Mission Farms CBD Company Profile

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Mission Farms CBD Company Profile

Are you looking for a family-run CBD company that is as committed to your health as you are? Let us introduce you to Mission Farms CBD.

Mission Farms CBD was founded in 2018 by a group of families who were dedicated to living healthy lifestyles and, in turn, sharing that health with their loved ones. Their core mission is to help their families and customers feel better again through the use of farm-to-family CBD products infused with organic essential oils.

Mission Farms CBD used cutting-edge research to formulate the best products. They created several blends of CBD oil from the finest hemp, natural plant terpenes, and essential oils. Using the latest scientific data on which terpenes affect which ailments, the formulas are then tailored to target specific health conditions such as stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and sleeplessness.

Mission Farms CBD’s Story

As with the start of many great health breakthroughs, Mission Farms CBD grew out of a desire to help a loved one find relief from a health condition.

Mission Farms CBD was born because conventional medicine just wasn’t working. The founders’ friends and family were experiencing obstacles to their health which weren’t being addressed by the conventional medical establishment. All the traditional pharmaceuticals they had tried failed to address the root cause of their illnesses and failed to provide adequate relief from their symptoms. What’s more, their friends and family members were concerned by the health risks and potential long-term side effects of these pharmaceuticals.

After some helpful recommendations or through diligent research, they all eventually came upon the healthful benefits of CBD. CBD oil was totally natural, caused no side effects, and provided relief. After finding that CBD oil did indeed help their loved ones find relief, the founders of Mission Farms decided together that they wanted to help more people.

Mission Farms CBD’s “Napa Valley” of Hemp

Mission Farms CBD stands at the forefront of premium-quality hemp. In the fertile, volcanic soil of Bend, OR, their farmers grow some of the finest hemp in the country. What’s more, they are doing it all without using any synthetic chemicals or fertilizers, and under natural sunlight, not artificial grow lights. The hemp that they cultivate is therapeutic grade and cared for by hand, fed daily by the Deschutes River.

Mission Farms CBD Company Profile

Mission Farms CBD’s Company Values

If Mission Farms CBD’s mission could be encapsulated in one phrase, it would be in their tagline, “Feel good again“. This one phrase embodies their desire to help their customers regain their health and lead healthier lifestyles. Through this philosophy, they are a business that strives to do good at every opportunity.

Additionally, since many pharmaceuticals can cause unwanted, long-term side effects, it is Mission Farms CBD’s belief that people should seek natural alternatives whenever possible.

Next, Mission Farms CBD is committed to transparency. On their site, customers can see pictures of their farms in Bend, OR. What’s more, they make their third-party lab tests available and thoroughly explain how and where they source their hemp.

Last, but not least, they are huge proponents of giving back to those in need. Starting in early 2019, Mission Farms CBD hopes to create ways for people to place donations to help individuals suffering from chronic conditions who, for financial reasons, may not be able to access Mission Farms CBD’s products. Because, at the end of the day, Mission Farms CBD believes that “Generosity is also good for the soul.”

Mission Farms CBD’s Dedication to Quality

To ensure that their products meet and exceed the highest quality standards, Mission Farms CBD triple-tests all its products. First, Mission Farms CBD tests the hemp, then the CBD oil extract, and finally, the finished product containing the CBD oil. This ensures that customers are receiving the right formulation and that they know exactly what they’re getting.

Next, Mission Farms CBD maintains its quality standards by playing an active role at every point in the hemp’s cultivation. They plant and tend to all seedlings by hand in the fertile, volcanic soil of Bend, OR. This therapeutic hemp, which is high in CBD, is raised using all-natural fertilizers. It contains no pesticides, chemicals, or heavy metals.

Lastly, Mission Farms CBD grows all its hemp on local farms, processes the hemp locally, and packages their finished products in Oregon. Buying from Mission Farms CBD means that customers are supporting local businesses and ensuring the survival of these beautiful farms for generations to come.

Mission Farms CBD’s Third-Party Lab Test Results

In keeping with their dedication to transparency, Mission Farms CBD has made all its third-party lab test results available to the public. As stated previously, Mission Farms CBD sends batches of its hemp, CBD oil, and finished CBD products to an independent lab for testing.

Mission Farms CBD Company Profile

In addition to making their certificates of analysis available, Mission Farms CBD also goes a step further by giving the customer a brief explanation of the things they’ll likely encounter on the certificate. While making the results available to consumers is a very important step in gaining trust, it is equally important for customers to understand what they’re reading. Only then do consumers have the requisite tools to make an informed decision. We applaud Mission Farms for not only making their certificates of analysis available, but accessible as well.

What Are Other Customers Saying About Mission Farms CBD?

Overall, Mission Farms CBD has great reviews.

Louis L. states that Mission Farms CBD’s Rest CBD line has, after just one night, improved his quality of sleep. And, after a stressful day, Amy C. says that a soak in the tub with Rest CBD helped her relax. What’s more, it also helped her get a better night’s sleep. Lastly, she appreciated that the product wasn’t oily.

Linda G. credits the Relief CBD oil and topicals with helping to alleviate her back pain. Consequently, she now only takes a third of her prescribed pain medication.

Becky J. states that, for days when her arthritis flares up, Mission Farms CBD’s Relief products have brought swift relief to her aching joints. In fact, they are as good as traditional medications and don’t have negative side effects.

Ben J. states that he was prescribed antidepressants twenty-one years ago and has not been able to wean himself off. However, after supplementing his health care regimen with Relax CBD, he has successfully cut his dose of antidepressants down by 75 percent. What’s more, his depression seems to have gone as well.

Mission Farms CBD Return and Shipping Policies

In addition to offering trial sizes of their CBD products, Mission Farms CBD also has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If a customer finds that a product has been damaged during shipping, they should start by emailing Mission Farms CBD at [email protected].

In order for returned items to be accepted for a damage claim or refund, customers must include a photo of the damaged product in its original condition and in the box in which it was shipped. Customers should also include their order number and a brief statement describing the damage.

Mission Farms CBD Company Profile

However, if customers wish to request a refund, then they should send an email to the above email address within 30 days of purchase and ship the product back to Mission Farms CBD.

Once the product has been received, customers can choose to have the full purchase price of the product credited to their original payment method or to their account on Mission Farms CBD’s site as in-store credit.

Currently, Mission Farms CBD only ships their products within the United States. From the time an order is placed until it is shipped to the customer, orders usually take 1-3 business days to process. Once an item has shipped, Mission Farms CBD will send customers an email containing the shipper’s name along with the tracking information for their order.

Since all orders are shipped through USPS Priority Mail, it typically will take 2-3 business days to arrive. This means that any order placed within the 48 contiguous states should have a total processing time of roughly 3-6 business days. Orders placed for Alaska and Hawaii will take three additional days to arrive.

Mission Farms CBD Product Catalog

Currently, Mission Farms CBD offers the following products.

All their products are made to target specific health conditions, and their soaks are made using a blend of goat’s milk, CBD oil, and essential oils.

Our Verdict

We were very impressed by Mission Farms CBD’s mission and dedication to quality. We were especially impressed that they hand-craft each CBD product and play an active role in tending to their hemp plants. We love that they source from local farmers–we can really tell the difference in product quality, and we enjoy knowing that our purchase supports a family farmer instead of a giant industrial hemp corporation. Last, but not least, their blog is an excellent place to find the latest news about their company and the CBD world, information about CBD, and even CBD recipes.

Though Mission Farms CBD is a fairly new company, we see great things in its future. If you’re looking for a family-run CBD company that places a premium on quality, we highly recommend Mission Farms CBD.

Last modified: December 18, 2019