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Are you searching for a CBD company who refuses to cut any corners on quality, bioavailability, consistency, and sustainability? If so, look no further than Ojai Energetics.

In 2014, Ojai Energetics’ founder Will Kleidon started his nutraceutical company after embarking on his own path to health. In addressing his own health needs, Kleidon searched for a CBD product which was derived from organically-grown hemp, contained zero synthetic additives, and one which offered third-party lab test results.

But, after receiving a degree in permaculture design in Australia, Kleidon, sensing a need for such a company in the CBD space, founded Ojai Energetics. Through his ethics-driven company, Kleidon is dedicated to producing the cleanest, most bioavailable hemp-based CBD products.

In addition to offering some of the most bioavailable CBD products around, The company plans to expand their product offerings into clean fuel—which is derived from their hemp waste—and CBD-infused edibles.

Ojai Energetics’ Company Values

At the core of Ojai Energetics’ business practices is a drive to create positive change for people, their customers, and the planet. Their triple bottom line philosophy is the company’s commitment to always put people and the planet before profit. In other words, Ojai Energetics has set a non-negotiable standard of succeeding fiscally only after the needs of their people and the planet have been met.

In keeping with these values, Ojai Energetics runs their servers on wind-generated power and provides access to their hemp-based products for those who need, but cannot afford, them. What’s more, they actively foster relationships with the farmers who cultivate their hemp, support sustainable farming practices, and ensure all their workers receive Fair Trade wages.

Ojai Energetics guarantees they will always strive to be the change they wish to see in the world. By tenaciously pursuing an uncompromising standard of excellence in all their products, Ojai Energetics seeks to positively impact every community they encounter. In short, they are in love with life and will stop at nothing to give their customers the best.

Last, but not least, Ojai Energetics is committed to expanding its business according to permaculture philosophy—which means they work with nature to produce the best hemp-based products possible.

Ojai Energetics’ Dedication to Quality

According to the “Frequently Asked Questions” section on their “About” page, Ojai Energetics formulates all their CBD-rich products using hemp flowers from hemp which adheres to all regulations set forth by the Farm Bill.

With their hemp grown under 100% organic conditions on farms in Colorado, Ojai Energetics uses solvent-free carbon dioxide to extract all the terpenes, cannabinoids, and other beneficial phytochemicals from the plant material.

Moreover, Ojai Energetics does not filter the chlorophyll and other phytonutrients out of the final CBD-rich oil. This results in a full-spectrum hemp elixir that contains all the phytonutrients of the original hemp.

What sets Ojai Energetics’ hemp elixir apart from other hemp-based CBD oils, however, is its unrivaled bioavailability and efficacy.

Through its proprietary water-soluble, colloidal technology, Ojai Energetics has created a full-spectrum hemp elixir that is up to be 20 times more potent and requires only 30 seconds to take effect.

What’s more, because their hemp elixir enters the bloodstream at such a rapid rate, the cannabinoid receptors on the tongue can modulate along with the dosage. Once the proper CBD dosage has reached the bloodstream, the elixir will begin to taste sweet instead of bitter.

Ojai Energetics also notes that an individual’s daily dosage may change based upon various factors, such as oxidative stress. So, for this reason, Ojai Energetics has included a quick dosage guide to help their customers find the right dose for that day.

Third-Party Lab Test Results

In keeping with their commitment to transparency, Ojai Energetics makes all its third-party lab test results available to their customers.

About halfway down the main homepage, customers can match the lot number on their product to one of the numbers in the dropdown menu. Then, click on “View Results” to view or download a full certificate of analysis like this one.

To ensure that customers receive the safest products, the third-party lab tests for cannabinoids, terpenes, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and microbial contaminants.

What Are Other Customers Saying About Ojai Energetics?

Overall, customers have great things to say about Ojai Energetics’ product quality, customer service, and efficacy. What’s more, many businesses are using Ojai Energetics’ full-spectrum hemp elixir directly in their products.

Founded in 2016, Spring—which was established by Chef Tony and his wife Yassmin—ran a 37-dollar, prix fixe menu of dishes all infused with CBD.

This fixed lunch menu used Ojai Energetics’ full-spectrum hemp elixir as a finishing oil atop dishes like:

  • Butternut squash soup and crostini
  • Beet risotto with bronzini and vegetables
  • Chocolate cake with a bittersweet chocolate ganache, honey-lemon sorbet, citrus vinaigrette, and praline

Once the dishes were finished, Chef Tony applied about half a teaspoon of CBD-rich oil to the dish. In all, the three-course meal contained approximately 8.5 ml of CBD-rich oil and was supported by other superfoods on the menu.

But, Ojai Energetics has helped many people outside the culinary world as well. Tania Dimitrijevich Luberacki suffered from plantar fasciitis in her right foot. Though she tried almost everything to alleviate the pain, the pain still did not subside. In fact, it had gotten so severe that Luberacki could hardly walk.

Finally, she tried Ojai Energetics’ CBD-infused coconut oil. After applying it to her foot twice a day, Luberacki’s plantar fasciitis virtually disappeared within two weeks. Now, she can walk four to six miles per day and applies the Ojai Energetics’ coconut oil to her foot once every night.

Luberacki has also used Ojai Energetics’ hemp elixir. She says she sleeps like a baby and wakes up feeling refreshed. Just as Ojai Energetics states, Luberacki says she feels the effects of the hemp elixir within 30 seconds. She highly recommends Ojai Energetics’ products and is immensely grateful for the positive results.

Next, Jacob Isaiah Hollenbeck highly recommends Ojai Energetics because it helped to alleviate his recurring knee pain, which seemed to have no discernible medical cause.

Over time, the knee pain became so severe that it was interfering with Hollenbeck’s ability to perform everyday tasks. But, upon visiting orthopedic specialists and primary care physicians, Hollenbeck was always told there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with his knee.

Finally, he tried Ojai Energetics’ CBD-infused coconut oil and considers it to be almost a miracle. His knee has almost completely healed and he hardly ever feels any pain.

After his most recent flight to Scottsdale, Hollenbeck says his knee pain did return, but only after a week of not having Ojai Energetics’ CBD coconut oil. However, after arriving home, he applied more of the CBD coconut oil, and his knee pain was almost entirely eliminated.

Because of Hollenbeck’s own experiences, he highly recommends Ojai Energetics to anyone who is seeking relief.

Shipping and Returns Policy

Ojai Energetics’ clearly lays out its shipping and returns policy both here and here.

In short, Ojai Energetics offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products. If customers are not 100% satisfied with the quality of their products, they may return their products for a full refund, including shipping costs, within 60 days of purchase.

To start the returns process, be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Include a brief note containing your order number and a short description of your experience with the product(s).
  2. Carefully package what’s left of your Ojai Energetics product(s).
  3. Ship the package to the address listed on the “Return an Item” page.
  4. Wait for Ojai Energetics to process your refund.

Once your products have been safely received, Ojai Energetics will process your refund, which includes the full price of the product plus any return shipping costs.

Upon receiving your items, Ojai Energetics also encourages its customers to carefully inspect their items for any signs of damage or defect. If you notice a defect or damage to your order, simply return your items to Ojai Energetics within 60 days of purchase following the steps above.

However, please note that Ojai Energetics will not honor the warranty if the product has been damaged on purpose, improperly used, or stored incorrectly. Depending on the situation, Ojai Energetics may then choose to refund the customer the full purchase price of the items or ship out a replacement at no additional cost.

Also, according to their terms, Ojai Energetics may verify a few pieces of information when customers make their purchases. This information includes:

  • The customer’s personal information
  • The customer’s payment information
  • The customer’s credit worthiness

Lastly, Ojai Energetics only ships to home or business addresses, and shipping times are approximate. Ojai Energetics’ default shipping carrier is USPS. Shipping usually costs $5.79, but customers may choose to upgrade their shipping method to Priority Mail Express—which will arrive in 1-3 business days—for $37.20.

Ojai Energetics’ Product Catalog

Currently, Ojai Energetics offers the following range of products:

Our Verdict

Overall, Ojai Energetics’ site is well-organized and very informative. The inclusion of a dosage guide right on the home page is very helpful and sets Ojai Energetics apart from its competitors in the CBD space.

Next, while it’s not very active, Ojai Energetics’ blog is a great resource for those who may be new to CBD. By contrast, Ojai Energetics’ Facebook page is far more active.

Finally, Ojai Energetics’ commitment to building their business around the principles of permaculture design really sets them apart from other companies in this market. Their triple bottom line policy is unique in that it shows a true passion for Fair Trade practices, their customers, and the environment.

So, if you’re looking for a CBD company who holds themselves and their products to the highest standards, we highly recommend Ojai Energetics.

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Last modified: December 18, 2019