Palmetto Harmony Company Profile

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Palmetto Harmony Company Profile

If you’re looking for a family-run CBD company with excellent quality and genuine customer service, let us introduce you to Palmetto Harmony.

Founded in 2015 by Janel Ralph, Palmetto Harmony was born out of a mother’s unconditional love for her daughter Harmony. She was born with a rare genetic condition called lissencephaly.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), lissencephaly—which literally means “smooth brain”—is a rare, gene-linked malformation of the cerebral cortex.

In essence, the wrinkles and folds which characterize a neurotypical brain are not present in the brains of children with lissencephaly. As a result, individuals with smooth brains may experience seizures, have trouble swallowing, and experience delays in cognitive and motor development.

Because there is no known cure, Ms. Ralph embarked on a journey to give Harmony the best quality of life possible. Eventually, her research and advocacy led her to the discovery of CBD and its myriad benefits.

But, after failing to find a safe source of CBD for Harmony, Ms. Ralph decided to become the source of CBD herself. Once Harmony began taking CBD, she was able to reduce her dependence on pharmaceuticals by 90 percent.

Palmetto Harmony’s Dedication to Quality

Palmetto Harmony was founded to provide the highest quality, full-spectrum CBD oil extract in the industry at the lowest possible price. In keeping with these principles, they spare no expense and make no compromises to ensure the consistency and safety of all their products.

As with many other high-quality CBD companies, Palmetto Harmony sources all its hemp from farms in Kentucky’s Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program. Grown under 100 percent organic conditions, no chemical pesticides are ever used. Instead, they use all-natural methods to protect their crop from pests.

Guaranteed From Seed to Sale

The industrial hemp research program requires that each plant is tracked from seed to sale. Through the use of specialized software, every entity that plays a part in the hemp’s supply chain submits information to this track-and-trace system. They track the hemp plant from the time it is germinating in the seedling trays to the time it becomes a packaged CBD product for sale.

While it seems excessive, it actually serves two very important purposes for anyone using CBD. First, this system ensures that every farm, handler, or other entity at all points in the hemp supply chain is in full compliance with their local regulations. Last, but certainly not least, this transparency ensures that the product is safe and healthy for consumers.

Palmetto Harmony Company Profile

How Does Palmetto Harmony Extract the Highest Quality Full-Spectrum CBD Oil?

While Palmetto Harmony does not go into detail about the process they use to extract their CBD oil, the highest quality oils are extracted using supercritical carbon dioxide or CO2.

First, carbon dioxide is compressed and frozen until it reaches a liquid, supercritical state. Then, after being brought up to 69 degrees F and placed under 75 pounds per square inch of pressure, it passes through the industrial hemp. The carbon dioxide extracts the full spectrum of terpenes, cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds from the hemp and is then condensed to be reused again for the next extraction.

Third-Party Testing and Quality

To ensure the highest quality, safety, and consistency, Palmetto Harmony sends every batch of CBD to a third-party lab. As they note in their mission statement, their third-party lab has been ISO-certified. Essentially, an ISO/IEC 17025 certification means it meets the technical standards required for technical competence.

In these tests, they test the CBD oils for terpenes, CBD content, microbial contaminants, heavy metals, molds, yeast, and residual solvents.

Though Palmetto Harmony doesn’t make its certificates of analysis available on their site, customers may request them. Simply send the batch number from your bottle to [email protected] along with a request for the full lab report.

What Do Other Customers Think of Palmetto Harmony?

Tyler’s Jun gives Palmetto Harmony high marks for the quality of their product. He notes that there’s a clean, herby flavor, but it has relieved his dog’s joint soreness and stiffness. Furthermore, it has helped him combat his anxiety.

However, one of the most compelling customer reviews comes from Susan, a parent who used Palmetto Harmony’s 100mL tincture to help her son who was suffering from Tourettes Syndrome.

Prior to taking the tincture, Susan’s son had frequent, violent verbal and physical tics. Over the past four years, her son suffered continuously from headaches and muscle pain. In fact, it had gotten so bad that it robbed him of the ability to participate in activities like karate and playing the guitar. He was eventually homeschooled due to the pain and anxiety, and the traditional regimen of medications only worsened the lethargy and exhaustion.

However, after just one week of taking the CBD oil from Palmetto Harmony, the headaches and muscle pain decreased significantly. By the second week, his pain was totally gone. He has even managed to wean himself from his traditional medications, and his tics have become much less frequent and severe.

Susan herself uses the CBD oil to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and muscle pain. She notes it has improved her mood and reduced her pain as well.

Palmetto Harmony’s Dedication to Outstanding Customer Service

Unlike other companies, Palmetto Harmony offers all customers a free consultation by phone. What’s more, their contact information is readily available on each page of the site.

While Palmetto Harmony does its best to ensure products are free of damage prior to leaving the warehouse, they do recognize that things can happen during shipping. For this reason, customers should examine their products carefully and file any damage claims within 72 hours of receiving their order. Additionally, all sales are final, and customers must call Palmetto Harmony if they wish to request a refund.

Generally speaking, customers can expect their products to arrive within 5-7 business days if they live in the U.S. However, overseas customers should contact Palmetto Harmony directly for shipping details.

Last, but not least, they encourage customers to read through their FAQs before contacting them with questions.

Palmetto Harmony Company Profile

What Products Does Palmetto Harmony Offer?

Currently, Palmetto Harmony offers the following products.

All of these products can be customized by quantity.

Our Final Thoughts on Palmetto Harmony

Overall, their site was organized and well laid out. All their products were grouped into convenient categories, and blog posts were readily visible. Their dedication to improving everyone’s quality of life was evident and participation in Kentucky’s industrial hemp program is a huge plus.

However, one concern has to do with the lack of scientific evidence behind their claims. While anecdotal accounts are powerful in their own right, it’s important that consumers have enough scientific information to make an informed decision.

While Palmetto Harmony states their lab tests are available to all who request them, it would be far more transparent to make those freely available on the site itself.

With that being said, we still highly recommend Palmetto Harmony. Their passion for quality and customer service are second-to-none.

Last modified: December 18, 2019