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Are you a CBD user living in the European Union? Have you been searching for a CBD company that puts quality, sustainability, and transparency first? Let us introduce you to Medihemp.

Founded in 2010 by Andrea Bamacher and Elke Moritz, Medihemp is an Austrian-based company offering both full-spectrum, whole-plant hemp oil and CBD isolate products. As one of the Deep Nature Project’s subsidiaries, Medihemp is committed to giving nothing but the highest quality, whole-plant hemp extract to their customers.

As a firm believer in hemp’s power to serve as a versatile source of vital nutrients, all of Medihemp’s hemp-based products are grown in 100 percent organic conditions. Through their premium-quality hemp products, Medihemp strives to give their customers a broad range of products to help them take a proactive role in maintaining and reaching their health goals.

Medihemp Company Values

At the heart of everything they do is the Deep Nature Concept. This concept’s core tenets are:

  • Sustainability
  • Quality
  • And fairness


From the time their hemp plants are cultivated in their fields until their products reach a customer’s door, Medihemp’s chief concern is sustainability. They ensure that all their processes, from harvest to formulation, are sustainable and clean.

What’s more, Medihemp is dedicated to zero-waste production. In making their premium-quality products, they use all parts of the plant—the flowers, leaves, seeds, and hurds, the woody part of a hemp plant’s stalk. The hemp’s flowers are used in the formulation of their organic hemp oil extracts, rich in CBD and CBG. The leaves are used to make their high-quality teas, while the seeds are used to create premium-quality hemp oils. Lastly, the hurds are used as organic fertilizer and as raw building materials.


Another core philosophy that Medihemp embraces is fairness. In order to provide their customers with the best possible quality products, they start with great hemp and even better employees and partners. All their employees and partners wholeheartedly embrace the Deep Nature concept and are firmly committed to using their products to do good for the world and nature.

Lastly, they are fully dedicated to helping people attain a healthy, active lifestyle. What’s more, individual team members are fully dedicated to doing good wherever they can, be it among themselves, their customers, or in nature.

Overall, the Deep Nature concept strives to help others reach their full potential by reaping the benefits from nature’s bounty in a sustainable, harmonious way. By embracing this concept, they hope to help people reach greater depths of inner peace, find more vibrant health, and become more aware of their connectedness to themselves and each other.

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Medihemp Dedication to Quality

Medihemp owes its success to its team of experts in the nutritional and medicinal science fields. Through their cooperation with these professionals, Medihemp can confidently assert that each active ingredient in all their products are of the highest quality.

How Does Medihemp Source Its Hemp?

Before the planting begins, Medihemp takes painstaking care to select just the right fields for their plants. Hemp is a phytoremediator, which means it absorbs all the heavy metals and other compounds in the soil in which it is grown. While that’s great for cleaning up highly contaminated areas around Chernobyl, it’s not great for whole-plant, full-spectrum hemp products that customers will be ingesting.

In the roughly 200 hectares around Lake Neusiedl, Medihemp works with local farmers to ensure all their hemp is grown organically and without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. The farmers working with Medihemp make zero compromises when it comes to making their hemp plants the best they can be.

Moreover, all their hemp plants are certified organic by the EU, and their industrial hemp has been especially bred to produce high levels of CBD and almost no THC. Additionally, the expert farmers tending these fields take multiple in-ground samples and perform many analyses on the plants to ensure they are in compliance with all guidelines. Lastly, their fields are subject to periodic audits by the Austrian Agency for Food Safety (AGES) and the Austrian certification and inspection body for organic produce, Austria Bio Garantie (AT-BIO-301).

Once the hemp has been harvested and is ready for processing, Medihemp uses gentle CO2 extraction to draw out the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids, flavonoids, and other beneficial phytochemicals from the plant material. These raw oils are further processed and used in the formulation of Medihemp’s full-spectrum products, which are high in both CBD and CBG. For their organic, premium-quality CBD products, they further refine this extract until only CBD is left.

Medihemp Third-Party Lab Test Results

Unfortunately, Medihemp does not make its certificates of analysis available to the public. However, each product contains a detailed fact sheet which lists the percentages of various ingredients in the product.

What Are Other Customers Saying About Medihemp?

All customer reviews can be read on Medihemp’s Facebook page. Because Medihemp is an Austrian-based company, the reviews have been automatically translated by Facebook from their original language.

Overall, it appears that most customers are impressed with Medihemp’s product quality.

Medihemp Shipping and Returns Policy

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Though there is no information on their return policy, Medihemp does offer various shipping options for Austria and across the EU. These are as follows.

  • Shipping to Austria €3.90
  • To Germany, €7.90
  • Across EU €12.90
  • Express Austria post EMS Express service €11 per parcel

Unfortunately, it does not look like Medihemp ships its products to the United States or Canada at this time.

Medihemp Product Catalog

Our Verdict

Overall, we were impressed with Medihemp’s product quality and the care they take in selecting the fields in which their hemp is to be grown. What’s more, their product catalog is quite broad, which gives customers many ways of benefiting from CBD.

So, if you live in the European Union and are looking for a CBD company who is dedicated to qualiyt and sustainability, we highly recommend Medihemp.

Last modified: December 18, 2019