, customers will receive an email containing log-in information for their account, and the 20 percent discount will be automatically applied to each subsequent purchase.

Phivida Organics’s Dedication to Quality

Phivida Company Profile

To ensure their products adhere to the highest quality standards, Phivida Organics requires that all its partners—from formulation and agriculture, to manufacturing and lab testing—are in compliance with very strict quality assurance guidelines. This means that, from seed to shelf, Phivida Organics’ products are grown, processed, and manufactured for purity, efficacy, and potency.

The Farm

All of Phivida Organics’ industrial hemp is grown under 100 percent organic conditions on Colorado farms. Colorado’s wide, open flatlands, its high altitudes, and its many pristine rivers fed by run-off from the Rocky Mountains make it the best climate for premium-quality hemp.

Processing and Extraction

Next, Phivida Organics and its partners use CO2 extraction to produce the purest, most potent, full-spectrum CBD oil. The resulting extract contains the full spectrum of phytonutrients, terpenes, and cannabinoids found in industrial hemp.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Next, both the full-spectrum extracts and CBD isolates are tested for purity, efficacy, potency, and safety. Phivida Organics and its partners utilize both cannabis-specific testing and very detailed microscopal phytoforensic methods to verify that their products are safe and free from over 450 possible contaminants, including pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals. What’s more, these pharmaceutical-grade processes serve to verify the safety, purity, and potency of all their products at the molecular level.

As a result, Phivida Organics customers can rest assured they will be receiving only the best that nature has to offer in helping them alleviate a variety of health challenges—such as anxiety, insomnia, joint pain, and inflammation.

Vida+ and Oki

In order to better serve their customers’ needs, Phivida Organics has two main brands: Vida+ and Oki. Vida+ offers clinical-grade capsules and tinctures containing full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD oil extracts. As with all of Phivida Organics’ products, these extracts are sourced from the same high-quality, organically-grown hemp and are third-party lab-tested to ensure potency, purity, and quality.

Oki is an up-and-coming brand that features functional beverages and supplements for the active lifestyle. Offering a wide variety of iced teas, fruit waters, and hemp oils, Oki strives to provide their customers with a convenient, vegan-friendly, and organic way to supplement their healthy lifestyles with CBD.

Formulated with non-GMO, organic, and natural ingredients, each recyclable, glass container of iced tea or fruit water contains approximately 10mg of CBD. Their capsules and dietary supplements will contain anywhere from 600 to 1,800mg of CBD, depending on the customer’s choice.

Phivida Organics’ Third-Party Lab Test Results

Though Phivida Organics employs cutting-edge technology to ensure their products are safe, potent, and pure, they do not currently make their certificates of analysis available to the public. However, customers may be able to request them from Phivida Organics.

What Are Other Customers Saying About Phivida Organics?

Overall, all their customer reviews seem very positive.

Matt Sheffer states that Phivida Organics’ products have helped alleviate much of the joint and shoulder pain he experiences after 22 years of weight-training. 30 minutes after his first dose, he noticed that almost all the pain and inflammation was gone. Moreover, with regular supplementation, he is recovering faster and performing better. Consequently, he highly recommends Phivida Organics’ products to anyone looking for the highest effectiveness and purity.

Next, Dakotah Merkley states that Phivida Organics’ products are the only supplements that have helped to alleviate the pain resulting from years of working out.

Last, but not least, Beth H. left a review on “Top Rated Local” stating that Phivida Organics’ products have helped to alleviate her stomach pain, anxiety, and aches.

Phivida Organics’ Refund and Shipping Policies

Phivida Organics’ products are usually shipped within one business day via USPS. If an order is over $300, then it is shipped via USPS Priority Mail and will require a signature. However, all orders under $300 will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail. Overnight shipping options may be arranged by calling Phivida Organics directly, where customers can also request that the signature be lifted if needed.

If an order is lost in transit, then Phivida Organics will re-deliver the product. However, if the product’s tracking information states that the order has been delivered, then Phivida Organics’ job is done and they cannot take responsibility for missing deliveries. Phivida Organics encourages its customers to check with family members, other housemates, and nearby areas for the missing package.

On the other hand, if an incorrect address was given, then Phivida Organics will not re-ship an order until the original package has been returned to them. For this reason, Phivida Organics will always re-read all shipping information when customers are placing an order over the phone.

If customers wish to return products, they may do so within 30 days. Simply return the unused, unopened portion, and Phivida Organics will credit the price of the unused, unopened portion of the order to the customer’s account. To arrange a return or refund, email Phivida Organics at [email protected]

Phivida Organics Product Catalog

Phivida Company Profile

Currently, Phivida Organics offers the following products.

Our Verdict

We were very impressed with Phivida Organics’ dedication to quality, science, and transparency. The investor packet we reviewed for this profile was thorough and informative—both for the investor and the consumer.

Though we feel confident that Phivida Organics takes the utmost care in ensuring the safety and quality of its products, we would have liked to see publicly-available certificates of analysis. These certificates play a crucial role in helping consumers make informed decisions about their CBD.

Nevertheless, if you’re a CBD consumer looking for a company who is wholly dedicated to providing high-quality, plant-based supplements and CBD oil backed by scientific research, we would highly recommend Phivida Organics.

Last modified: December 18, 2019