Folium Biosciences Company Profile

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Folium Biosciences Company Profile

The CBD industry is slated to grow by a healthy 18 percent between the years 2018 and 2022. What’s more, the CBD market, which was worth $390 million in 2018, is estimated to be worth $1.3 billion by the year 2022. What’s more, hemp is now fully legal throughout all 50 states and can now be grown as a cash crop outside of legal states and pilot programs.

With these statistics in mind, there is no better time to start a business in the burgeoning CBD market. But to start a CBD business, you’ll need a reliable, premium-quality source of hemp-derived CBD oil. Let us introduce you to Folium BioSciences.

Who Is Folium Biosciences?

Founded in 2014, Folium Biosciences is a CBD company which specializes in producing, manufacturing, and distributing broad and full-spectrum to wholesale customers. As a company, they maintain quality standards in every aspect of hemp growth, processing, extraction, product formulation, and distribution due to their vertical integration.

Folium Biosciences’ premiere broad-spectrum oil is pure and versatile with many applications to a wide range of products for the retail customer. And, though hemp may be legal throughout all 50 states, THC-laden marijuana is not. So, Folium Biosciences has developed a proprietary engineering process to isolate and remove THC from their broad-spectrum hemp oil without affecting any of the other 500 beneficial compounds in hemp. This way, the end-product is legal yet effective.

Folium Biosciences Company Values

Folium Biosciences is dedicated to producing the most consistent, pure, and efficacious products. They employ a variety of proprietary processes to deliver a premium-quality hemp oil in order to help your business reach new heights of excellence.

Folium Biosciences Company Profile

What’s more, Folium Biosciences is fully transparent. They include a full certificate of analysis and certificate of quality assurance with every order. They also list active and inactive ingredients for each product category, e.g. their CBD tinctures. Dosage amounts and an analysis for microbial contaminants, heavy metals, and residual solvents round out the information you’ll get as a wholesale buyer.

Folium Biosciences’ Dedication to Quality

All of Folium Biosciences’ hemp has been registered with the Colorado Department of Health and is grown under 100 percent organic conditions which comply with the 2014 Farm Bill. What’s more, all their hemp is inspected once a year to ensure that their crops are in compliance with no more than 0.3 percent THC.

The strains of hemp on their farms are all derived from natural strains of hemp which are naturally high in CBD. Typically, each plant produces extracts which are about 18 percent CBD. Consequently, their phytocannabinoid-rich oils come in concentrations of as high as 80 percent CBD.

Folium Biosciences also offers water-soluble CBD, phytocannabinoid-rich liquids, and powders which are suitable for a broad range of applications. Through their proprietary formulations, these water-soluble broad-spectrum CBD liquids and powders provide a much higher degree of absorption and bioavailability. What’s more, they are more readily transported by the lymphatic and gastrointestinal systems.

These formulations are more bioavailable because they are nanoemulsions with increased surface area and are fully soluble in water. What’s more, adding these formulations to a beverage, for instance, increases its shelf stability, bioavailability, and safety.

Last, but not least, Folium Biosciences can formulate products with customizable terpene profiles for your company. If you or your customers happen to really enjoy a particular strain, Folium Biosciences’ in-house chemists can create a THC-free formulation which has the unique terpene profile of that particular strain.

Employing a team of in-house chemists, scientists, product formulators, veterinarians, and other experts in their fields, Folium Biosciences is sure to provide you with the world’s most premium and efficacious CBD oil extracts.

Folium Biosciences and Third-Party Lab Test Results

Though Folium Biosciences doesn’t make their third-party lab tests available to the public, a full certificate of analysis and certificate of quality assurance is included with each order. In addition to being subject to stringent quality controls at their in-house laboratories, Folium Biosciences also regularly submits representative samples to an independent, third-party lab for analysis.

Folium Biosciences Company Profile

What Do Other Customers Say About Folium Biosciences?

Because Folium Biosciences only deals with other businesses, they do not have any customer reviews available. However, they do have an A rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Folium Biosciences Product Catalog

Folium Biosciences makes its full catalog of products available to the public. They include the following products.

  • PCR hemp oil
  • Hydro PCR such as water-soluble powder and recovery drink powder
  • PCR SoftGels
  • Cosmoceuticals such as eye serum, face cream, and body lotion
  • Animal health products for dogs, equines, birds, and ruminants
  • Pain cream with 0.35 CBD
  • Vape and e-liquids
  • Balms

Our Verdict

First and foremost, we were very impressed by Folium Biosciences’ transparency. They laid out their processes, source of hemp, and line of products on their front page. Next, they very clearly stated they only deal with distributors and wholesale customers so do not provide products for purchase by retail customers.

If you’re looking to start a business in the CBD market, we would highly recommend Folium Biosciences for their quality, transparency, and dedication to excellence.

Last modified: June 28, 2019