Irie CBD Company Profile

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Irie CBD Company Profile

Are you looking for a CBD company that is committed to sustainability, quality, and social good? Let us introduce you to Irie CBD.

Founded in 2014, Irie CBD is a CBD company which offers a broad range of whole-plant, full-spectrum, hemp-based tinctures, topicals, and capsules. Their founders started Irie CBD after they struggled to find a natural alternative for their chronic health conditions. However, once they stumbled upon hemp and its healing properties, they were determined to share the healing power of hemp with the world.

Irie CBD Company Values

At the heart of everything they do at Irie is a steadfast commitment to social and environmental consciousness. From their hemp cultivation and product formulation to their “It’s All Good” program and exemplary customer service, Irie CBD strives to restore balance to our bodies and the world. Moreover, Irie CBD is proud to be at the forefront of championing cannabis and hemp research and policy across the globe.

It’s All Good

As part of their commitment to providing a safe and affordable source of hemp, Irie CBD’s “It’s All Good” program aims to help people in need to gain access to their full-spectrum CBD oils. For every two products purchased, Irie CBD donates one product to an individual who needs CBD. Moreover, Irie CBD will prioritize those with health crises or conditions which are known to respond favorably to CBD.

Also, in keeping with their commitment to further cannabis and hemp research, Irie CBD gives its products to doctors, health researchers, and other experts in the medical community. In turn, these professionals use Irie CBD’s products in their clinical trials, health research, long-term trials, and pharmaceutical research. What’s more, Irie CBD works with health providers to ensure patients are kept abreast of the latest research and developments in the cannabis/CBD field.

Irie CBD’s Dedication to Quality

While other companies claim to offer full-spectrum hemp oils, Irie CBD takes their products a step further. Each of their unique formulations combines the power of premium-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil with herbs that have served as traditional health solutions for millennia.

For instance, Irie CBD’s Lifeline Max, which contains 1,000 mg of full-spectrum CBD oil, is formulated with cat’s claw. Cat’s claw has long been used as a supplement for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

However, most importantly, Irie CBD is a vertically-integrated company—which means they maintain full control over every step of the process, from cultivation to sale.

Irie CBD Company Profile

As a soil-to-oil company, Irie CBD strives to maintain the highest standards of quality and grows its industrial hemp using 100 percent organic practices. This means that chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides are never used. In addition to producing the finest hemp-based oils, these organic practices protect the ecosystem, the topsoil, and any water runoff from contamination. They preserve the local insect population and ensure the safest and healthiest working conditions for Irie CBD’s farmers. Thus, their industrial hemp serves to enrich the earth in which it is grown.

Once the industrial hemp is ready to be harvested and processed, Irie CBD uses the whole plant to extract its full-spectrum oil. This whole-plant extract ensures their products take full advantage of the entourage effect. Then, Irie CBD uses supercritical CO2 extraction to safely extract all of the over 500 phytochemicals found in the original plant. This results in a premium-quality, full-spectrum oil that is non-GMO, free from residual solvents, and safe.

Irie CBD’s Third-Party Lab Test Results

Though there is no section containing all the certificates of analysis, customers can find links to all their certificates in Irie CBD’s site map under the “Posts” heading. Currently, these are the certificates they have available.

What Are Other Customers Saying About Irie CBD?

Though there is a section on product pages where customers can leave feedback, we didn’t see any reviews on the actual site. However, Irie CBD’s Facebook community seems to be pretty active, and overall, customers rate their products very highly.

The first customer, Brian L Ensign, says Irie CBD’s products have virtually eliminated his pain. He feels they’re a great company and highly recommends them.

Another customer, Cynthia Hylton, has used Irie CBD’s products to alleviate some of the side effects of her breast cancer radiation treatment. She has had good results and plans to continue using their products for pain management and other health needs.

Lastly, Justin Stanley has used Irie CBD’s pet product to alleviate an inflammatory condition that was affecting his dog. Also, their Lifeline products have helped Justin manage his anxiety and pain.

Irie CBD’s Shipping and Returns Policy

If customers need to request a refund, they must do so within 30 days of receiving the product. If the product has shipped, customers must follow instructions on returning the unopened and sealed products back to Irie CBD. Once approved, refunds for the full purchase price of the product will be credited to the customer’s original payment method within five business days.

Irie CBD Company Profile

However, if customers request a cancellation of their order before the item has shipped, then the refund for the full purchase price of the product is credited to the account within one business day.

If customers have placed their orders within the 50 United States or US territories, the default shipping method will be USPS Priority Mail. However, customers can choose a faster shipping method at checkout.

International customers will receive their orders via USPS International Shipping, but there may be additional charges. However, all charges incurred will be thoroughly detailed during the checkout process. What’s more, international orders do not qualify for free shipping. Lastly, if your country charges an additional import tax, Irie CBD will inform you of the additional charge when you check out.

Unless US customers have opted for overnight shipping, all orders typically arrive within two or three business days. International customers will usually receive their orders within 10-14 business days.

In either case, customers will receive their tracking information, and all orders placed before 1:00 PM Pacific Standard Time will ship the same business day. Otherwise, the order will ship the next business day.

Once the order has arrived, customers are responsible for thoroughly checking their products for any signs of damage. If an item is found to be damaged, customers have 72 hours to report it to Irie CBD. In order for the damage claim to be approved, customers must include a picture of the damaged item along with a brief explanation of the damage.

Irie CBD’s Product Catalog

Currently, Irie CBD offers the following range of products.

Our Verdict

Overall, we were very impressed with Irie CBD’s dedication to sustainability, quality, and transparency. Their site is simple, well-organized, and there is a chat widget available for customers to ask questions or request assistance.

Moreover, we were impressed with Irie CBD’s broad line of tinctures. In addition to their pet and pain relief lines, they also have tinctures specifically formulated for their female customers. These products are designed to alleviate PMS symptoms and to “gently regulate” hormones.

So, if you’re looking for a company that is committed to quality, sustainability, and social good, we highly recommend Irie CBD.

Last modified: December 18, 2019