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If you’re looking for a CBD company that is dedicated to quality, sustainability, transparency, and charity, let us introduce you to Green Gorilla.

Green Gorilla was founded in 2015 and strives to provide the highest quality, hemp-based CBD products. Through Green Gorilla, Gorilla FarmCo., and MasterGrower, the company offers a range of hemp-based, CBD products that are non-GMO and grown in 100% organic conditions. Green Gorilla maintains its international presence through its offices in Malibu, California and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

After witnessing some pretty amazing benefits of CBD, Green Gorilla’s founder Steven Saxton established his company and began marketing their Hemp & Olive brand. Once he and his associates had raised enough capital, they began expanding their product range to include topicals and pet products containing CBD oil derived from organically-grown hemp. Now, Green Gorilla strives to set the standard in product quality, both nationally and across the globe.

Green Gorilla’s Company Values

Through their ethical and sustainable products and business practices, Green Gorilla’s mission is to help the Earth and its inhabitants thrive.

They believe that industrial hemp is the best crop for the planet, as it serves as a source of textiles, paper, and building materials. Moreover, hemp’s ability to purify the soil in which it is grown, along with the myriad of benefits that come with CBD, make hemp indispensable to preserving the health and vitality of this planet.

Every day, Green Gorilla strives to meet and exceed their standards. Not only do they desire to set a high bar of excellence for the CBD industry, but they work hard to push the envelope in what is possible. Green Gorilla sources only the best ingredients, adhering to all CGMP guidelines, and offers products with the highest efficacy and purity.

Last, but not least, Green Gorilla is committed to focusing its charitable efforts toward preserving Earth’s oceans and waterways. Because access to clean, drinkable water is so crucial to every part of our lives, Green Gorilla is determined to do all they can to ensure everyone has access to this basic human necessity.

Green Gorilla’s Dedication to Quality

In order to provide the highest quality, hemp-based CBD oil products, Green Gorilla uses only organically-grown, non-GMO industrial hemp. This high-quality hemp is sourced from their agricultural division, Gorilla FarmCo.

Their Hemp & Olive line is then formulated using extra virgin olive oil that is rich in polyphenols. The BioEnhanced Complex, which contains highly bioavailable 99% pure CBD isolate, has been specially formulated for Green Gorilla and is incorporated into their line of lip balms, pet tinctures, and tinctures for humans.

The industrial hemp used in Green Gorilla’s Hemp & Olive line is grown in 100% organic conditions. They are non-GMO and contain no pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.

Depending on the specific application of the resulting CBD oil extract, Green Gorilla sources its hemp from farms in both Nevada and Colorado. Their 99% pure CBD products are derived from hemp grown on Colorado farms. Their whole-plant, full-spectrum CBD oil is extracted from hemp grown in Nevada and the CBD oil extract, used for their lip balms and dog treats, are sourced from farms in Colorado. Prior to that point, Green Gorilla also sourced hemp from Denmark and Kentucky.

Once their hemp has matured and is ready to be extracted, Green Gorilla uses a proprietary supercritical CO2 extraction process to draw out the cannabidiol, cannabinoids, and other beneficial compounds. The CBD oil used in the formulation of Green Gorilla’s 99% pure CBD products undergoes further refinement and purification, while the whole-plant, full-spectrum CBD oil is then used in their wide range of formulations.

Lastly, the 99% pure CBD isolate is THC-free. Green Gorilla’s whole-plant, full-spectrum products contain 25% pure CBD and less than 0.3% THC.

What’s more, their tinctures are then formulated using a combination of extra virgin, polyphenol-rich olive oil, full-spectrum CBD oil—which is derived from the aerial parts of the hemp plant—and various certified organic extracts, such as tumeric and rosemary.

Green Gorilla’s Third-Party Lab Test Results

In keeping with their dedication to transparency, Green Gorilla makes all its third-party lab test results available in the “Education” menu under their “Science” tab.

Conducted by SC Labs and ProVerde Labs, Green Gorilla’s certificates of analysis are available for their 3000-milligram pure CBD oil extracts and their 1200-milligram whole-plant, full-spectrum CBD oil extracts.

What Are Other Customers Saying About Green Gorilla?

Overall, customers are very happy with Green Gorilla’s product quality. More specifically, the customer reviews we read mentioned that they’d chosen Green Gorilla over their previous brands and rated this company highly on effectiveness.

Edgar and Dimitri were both impressed by the quality of Green Gorilla’s 1200-milligram full-spectrum CBD oil.

Edgar says he really appreciates the high quality of the ingredients in this formulation. What’s more, he really likes the pump dispenser on this tincture. Instead of using the typical dropper, Green Gorilla opted for a dispenser with a pump, which dispenses 16 milligrams of CBD oil each time.

Dimitri notes that Green Gorilla’s extra virgin olive oil is a perfect complement to the full-spectrum CBD oil in the tincture. Moreover, the shelf life has been superior to other products he’s tried.

Kevin George says that Green Gorilla’s 3000-milligram full-spectrum CBD oil is far away better than the competition. From the beginning, he set out to try CBD oils from five companies, but Green Gorilla’s quality stood out above the rest.

Last, but certainly not least, Kristine and Marilyn both found tremendous relief from Green Gorilla’s 600-milligram pure CBD oil.

Kristine has been suffering from chronic neck and back pain her entire life, and when she decided to take a chance on Green Gorilla’s CBD oil, she was taking CBD for the very first time.

Though she now takes the full daily recommended dose, she began supplementing with just half the daily amount. However, she noticed a tremendous reduction of her pain even then.

Due to Kristine’s positive experience with CBD, she plans to continue buying CBD oil, and even plans to purchase some for her pets as well.

Initially, Marilyn Jany was skeptical of CBD and all its purported health benefits. So, she started off by taking the 150-milligram pure CBD oil.

After just two weeks, she began noticing a difference in her mood. Marilyn began feeling more calm and grounded. So, in light of these results, she decided to take the 600-milligram pure CBD oil with lemon.

Currently, Marilyn supplements her diet with four pumps of this CBD oil—two in the morning and two at night. She now believes that CBD should be a part of everyone’s health regimen, but also realizes that finding a trustworthy company can be difficult. But, due to their high-quality products, Marilyn highly recommends Green Gorilla.

Green Gorilla’s Shipping and Returns Policy

Green Gorilla offers a 14-day return policy on all products which have been unopened and are still sealed. Unfortunately, Green Gorilla does not accept returns on used or opened products, and customers are responsible for all shipping costs.

Once the product has been received by Green Gorilla’s staff, they will notify customers via email within two business days. Then, Green Gorilla will inspect all returned products. If the returned products pass inspection, a full refund—minus any shipping costs—will be issued to the customer.

If an order was $100 or less, Green Gorilla will issue a full cash refund. If the order was over $100, then an in-store credit will be issued instead. But, this only applies to orders whose addresses have been verified. For all unverified addresses, Green Gorilla will issue a full cash refund, even for orders over $100.

Green Gorilla also offers free shipping for all orders over $75. However, there is no information on the company’s default shipper, delivery times, or shipping options.

Green Gorilla’s Product Catalog

Currently, Green Gorilla offers the following products:

Our Verdict

Overall, we were impressed with Green Gorilla’s site, which was well-organized and easy to navigate. What’s more, their certificates of analysis were readily available, and their “Education” section provides a wealth of information to the customer who is new to the world of CBD.

For those who wish to keep up with Green Gorilla’s latest product offerings and company news, the “Media” section is a good place to start. Lastly, the company’s online blog is a great resource for customers who want to learn more about CBD concentrations, its health benefits, and how it can help reduce your dog’s anxiety during stressful celebrations such as the Fourth of July.

All in all, we highly recommend Green Gorilla to anyone looking for a CBD company that stands behind their commitment to quality, sustainability, and transparency.

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Last modified: December 18, 2019