Green Garden Gold Company Profile

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Green Garden Gold Company Profile

Green Garden Gold is a world-class provider of CBD products. The company was founded by Australian-native Justin Barrick in 2014 and is based in Dallas Texas. Since its inception, Green Garden Gold has since become a nationally-ranked CBD provider in the United States.

Becoming an important player in the CBD game has garnered them a lot of media attention. They’ve been featured by prominent news sources like Consumer Health Digest, USA Today, and High Times.

They took the media attention into their own hands by partnering with IHeartMedia. Starting at home in Dallas and (ideally) spreading throughout the country, Green Garden Gold plans to leverage this platform to grow their brand and spread information on CBD.

Product Quality

The hemp used in Green Garden Gold’s products is grown by meticulously selected Colorado farmers. These farmers also uphold a commitment to monitoring every aspect of the process to ensure quality hemp.

Green Garden Gold believes in the power of whole-plant hemp products. They focus on preserving all of the hemp plant’s naturally occurring phytochemicals, terpenes, and cannabinoids.

They’re able to safely and accurately extract these compounds through CO2 extraction methods. CO2 is considered to be the cleanest and safest way to extract oils from the hemp plant and has become an industry standard. It doesn’t leave behind any residue or contaminants.

To further ensure the lack of contaminants, Green Garden Gold’s products are third-party tested in FDA approved facilities. The lab results are available upon request for customers. Alternatively, they can be found throughout their website as a link on product pages.

Product Catalog

Green Garden Gold is a warehouse of CBD products that are presented in some unique ways. Their full catalog expounds on the beneficial properties of CBD to touch on some less-widely offered products.

For instance, they have a full line of terpene tinctures. These flavorful CBD extracts are each catered to play a different role in your health. While they are all calming, they also offer options aimed at managing stress and promoting focus. Each has 16mg of CBD per serving, but they also recommend that you use it in conjunction with their CBD isolate.

They do offer the basic option of CBD capsules, but take it a step further to become slightly more specialized. Their capsules come tailored for joint pain, digestion, and male and female sexual performance enhancers.

As part of their HumanoFlow line, they have a CBD-infused body gel.

For help with weight management, they offer CBD Ketones and CBD MCT Powder.

If you’re curious about CBD for your beauty routine, try the Sunrise and Moonrise night and day serums.

At the core of it all, Green Garden Gold makes their own full-spectrum CBD oils. These also vary by potency which ranges from 300mg to 4000mg.

In addition to full-spectrum, they offer CBD isolate in sizes that range from .25 to 5 grams.

To top off their smorgasbord of CBD products, they have a product line designed for dogs that they list as a best-seller.

Their wide range of products could seem hard to navigate or narrow down. They offer a few CBD bundles to make the process somewhat easier, enabling the customer to try a pair of items at a discount.

Green Garden Gold Company Profile

What Customers are Saying

A select few customer reviews scroll on their homepage, all citing different reasons Green Garden Gold’s CBD has worked for them.

While some customers leave vague comments claiming things like they’ve been on it for more than a week and it’s “helped tremendously” or that there’s “nothing to lose, try it!” others are more specific.

One user noted that using these CBD products have helped avoid heavy medication following an opiate dependency.

Another wrote the capsules are a blessing, as they help her stay asleep through the night.

One reviewer confessed Green Garden Gold will always hold a place in his heart for the aid it gave him in dealing with anxiety after suffering two strokes.

Some reviewers admit the taste of the gummies is less than desirable, but the quality of the CBD throughout all the products is, as it should be, the main attraction.

Active Community

Green Garden Gold recognizes that people turn to CBD to help cope with daily struggles. Whether it’s chronic pain, stress, cancer recovery, or mood disorder, they hope to provide options to help you find relief.

They have an entire menu page dedicated to educating users aged 55 and over on the benefits they can experience with CBD.

They also want to provide emotional support in the form of knowing there is a community of people with the same concerns. As part of the active community, customers share personal experiences, results, reviews, and insight into their products, and in exchange, are rewarded.

Loyalty Rewards Program

Green Garden Gold offers a unique opportunity for its customers to earn points when they make an account. Why is this rewards program so unique? Because you don’t necessarily have to spend money to earn points and redeem them for products.

Points can be accumulated through actions taken on the site. Just logging in earns you 25 points (which can be earned daily). Other activities like sharing on social media, commenting on blog posts, or reviewing a product can earn you a nice chunk of redeemable coin on their products.

The idea is for their platform to inform, empower, and enrich communication with customers.

Shipping and Returns

It usually isn’t a very hard feat to spend more than $100 on CBD products. A lot of the products on Green Garden Gold’s site can be purchased for much less, but they offer free shipping on orders over $100.

They also are quite accommodating with their return policy. It covers your product for 30 days during which you may reach out and return or exchange your product. The shipping cost will be covered for returned products so long as they are unopened and intact.

There are a few limitations to the return policy, which excludes perishable or intimate items. Items purchased at a sale price are also not qualified for a refund.

Final Thoughts

The website isn’t the flashiest and their products aren’t quite streamlined, but Green Garden Gold is doing good things for the CBD industry. At their core, they want to help families foster a happy and healthy lifestyle.

They left virtually no stone unturned with their extensive product catalog which opens the door for any customer interested in CBD to step through. They make the experience all-encompassing with blog posts, videos, surveys, and incentivizing actions proving it a hard brand not to love.

Last modified: December 18, 2019