Hygia Nutrients Company Profile

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Hygia Nutrients Company Profile

If you’re looking for a CBD company that is both innovative and a subject matter expert in the CBD field, look no further than Hygia Nutrients.

Founded by a group of scientists in 2016, Hygia Nutrients is a one-of-a-kind company in the CBD marketplace. Formed as a partnership between LDS Biotech, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Ananda Scientific, Hygia Nutrients uses its proprietary, patented technology to deliver whole-spectrum hemp extracts in a vastly more bioavailable form.

Hygia Nutrients Patented nextHEMP Technology

Did you know? According to Hygia Nutrients, 95 percent of the CBD oil extracts we ingest never gets the chance to enter our bloodstream.

Instead, this staggering percentage of CBD either gets destroyed by the body’s stomach acid or eliminated as waste. As a result, most CBD oil extracts are minimally effective.

In fact, after just 30 minutes, roughly 70 percent of conventionally processed CBD oil extracts have been destroyed by stomach acid. After two hours, it is virtually undetectable in the body. Hygia Nutrients’ products, however, remain intact even after four hours.

So, to meet the market’s demand for a safe, pure, bioavailable CBD oil extract, Hygia Nutrients developed a patented, proprietary method for delivering whole spectrum hemp oil extracts and hemp concentrates. Using nanotechnology, Hygia Nutrients’ nextHEMP Technology is completely water-soluble and is up to 18 times more absorbable than conventional CBD oil extracts.

Essentially, Hygia Nutrients encapsulates CBD—along with all the hundreds of other super nutrients found in agricultural hemp—in a micro-emulsion. This nano-droplet delivers a pure, concentrated dose of whole spectrum hemp oil or hemp oil concentrate more readily into the bloodstream. Consequently, this formulation is much more bioavailable and takes effect more rapidly than conventionally processed CBD oil extracts.

Hygia Nutrients Company Values

At the core of Hygia Nutrients’ company vision is their dedication to quality, consistency, innovation, and scientific rigor.

Since Hygia Nutrients was founded by a team of world-renowned scientists and experts in their respective fields, all their statements regarding the scientific efficacy of their products are backed up by charts, graphs, and helpful infographics. For instance, they map out the various points throughout the digestive process where traditionally processed CBD products can be degraded or destroyed.

Hygia Nutrients Company Profile

A little further down the page, a helpful chart shows the differences between Hygia Nutrients’ products created with their proprietary nextHEMP Technology versus traditionally processed CBD oil extracts. While regular CBD oil extracts have low bioavailability and negligible water solubility, Hygia Nutrients’ products have very high bioavailability and 100 percent water solubility.

Hygia Nutrients Dedication to Quality

Hygia Nutrients tenaciously pursues their goal to meet and exceed their customers’ need for quality and consistency. Therefore, all their agricultural hemp is grown here in the United States. What’s more, their products are all produced here in the States as well.

Next, Hygia Nutrients sources all its whole spectrum hemp oil from a proprietary hemp cultivar which yields very high levels of specific phytocannabinoids. And, because they are on a mission to meet the global demand for high-quality, bioavailable cannabinoid products, they’ve perfected a process to help manufacture their products at a drastically faster rate.

Lastly, all of Hygia Nutrients’ products are non-GMO and gluten-free. They are also free of pesticides and herbicides, and only natural flavors are used in their production.

Hygia Nutrients’ Third-Party Lab Tests

Unfortunately, Hygia Nutrients does not make its third-party lab test results available to the public. However, Hygia Nutrients’ founders are scientists affiliated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. They include:

  • Nissim Garti, Ph.D., world-renowned nano-technology expert
  • Mark Rosenfeld, M.S. Ph.D., founder and CEO of Ananda Scientific, Inc.
  • And Sharon Levi-Garti, Ph.D., CTO of LDS Technologies

However, if customers wish to see their certificates of analysis, it may be possible to view them by contacting Hygia Nutrients’ customer support.

What Are Other Customers Saying About Hygia Nutrients?

Though there didn’t seem to be any any reviews on Hygia Nutrients’ site, we did find a few reviews on their Amazon product page.

The first reviewer, Brody, states that Hygia Nutrients’ products are perfect for those struggling with anxiety. Now on their third bottle of these softgels, Brody notes that it’s been tremendously helpful in alleviating their anxiety. After going through the bottle, they noticed they hadn’t taken any of their anxiety medications and hadn’t filled a prescription for them in three months.

Before they started supplementing with Hygia Nutrients’ softgels, they were so anxious that they wouldn’t leave the house unless it was absolutely necessary or someone was with them. However, now, they come and go freely.

It’s been so effective for them that even their husband takes some of their products to help him focus, unwind, and relieve stress. Lastly, they gave them to Brody’s best friend, who also suffers from anxiety. Within a week, their best friend’s anxiety seemed to be gone.

The next customer, M. Hawk, states that, while they’re typically pretty skeptical of supplements in general, they decided to try Hygia Nutrients’ products after hearing good things about them.

M. Hawk was suffering with foot pain during their daily walks, which their doctor had said was due to arthritis. Within a day of taking these softgels, they noted that the pain was significantly lessened. Over time, the pain eventually disappeared altogether.

Hygia Nutrients Company Profile

Another customer, Summer Ayotte, states that Hygia Nutrients’ products have helped them with the quality of their sleep, pain, and overall well-being. What’s more, it has made such a difference in their life that it’s noticeable when they’ve missed a dose.

Last, but not least, they note Hygia Nutrients’ softgels really help to reduce inflammation while serving as a fantastic, natural supplement to an already healthy lifestyle.

Hygia Nutrients’ Shipping and Return Policies

All orders placed through Hygia Nutrients’ website before 2:00 PST are shipped the same business day, while all orders placed after this point are shipped the next business day. Typically, orders take between three to five business days for delivery, and all orders over $99 ship for free.

If a Hygia Nutrients product arrives damaged or defective, customers have seven days from the time of delivery to notify Hygia Nutrients customer service. In order to return the product, customers must include a written statement describing the damage or defect along with pictures documenting the damage or defect.

Once the customer’s request has been reviewed and approved, Hygia Nutrients will send them a shipping label. From there, customers have 14 days to return the defective or damaged product. Failing to do so within that 14-day time frame could result in the forfeiture of your refund and the added cost of shipping and replacement of the damaged or defective item.

Otherwise, customers have 30 days to request a full refund for their purchase.

Hygia Nutrients Product Catalog

Currently, Hygia Nutrients offers only two items:

Our Verdict

Overall, we were very impressed by the sheer amount of information on Hygia Nutrients’ site. Their “Technology” section turned what would have otherwise been a very dry topic into an easy-to-understand primer on bioavailability.

However, while we really liked all the scientific jargon and in-depth detail on bioavailability and nano-technology, not all consumers will feel the same. Generally speaking, the copy was rather dense and academic, which makes for great reading for the scientifically-inclined, but can alienate people looking for a more accessible brand.

With all that being said, we would highly recommend Hygia Nutrients to anyone looking for a great source of water-soluble, full-spectrum CBD oil extract.

Last modified: December 18, 2019