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Are you looking for a European-based company that is dedicated to quality and transparency? Let us introduce you to PharmaHemp.

Founded in 2011, PharmaHemp is a Slovenian-based CBD company that believes in providing the best hemp-based products that nature has to offer. By incorporating centuries-old knowledge and methods of hemp cultivation, PharmaHemp promises to provide the most effective and CBD-rich hemp-based products on the market.

From CBD-rich balms and topical creams to E-liquids and extracts, PharmaHemp strives to meet their customers’ needs through a broad range of products. What’s more, they strive to keep their CBD oil as unprocessed as possible.

PharmaHemp Company Values

PharmaHemp is dedicated to transparency, quality, and consistency. From seed to sale, they oversee each phase of the CBD oil production process and ensure that regular testing is conducted to verify that the CBD oil is safe.

What’s more, PharmaHemp believes that CBD users should have access to state-of-the-art facilities for testing. Should they wish to submit samples for cannabinoid analysis or profiling, customers can send either plant material or resin to PharmaLab.

Once the sample has been received, it will undergo high pressure liquid chromatography analysis, and customers should receive a full report within seven to ten business days.

PharmaHemp’s Dedication to Quality

In keeping with their dedication to quality, PharmaHemp uses time-tested methods for cultivating, harvesting, and processing their industrial hemp.

First, PharmaHemp carefully chooses the fields in which their hemp crops will be grown. Next, they start their crops off with only European-certified hemp seeds, taking care to match particular strains with their respective formulations. Each strain has a different percentage of cannabidiol, as well as a slightly different cannabinoid profile, so it is important to match the right strain to its proper formulation.

Drawing from the abundance of natural resources and pristine soil on their traditional farms in the subalpine region, PharmaHemp relies on nature to produce the best hemp. Therefore, their industrial hemp is grown under 100% organic conditions. No synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides are ever used. Moreover, due to PharmaHemp’s care in selecting their soils, customers can rest assured their CBD oil is free from heavy metals as well.

Once their hemp plants have reached maturity, PharmaHemp harvests the hemp flowers by hand on certain days. Because all hemp flowers are separated from the stock by hand, PharmaHemp has full control over the quality of the resulting CBD oil extract.

Once all the flowers have been harvested, PharmaHemp dries the hemp plant material in a closed-machine system in an environment that reaches temperatures of no higher than 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This process ensures that the resulting CBD oil extract has a rich, potent cannabinoid profile and that all the beneficial phytochemicals in the trichomes are preserved.

Once the plant matter is dry, PharmaHemp then shapes it into pellets, which consist of a  proprietary blend of three other CBD-rich European varieties of hemp. The CBD oil is then extracted using supercritical CO2, which yields the full range of compounds found in the original plant.

By weight, PharmaHemp’s products contain no more than the legal limit of 0.16% THC and approximately 53% CBD.

PharmaHemp’s Third-Party Lab Test Results

To guarantee that their products are safe and potent, PharmaHemp regularly submits their products for analysis and monitoring. Third-party labs conduct quality assurance tests during every phase of their CBD oil production process. Moreover, short and long-term stability checks are conducted to ensure they are in compliance with all GMP guidelines.

Customers can also access PharmaHemp’s comprehensive certificates of analysis under the “Certificate of Analysis” link on each product page on the company’s website.

What Are Other Customers Saying About PharmaHemp?

Though customers can leave reviews on PharmaHemp products on their Facebook page, customer reviews are also available on their product pages.

PharmaHemp’s 5% CBD Oil Drops have received very positive feedback.

Andy Muller states that the CBD drops really help him with his insomnia. He has been using them for three months now, and they consistently help him get a better night’s rest. 

Pete R., who has been taking painkillers for the past four years, says these CBD drops have allowed him to cut the painkillers out of his life entirely.

Steve Alexander says that he always gets what he orders through PharmaHemp in a timely fashion. Moreover, the staff is very helpful, should he have any questions about their products. In short, he recommends PharmaHemp to anyone looking to purchase high-quality CBD products.

PharmaHemp’s 5-milliliter, 50% CBD paste also received great reviews.

Claire Rebecca says she happened upon PharmaHemp’s CBD paste quite by accident. Previously, she sourced her CBD from another company, but since they didn’t have the concentration she was looking for, she went with PharmaHemp.

PharmaHemp’s product quality met and exceeded Claire’s high standards. In fact, she was so impressed that she immediately placed another order for a second vial. Moreover, Claire really likes that this CBD paste comes in a dispenser that makes it really easy to measure out and find the right dosage every time.

However, Claire does note that PharmaHemp takes slightly longer than other companies to deliver their products. PharmaHemp’s products take up to a week to arrive, so customers should plan accordingly. But unless customers wait until the last minute to buy their CBD, this shouldn’t be a problem.

PharmaHemp’s Shipping and Returns Policy

PharmaHemp accepts all traditional forms of payment, including bank transfers and credit cards. What makes PharmaHemp stand out, however, is their acceptance of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether.

However, PharmaHemp does reserve the right to choose which payments methods they will accept. What’s more, they may cancel orders or refuse service at their discretion. If services or orders are cancelled, halted, or limited, PharmaHemp will make every effort to explain the reason for their decision.

Because their products contain the legal limit of less than 0.3% THC, PharmaHemp can ship its products internationally and domestically. Moreover, every package is shipped in discreet, unmarked packaging for your privacy and convenience–from Slovenia via DHL, or Post of Slovenia for those who are ordering from within the country.

After PharmaHemp has shipped the order, they will provide a tracking number so customers can keep  track of their orders. If customers are placing their orders from within the country of Slovenia, all orders of more than €100 ship free of charge. Otherwise, shipping charges will vary according to which method of shipping is chosen, and customers will be responsible for any import and customs charges.

All EU orders are typically delivered within two to eight business days. Orders delivered to countries outside the EU may take up to twenty business days to arrive.

PharmaHemp encourages all customers to check the expiration dates on their packages as their products have a two-year shelf life if left sealed and a six-month shelf life once they have been opened. Moreover, if a customer notices that their products are damaged or defective, they must notify PharmaHemp within fourteen days of the receipt.

Once they have notified PharmaHemp, customers have fourteen days to return the product for a refund or replacement. Customers will be responsible for all return shipping costs and will need to make sure to return the sealed products in their original packaging. 

Once the product has been delivered to PharmaHemp’s facilities, they undergo inspection. Refunds can only be issued once PharmaHemp has inspected the item(s) and deemed them to be intact and in its original condition.

Moreover, if customers used a promotional code, they will receive only the amount that was paid, not the original retail price of the item. For example, if an item’s original price was €50 but a customer receives a promotion and buys the item for €40, then PharmaHemp will refund €40 to the customer’s original payment method. All return shipping charges and import taxes are not eligible for refund.

To initiate the returns or refund process, send an email to [email protected]. Additionally, if customers are returning a damaged or defective item, PharmaHemp requires clear photos of the damage or defect in question. Lastly, please be sure to repackage the items for safe delivery to PharmaHemp’s facilities.

PharmaHemp will issue refunds or replacements once all returned items have been deemed to be in their original condition or indeed defective/damaged. Refunds will be issued as soon as possible but no later than thirty days from the date on which the customer initiated the return process.

PharmaHemp notes that all international orders, which are held in customs or are lost, are not eligible for refunds. Moreover, return costs are also not eligible for refunds unless the products were damaged completely through by no fault of the customer.

PharmaHemp’s Product Catalog

Currently, PharmaHemp offers the following range of products.

Our Verdict

All in all, PharmaHemp seems like a great company that is truly dedicated to quality, consistency, and transparency. Through readily available third-party certificates of analysis and a brief, but succinct, explanation of their hemp cultivation and extraction processes, customers can rest assured they are getting premium-quality products.

Unlike other companies we’ve reviewed thus far, PharmaHemp does offer drop-shipping services in addition to their affiliate and wholesale programs.

Moreover, their blog is chock-full of informative articles on CBD’s ability to alleviate symptoms from PMS, migraines, and, potentially, ADHD.

Last, but not least, PharmaHemp’s PharmaLab provides cannabinoid analysis to hemp cultivators, manufacturers, and users. By submitting a sample of either plant material or resin, customers can get a full cannabinoid profile of their sample within seven to ten business days.

In summation, if you’re looking for a company that is dedicated to quality and uses traditional methods to harvest only the highest quality hemp to provide their customers with the purest products, we highly recommend PharmaHemp.

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Last modified: December 18, 2019