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Jeff's Best Hemp Company Profile

Are you passionate about veganism? Have you been searching for a CBD company that is as dedicated to quality and sustainability as you are? Let us introduce you to Jeff’s Best.

Founded in 2009 by cancer survivor, clinical nutritionist, author, and health products educator Jeffrey Von Stetten, Jeff’s Best is a natural health company specializing in raw vegan superfoods. Dedicated to offering their customers the best that nature has to offer, Jeff’s Best’s tagline is: “Delicious and nutritious with nothing suspicious.”

Jeff’s Best is the company behind Jeff’s Best Hemp and Jeff’s Best Blends, and they pride themselves on being a family-friendly, hardcore vegan company. What’s more, all their superfoods and body care products are raw and organic.

While we’ll mainly be focusing on Jeff’s Best hemp-based products, they also specialize in:

  • Ultra-pure Industrial Hemp Seed-based superfoods
  • Plant-based proteins
  • Superfoods
  • Bodycare
  • And essential oils

Jeff’s Best Company Values

As a Christian-owned company, they are proud to be privately and independently owned. Thus, there are no stakeholders, private investment firms, or IPOs to steer them away from their heart-felt mission.

Driven by a steadfast commitment to quality, sustainability, charity, and integrity, Jeff’s Best focuses on minimizing their carbon footprint at every step in the manufacturing and packaging process. Moreover, they use biodegradable, BPA-free and recyclable bottles, droppers, and packaging materials to minimize their customers’ exposure to harmful substances.

In addition to their commitment to sustainability, Jeff’s Best also has made charitable giving one of the core pillars of their philosophy. Under the guidance of his mentors and pastoral counselors, Jeff donates to passion projects and other causes close to his heart.

While there are quite a few organizations he supports, some of these are:

Jeff’s Best’s Dedication to Quality

In keeping with their dedication to quality, all of Jeff’s Best’s products are made from ultra-pure, raw, vegan, organic, and cruelty-free ingredients. What’s more, they use only BPA-free packaging materials to ensure all their products are landfill-friendly and biodegradable. This means that everything—from their packing peanuts and bubble wrap, to the cardboard boxes and bottles—are biodegradable and recyclable.

Next, all their ingredients are USDA-certified organic. If an ingredient happens to originate from a country with an unreliable organic standard, Jeff’s Best conducts additional testing for pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and GMOs to ensure maximum safety and quality.

Because Jeff’s Best is committed to providing only the cleanest and purest products, they manage everything in-house. They personally fill, seal, pack, and stock all their products. Moreover, they maintain strict environmental controls to ensure their products stay fresh. Thus, everything—from the temperature in their warehouses, to shipping and handling of finished products—are monitored with meticulous care.

Jeff’s Best also uses only USDA-certified organic and Fair Deal products. What’s more, the industrial hemp serving as the starting material for all their Living CBD-Rich Hemp Oil is derived from Canadian hemp that is TestPledge-certified and cultivated on Fair Deal-certified farms.

Once the hemp is harvested and ready to be processed, the manufacturers use a special cold-pressing method to extract all the full-spectrum CBD oil. As a result, their living CBD oil is a fully raw, organic, cold-processed plant compression which has never been exposed to harsh solvents, heat, or CO2.

Jeff's Best Hemp Company Profile

This is then combined with their cold-filtered hemp seed oil, which contains small amounts of CBD and CBDA. Derived exclusively from hemp seeds, this oil is then run through a one-micrometer particle size mesh filter. This extremely fine mesh filter removes all soot, sediment, dust, and leftover seed husk fragments which may have accumulated on the seeds’ surface before processing. Moreover, their unique step filtration process ensures their customers receive a consistently high-quality hemp seed oil each and every time.

Finally, Jeff’s Best submits batches of their product to third-party lab testing. There, their products are tested for their strength, potency, purity, quality, and composition. The third-party lab also ensures that the samples are free from pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals, and other microbial contaminants. What’s more, Jeff’s Best also subjects the essential oils used in their products to MDSA testing with high-definition lipid chromatography (HDLC), which ensures that customers are getting therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Jeff’s Best Third-Party Lab Test Results

Unfortunately, certificates of analysis for Jeff’s Best products are not publicly available on the site. However, customers may be able to request them by contacting the company.

What Are Other Customers Saying About Jeff’s Best?

Overall, Jeff’s Best’s customers have been very happy with the quality of their products. All of the reviews we feature are here are gleaned from Jeff’s Best’s Facebook page.

Linda Rose has been using Jeff’s Best products as a supplement for her three-pound Chihuahua who had been suffering from seizures. So, Linda put a few drops on her Chihuahua’s food, and since then, her dog has experienced zero seizures.

Another customer, Jeff Thomas, believes that Jeff’s Best hemp seed oils are highest-quality available on the market. After his original brand of hemp seed oil switched over to a plastic cap, he decided to do some research to find a BPA-free solution.

He states that Jeff’s Best’s oil is very clean with a great flavor. What’s more, the bottle is glass with a metal top.

Jeff’s Best’s Shipping and Returns Policy

If customers wish to return a product, then they must do so within 30 days of receipt. While products may be returned for any reason, customers are responsible for all associated return shipping costs. What’s more, as long as Jeff’s Best receives the returned product, the customer will receive a full refund for its full purchase price. However, Jeff’s Best reserves the right to deny return requests if they deem that a customer is abusing their return policy.

While there is no direct link to a shipping policy, it appears as though Jeff’s Best’s default shipping method is USPS Priority Mail. Moreover, after entering some items into the cart, it also appears that customers can receive free shipping for orders over $100.

Jeff’s Best’s Product Catalog

Currently, Jeff’s Best offers the following products.

Jeff's Best Hemp Company Profile

Our Verdict

Overall, we were very impressed with Jeff’s Best’s mission and direction as a company. What’s more, they seem to be very engaged with their Facebook community and answer all customer inquiries honestly and thoroughly.

However, Jeff’s Best does not make its third-party lab test results publicly available. What’s more, while Jeff’s Best claims here that their full-spectrum CBD oil is derived through a unique method of pressing—which results in a CBD oil that hasn’t been exposed to heat, CO2, or solvents—there is no other information regarding this form of CBD extraction. When considering the two statements above, it’s difficult for the would-be customer to make an informed assessment of CBD potency or quality prior to purchase.

With that being said, Jeff’s Best appears to be responsive to customer inquiry, so customers may wish to request up-to-date certificates of analysis and information on extraction methods before purchasing.

All in all, if you’re looking for a company who specializes in raw, vegan, and organic CBD oils and superfood products, we’d recommend Jeff’s Best.

Last modified: December 18, 2019