Hemplogica Company Profile

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Hemplogica Company Profile

Are you looking for a CBD company with a steadfast commitment to quality, consistency, and charity? Let us introduce you to Hemplogica.

Who Is Hemplogica?

Founded in 2017 by Matt Sibert and Dr. Burnetta “Bee” Thomas, Hemplogica is a company dedicated to making a difference and being a catalyst for positive change. As a leader in the ethnobotanical industry, Hemplogica strives to produce superior-quality, full-spectrum CBD products which bring relief to a broad range of health conditions. What’s more, according to the Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference 2019 speakers page, Hemplogica just landed a deal to distribute their CBD-rich products in 88,000 gas stations around the United States.

Both Sibert and Dr. Thomas have extensive experience in the medical cannabis industry. Before founding Hemplogica, they spent five years assisting in the openings of various cannabis dispensaries around the San Diego, CA area.

Through their various cannabis dispensary ventures, they’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of thousands of people with their CBD products. As a result, they’ve gained a wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge in helping individuals struggling with various health conditions.

After years of helping others in their cannabis ventures, Sibert and Dr. Thomas were eager to create their own CBD brand so as to share their knowledge and help those in need. Thus, Hemplogica was born.

Hemplogica Company Values

Quality, consistency, and charity are at the heart of everything Hemplogica does. They are committed to providing nothing but the best in customer service, product quality, and philanthropic efforts.

First and foremost, Hemplogica is strongly committed to product and customer service consistency. With a generous 60-day, money-back guarantee, Hemplogica is a rare breed in the CBD industry that truly embodies top-of-the-line customer service principles. What’s more, they also batch-test each product three times to ensure maximum quality and safety.

Of special concern to Sibert and Dr. Thomas are the over 300,000 children in the United States under the age of 14 struggling with the recurrent and unprovoked seizures caused by epilepsy. Through their Giving Back program, they strive to reach each and every child in need. So, for each purchase made through their site, they will give 100 mg of CBD oil extract to a child struggling with this neurological illness.

Hemplogica’s Dedication to Quality

In keeping with their dedication to quality, Hemplogica has worked in cooperation with Dr. Raj Gupta—a  pharmaceutical scientist—in the formulation of all their products. As a result, Hemplogica can confidently say their products contain zero percent THC. This means that customers can reap all the benefits of the entourage effect of a full-spectrum CBD oil extract without experiencing any psychoactive effects.

hemplogica company profile

What’s more, Hemplogica tests each batch three times to ensure every product’s safety, quality, and consistency. And, wherever they can, Hemplogica uses organic and natural ingredients in the formulation of all their products.

Next, Hemplogica uses beta-caryophyllene—a terpene found in various essential oils—in all their products. According to Hemplogica, it targets CB2 receptors and bypasses the CB1 receptors, which are responsible for the euphoric high associated with THC-rich, cannabis products.

Additionally, all their CBD oil extracts are derived from a special strain of industrial hemp. This hemp cultivar is the progeny of some of the most CBD-rich hemp plants in the world.

Last, but not least, customers can rest assured that Hemplogica’s products are formulated and manufactured in facilities following all CGMP guidelines. These regulations guarantee that  facilities are obtaining high-quality ingredients, have strict operating procedures, and maintain reliable laboratories where they can test all their products.

Hemplogica Third-Party Lab Test Results

Unfortunately, Hemplogica does not make its third-party lab test results available to the public. However, customers may be able to request lab results from Hemplogica directly.

A publicly-available certificate of analysis is important because it certifies that all products are free of pesticides, herbicides, residual solvents, and microbial contaminants like mold and fungus.

What Are Other Customers Saying About Hemplogica?

Overall, Hemplogica’s customers are very positive about their products. Many appreciated Hemplogica’s quick shipping times and noted that their CBD capsules, for instance, worked rapidly and produced better results than expected.

Mary L., another customer, stated she was seeing good results with Hemplogica’s CBD-infused gummies. She noted that it helped her with her blood pressure, stress levels, and she really appreciated the excellent customer service and fast shipping time.

Guy stated that the gummies helped him with his low back pain, and appreciated these gummies were a much better way to dose when compared with tinctures. Another reviewer, Audrey W., stated these gummies were great for helping with her anxiety. In fact, since her co-workers are impressed by Hemplogica’s gummies, she now has to order more.

Lastly, another reviewer, Betsy M., states that Hemplogica’s CBD tincture has helped her with her spinal stenosis. She is especially grateful because it has been the only product to completely alleviate the pain.

Hemplogica Returns Policy

hemplogica company profile

Unlike many companies in the CBD space, Hemplogica offers a generous 60-day money-back guarantee. As part of their 100 percent no-risk promise, Hemplogica lets customers try out their products for 60 days. If after those 60 days the customer is not satisfied with their products, then they can return it—even if it’s just an empty canister—for a full refund.

To return the product, start by calling the toll-free number listed on the above page between the hours of 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time from Monday through Friday. Then, customers will receive both the return address and a return confirmation number. Once received, be sure to send the empty canister, an invoice from the purchase, and the return confirmation number to the return address.

However, customers are responsible for all associated shipping costs, and the refunded amount only includes the price of the original product. And, as long as customers send the canister, invoice, and return confirmation number to Hemplogica within 60 days of purchase, it will be eligible for a refund.

Hemplogica Product Catalog

Hemplogica currently offers the following products.

Our Verdict

Overall, Hemplogica is a great company with a heart-warming mission, excellent customer service, and superior-quality products.

However, we do wish they had their third-party lab test results available to the public. Because all CBD products inevitably end up traveling through your bloodstream, it’s very important to ensure that they’re free from residual solvents, mold, fungus, and chemical fertilizers.

With that being said, Hemplogica has a private Facebook group where customers can watch live Q&As and engage in discussions with other CBD users.

Lastly, their CBD101 section is a great primer on all things endocannabinoid.

So, if you’re looking for a company with a strong dedication to charity, quality, and consistency, we recommend Hemplogica.

Last modified: December 18, 2019