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Are you looking for a CBD company that crafts their products with whole-plant hemp? Look no further than Hempower.

Founded in 2017, Hempower is a Chandler, AZ-based CBD company that produces whole-plant, full-spectrum hemp CBD oil products.

Hempower Company Values

Hempower strives to be a trusted source of safe, natural, and effective hemp products. They craft only the purest hemp oil for their tinctures, balms, and transdermal patches.

Hempower’s Dedication to Quality

Hempower derives all the hemp oil extracts for its products from industrial hemp. Using an ethanol-based solvent method, Hempower produces the purest whole-plant, full-spectrum hemp oil. With a clear, gold color and none of the bitter flavors associated with other CBD oil extracting methods.

Hempower uses ethanol because it’s safe, efficient, and effective. Unlike CO2 extraction, it doesn’t leave behind any plant material or chlorophyll, which can give the final product an unpleasant taste. Moreover, it handles larger batches, making it the perfect solution for companies producing CBD tinctures on a commercial scale.

For the highest quality and most effective hemp products, Hempower makes their extracts with full-spectrum oil, derived from both the stalks and seeds of the hemp plant. Though CBD has many benefits, it is most effective when combined with the range of over 500 compounds found in hemp.

CBD works synergistically in the body with other compounds to:

  • Alleviate pain
  • Decrease feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Helps cancer patients better cope with the side effects of cancer treatment
  • Protects the brain from diseases such as epilepsy and multiple sclerosis
  • And decrease high blood pressure

In addition to whole-plant hemp oil extracts, Hempower also uses medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil in all their tinctures. Derived from coconut oil, MCT oil contains medium-chain triglycerides, which are more easily absorbed by the body.

On top of serving as a carrier oil, MCT oil also has quite a few benefits on its own. It promotes weight loss, serves as readily usable fuel for the brain, helps the body use fat stores as fuel, and potentially decreases risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

What’s more, the MCT oil is flavorless, making Hempower tinctures the perfect health supplement to add to your after-workout smoothie or breakfast.

Unfortunately, Hempower does not make their third-party lab tests available to the public. Customers may wish to contact the company directly for more information.

What Are Other Customers Saying About Hempower?

Since Hempower is a relatively new company in the CBD marketplace, save for the two reviews found on their tinctures page, there weren’t any more reviews.

However, both customer reviews are very positive. Keith A. says that this tincture is very high-quality, has a nice “golden hue,” and is easy to take sublingually or mixed in juice. Stacy P., on the other hand, likes Hempower’s cinnamon-flavored tincture and would like for them to expand their offerings.

Hempower Shipping and Returns Policy

Hempower’s full policy may be read here. In short, due to Hempower’s fast shipping times, once an order has been placed, customers are unable to change the shipping method. Moreover, all shipping and handling fees vary according to where the products are being shipped and the value of the products themselves. Hempower customers are also responsible for contacting the carrier for tracking, delivery, or pickup information.

If customers are not satisfied with Hempower’s products, they may return the item within ten days of delivery. Unfortunately, Hempower cannot offer item exchanges.

Moreover, all items being returned must include all the original tags and be in its original condition. The shipping cost will be deducted from the refund amount, and if customers are not provided with a return shipping label, they must provide the tracking information to Hempower.

After Hempower has received the product, it typically takes 5-7 business days for all refunds to process.

Hempower Product Catalog

Currently, Hempower offers the following products.

Our Verdict

Overall, Hempower’s site is very easy to navigate. Their blog is very informative and gives the first-time CBD user a great overview of industrial hemp, CBD, and its role during the founding of the United States.

However, we do have a few reservations. Though Hempower does have a presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, their accounts have remained inactive for quite some time. To add to that, there is almost no mention of this particular company outside of their main site and their LinkedIn page. The only other source we could find was an Amazon page containing several listings for CBD tinctures.

What’s more, there are no certificates of analysis available and next to no mention of third-party lab testing. Plus, they are very vague about how and where they source their hemp. They only state their hemp is sourced from a “proprietary strain of industrial hemp” from somewhere in the United States.

With little social proof, silent social media presence, and next to no mention of their company outside their site, we can’t recommend Hempower. However, that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily a bad company or that their products are low-quality. Customers are encouraged to research carefully before purchasing.

Last modified: December 18, 2019