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History of Ignite CBD

Founded by former professional poker player Dan Bilzerian, Ignite CBD is making waves in the growing market for CBD products with help from Dan’s enormous Instagram following and superior marketing skills. 

Ignite is a Los Angeles based company that puts a lot of emphasis on sourcing cannabis from quality growers. The company also focuses on purity and claims to test every CBD batch. The company’s products are available in dispensaries across California and nationally on Ignite’s website. They are also launching soon in the United Kingdom. 

Lab Testing

Ignite CBD’s website says that it is guaranteed to contain 0% THC in accordance to state and federal law. The CBD used in Ignite’s products is also certified to meet ISO standards. ISO, or the International Organization for Standardization, is an independent organization that ensures safety, quality, and efficiency of various products, including CBD, around the world and helps to facilitate international trade. 

There is an issue, however, with the lack of concrete information about testing. The website contains various promises of purity and lack of pesticides and so on. But we were unable to find actual lab results available to the public on the site.

Ignite is not transparent about the source of the hemp used to make the products, either, though they do specify that it is all natural. We were unable to locate an FAQ section on the website, which only adds to the general lack of transparency.

Ignite CBD Sourcing

Ignite’s main website says they source their products from quality indoor facilities and manufacturing labs. That said, the Ignite CBD website specific to products containing CBD that linked to the main site, doesn’t mention any specifics in the sourcing section.

The lack of easily accessible information about their sources is a potential red flag for Ignite. Even after more in-depth research, we were not able to find that information available elsewhere on the web.

What Customers Are Saying About Ignite CBD

Still customers seem to like what Ignite has to offer! The products on Ignite CBD’s website are all rated at between four and a half and five stars, many of them having over one hundred reviews. Proponents of Ignite’s CBD drops claim they work well for muscle recovery after workouts, and aid in both mental clarity and cessation of inflammation.

While product reviews directly on a company’s site might be taken with a grain of salt,  anecdotal evidence from looking at separate online reviews also seems positive. 

Customer Service

In terms of shipping, the company generally requires only 2 business days for processing, so you can expect to receive your product shortly after you order it. At the time of this article, however, Ignite’s product pages have a note beneath them saying that shipping could take up to 5 to 7 business days due to high order volume. 

The return policy has a 30-day money back guarantee for unused products in original packaging, which is fairly standard. However, this policy is somewhat concerning because Ignite does not mention returns for open, used, yet unsatisfactory or damaged products.

This type of return policy gives us pause and makes buying Ignite’s CBD products a bit more of a risk than some competitors who back their claims of high quality with a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase.

Ignite CBD Product Catalog

Ignite CBD has standard types of CBD products, such as drops and vape pens, available. They also have something we haven’t seen before in their CBD toothpicks. With only 3 types of products available besides vape accessories, Ignite CBD has less variety than many other CBD providers, but they are fairly priced and very highly rated.

All of Ignite CBD’s products come in 3 different varieties: Calm, Lucid, and Recharge. While Lucid and Recharge have no visible difference in ingredients noted on the website, the Calm variety contains lavender and is marketed as being anti-anxiety. Not all varieties are available for each flavor.

Ignite CBD’s drops are priced at $64.99 for 1,000 mg of CBD and can be used orally or on the skin. They are highly reviewed (as all of the products in Ignite’s shop seem to be). They come in lavender, blood orange, unflavored, and tropical fruit flavors.

The company also sells disposable vape pens. The disposable pens are priced at $44.99 for 250 mg of CBD. The flavors are more varied than for the drops with the addition of pink chill, tangerine, spearmint, and apple berry. 

In addition to disposable vape pens, Ignite sells a reusable vape pen in affiliation with BO Vaping, a highly rated company for vapes, for $39.99. Pods priced at  $19.99 can also be ordered on the site. They contain 150 mg of CBD and come in tropical fruit and blood orange flavors. 

There is also a starter pack available that costs $56.99 which comes with a pod and reusable pen, as well as a larger pack costing $69.99 that contains two pods instead of one. The math works out so that you’re better off buying a starter pack with two pods and then getting the replacement pods as long as you were planning on buying four or more of the disposable pens.

The final product available is the CBD toothpicks, priced at $29.99 for a pack of ten 25 mg toothpicks. They come in Calm, Lucid, and Recharge like the other products and in a variety of flavors such as lemongrass, “cinnamint,” coffee, mango mint, menthol, and passion fruit orange.

While we think these CBD products sound super cool, it also feels like a bit of a gimmick and it leaves us wondering how much CBD you would get out of the toothpick, and how much would be left behind.

Overall, the pricing on the CBD is excellent in comparison to many other popular CBD suppliers such as Koi CBD, Pure Kana, and Nuleaf Naturals. For comparison, the CBD oil drops at Ignite CBD cost 6.5 cents per milligram whereas the other mentioned CBD suppliers cost 10, 13.9, and 13.6 cents per milligram for similar sized containers. It should be noted, however, that those companies are more transparent with sourcing as well as test results for quality.

Final Thoughts on Ignite CBD

Ignite CBD is an excellent choice to get affordable and well-reviewed CBD products. There are, however, downsides including a serious lack of transparency in comparison to competitors, as well as a poorly detailed refund policy. The website provides no access to test results, which, despite their guarantees of purity, should cause customers to look twice.

We recommend Ignite CBD for people looking for reasonably priced CBD products with some assurance of quality, though we believe there are more certain options available from other suppliers. If where your CBD is sourced and the quality of the products are your primary concern, check out our profiles on other companies in the CBD space on CBDBreaker.com 

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Last modified: December 18, 2019