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Are you looking for a CBD company that is wholly dedicated to quality, variety, and transparency? Let us introduce you to Isodiol International.

Founded in 2014, Isodiol is a Canadian CBD company that offers a wide range of CBD products and owns several brands in the phytocannabinoid industry. Isodiol International is dedicated to providing their customers with the purest, most bioavailable, and bioactive cannabidiol products on the market.

What’s more, they strive to make phytocannabinoids an internationally accepted supplement. Through scientific research and evidence, they advocate for cannabinoid phytocannabinoid use, education, and regulation.

By setting a high bar for purity, bioavailability, and bioactivity for hemp-derived cannabinoids, Isodiol hopes to formulate nutraceuticals, over-the-counter medications, and pharmaceuticals that will enable their customers to live a more vibrant life.

According to their company overview, Isodiol International offers a wide range of brands—including Pot-O-Coffee, BioActive, and Cannaceuticals. Each brand offers 99% pure, hemp-derived CBD products tailored to various lifestyles and markets. Pot-O-Coffee offers CBD-infused, gourmet coffees in convenient K-Cups, while Cannaceuticals provides CBD-infused face masks, serums, and cleansers.

Isodiol International Company Values

Isodiol International and its subsidiaries are dedicated to setting a higher standard for the cannabidiol industry.

Through cutting-edge research, innovation, technology, and science, Isodiol International and C3 Global Biosciences strive to help their customers reach the pinnacles of health through scientifically-sound clinical trials, evidence-based empirical research, and the latest developments in the fields of cannabinoid research and neuroscience.

Underpinning all that jargon, though, is a steadfast commitment to:

  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Collaboration
  • Performance
  • Courage
  • Compassion
  • Integrity

First, Isodiol International and its subsidiaries are on a mission to find the most innovative and effective formulations for their 99% pure CBD products. By experimenting with the latest, evidence-based methods, they strive to deliver the highest-quality CBD solutions.

Next, they collaborate with each other to bring their best to the table. This collaboration extends from their local teams to their strategic partners around the globe.

Next, Isodiol and their partnering companies foster a sense of courage among their teams. Every member is encouraged to openly accept and offer feedback.

Lastly, Isodiol International and its partners place compassion at the heart of all they do. With a steadfast commitment to serve their customers and place the buyer’s needs first, Isodiol is driven to provide customers with the highest quality CBD oil extracts possible.

Last, but not least, Isodiol International and its partners believe in living and working with integrity. They strive to adhere to a strict ethical standard and hold each other accountable every day.

Isodiol’s Dedication to Quality

In keeping with their dedication to quality, Isodiol International and its partners source their organically-grown hemp from Round Mountain Technologies—a cultivator based in Nevada.

Though the above sources state their hemp is organic, there is otherwise no mention of growing conditions, Isodiol’s extraction process, and any further refinement their hemp extract must undergo before it is incorporated into Isodiol International’s subsidiaries’ various formulations.

However, Be Trū Wellness, one of Isodiol International’s wholly-owned companies, states they use nano-emulsification to create highly bioavailable and water-soluble, hemp-based products. Hemp-derived extracts are broken down into nano-sized particles so that the body’s cells can absorb and make full use of the extracts.

Through their Canatrū™ and Cebatrū™ products, Be Trū Wellness delivers water-soluble, highly bioavailable topicals, pet products, and oral sprays to help alleviate pain, anxiety, and stress.

Isodiol International’s other brands, such as Pot-O-Coffee, infuses their coffees with Isodiol International’s proprietary HenePlex™ hemp extract. Essentially, HenePlex™ is a water-soluble nano-emulsion of more than 75 proprietary cannabinoids and terpenes that are highly bioavailable.

Because this nano-emulsion is water-based, it can be incorporated into coffees, CBD-infused water, and even gummies without imparting an unpleasant taste.

Third-Party Lab Test Results

Unfortunately, there were no third-party lab test results available. What’s more, we searched through products under various Isodiol International brands—including Be Trū Wellness and Pot-O-Coffee—but found no certificates of analysis.

What Are Other Customers Saying About Isodiol International?

There don’t appear to be any customer reviews located on the main Isodiol site, but there is a dedicated reviews page on Be Trū Wellness.

Warren Sapp states that Be Trū Wellness’ products have helped to alleviate his chronic pain and stiffness after 13 years of taking double-teams in the NFL. After choosing not to take any more pills or anti-inflammatories, he found Be Trū Wellness Organics Body Cream, which has helped him regain his vitality.

Dr. Adam Del Torto—who works as a chiropractor in Sun Valley, CA—states that Be Trū Wellness Organics Body Cream has also alleviated the throbbing pain in his hands after a long day of performing chiropractic adjustments. The cream has relieved him of all the pain, and he now recommends the cream to all his patients.

Erin Kunza-Jarboe from High Point, NC states that Be Trū Wellness has alleviate her pain. Before trying Be Trū Wellness products, she was prescribed several pain creams that would require a visit to a compounding pharmacy.

Unfortunately, this medication was not covered by her health insurance, and depending on where she lived, it would cost her $250 to $1,000 every time. Erin says the medication contained all sorts of synthetic ingredients, and it would make her feel “high” at times.

She says that Be Trū Wellness’ products have worked just as well, if not better, than her prescribed pain creams. Erin is grateful she no longer needs to worry about visiting the doctor, co-pays, fighting with her insurance company, and spending a lot of money.

Shipping and Returns Policy

Isodiol International’s main site doesn’t seem to have a shipping or returns policy, but Be Trū Wellness’ site does.

Be Trū Wellness offers a 30-day return policy. If customers are not satisfied with their products, then they can return within 30 days after receiving the order.

To initiate the return process, customers should give Be Trū Wellness a call and give them 24 hours to respond. Be Trū Wellness will give customers a return authorization number (RA#). Then, customers can simply send the unused portion of the product to the listed address. After receiving the product, Be Trū Wellness will issue customers a full refund minus any return shipping costs.

However, since the refund policy applies to Be Trū Wellness, one of Isodiol International’s subsidiaries, we encourage customers buying from the main Isodiol International site to contact Isodiol International directly to verify that this returns policy is applicable.

Isodiol International’s Product Catalog

Currently, Isodiol International carries the following range of products…

Our Verdict

Overall, while we were impressed by Isodiol International’s variety of products, we were also quite overwhelmed by the sheer number of brands and divisions.

While the average consumer may not really delve too deeply into all the divisions, they may be interested in purchasing a product. However, unless you happen to be familiar with each brand and the particular market it caters to, deciding which tincture to purchase from Isodiol International’s main site can be quite intimidating.

What’s more, there was no mention of third-party lab testing, certificates of analysis, or extraction methods. While water-soluble, nano-emulsified products are highly bioavailable and fast-acting, customers still want and need to be sure that their hemp extract is safe and solvent-free.

Lastly, there were no core values on the main site. In order to find the corporation’s focus points, we had to spend quite a bit of time trawling through Isodiol International’s subsidiaries sites—including C3 Global Biosciences and Be Trū Wellness.

For this reason, we would recommend Isodiol International’s products for customers who have a very clear idea of the type of product they’re looking for and who feel comfortable with contacting the company to ask about certificates of analysis.

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Last modified: December 18, 2019