Farmacy Bliss Company Profile

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Farmacy Bliss Company Profile

If you’re a CBD connoisseur who demands nothing but the best from their medicinal-grade oil extracts, then let us introduce you to Farmacy Bliss.

Founded in 2016, Farmacy Bliss is a family-owned CBD company with a passion for providing the best possible medicinal-grade CBD products to its customers.

Farmacy Bliss grew out of a daughter’s desire to provide the purest, most natural, and most effective medicinal-grade CBD to her loved ones. Through this CBD-infused product, she hoped to bring relief to her loved ones who were struggling with debilitating chronic illness, pain, and anxiety. The formulation that grew out of this desire was so effective that family members began sharing with their friends who, in turn, shared it with their friends. And, so, Farmacy Bliss was born.

Farmacy Bliss Company Values

Farmacy Bliss is dedicated to providing the highest quality, medicinal-grade, full-spectrum hemp oil extract. What’s more, they’re committed to transparency, treating their customers like family, and charity.

First, Farmacy Bliss contributes to quite a broad range of charities. These charities include the American Cancer Society, National Veterans Foundation, and Autism Research Institute.

Next, all their products are tested by independent, third-party labs to ensure their products are safe and consistent. In turn, Farmacy Bliss makes all these third-party lab test results available to their customers.

Farmacy Bliss’s Dedication to Quality

All of Farmacy Bliss’ products are formulated so as to preserve the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in the original plant. What’s more, their products are derived from industrial hemp plants which have grown under 100 percent organic conditions in healthy, Dutch soil. Lastly, Farmacy Bliss’ products are completely free from heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides, herbicides, and other added chemicals.

For maximum potency and purity, Farmacy Bliss also uses CO2 extraction to draw out the full-spectrum oil from the industrial hemp. Farmacy Bliss tests its products at every point in the seed-to-sale process and only uses the highest-quality ingredients. Their products are enhanced with natural plant terpenes and flavored with natural flavors.

Farmacy Bliss’ Third-Party Lab Test Results

In keeping with their dedication to transparency, Farmacy Bliss makes all its certificates of analysis available to their customers. They can be viewed by clicking on the “Certificate of Analysis” link located just above the description and list of ingredients in each product.

Performed by Anresco Inc., the certificate of analysis for this particular product shows it is free of heavy metals, microbial contaminants, and residual solvents. Often, these residual solvents can include isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, and butane, which are common solvents used in the solvent-based extraction method.

Farmacy Bliss Company Profile

What Are Other Customers Saying About Farmacy Bliss?

While many CBD companies have testimonial pages where their customers discuss their experiences with their products, very few post video testimonials on their site. Farmacy Bliss’ “People Stories” page is almost entirely made up of videos of customers talking about the impact that Farmacy Bliss products have had on their lives.

Sarah Knox has used the Farmacy Bliss CBD extract soft gel capsules to help cope with her anxiety and panic attacks. In her video testimonial, she notes that she tends to put self-care activities, like meditation and yoga, on the back burner during periods of elevated stress.

As a busy wife, mother, and business owner, she recently experienced a series of events which took up more of her time than usual. Consequently, she was unable to maintain her usual self-care routines. In turn, the stress from these events was quickly becoming overwhelming for her.

She decided to supplement her self-care routines with CBD soft gel capsules from Farmacy Bliss. They’ve been very effective in helping her maintain a sense of calm and balance. In spite of her lack of time to regularly engage in self-care activities, she’s been able to cope with the stress.

She was pleasantly surprised when the soft gel capsules began to work five to ten minutes after she’d taken them.

She states she first took a capsule during an anxiety attack, and while her body was still feeling the effects of the flight-or-fight stress response, her mental state began to stabilize. Instead of feeling panicked, she now felt better able to cope with the situation at hand.

Lastly, she notes the CBD soft gel capsules do not induce a state of euphoria. She states they help her stay productive, clear-headed, and calm.

Another customer, Jo Standing, says Farmacy Bliss CBD has helped her balance her energy and better connect with her body during activities like yoga and meditation.

Jo Standing is an author, classroom facilitator, spiritual warrior, certified professional coach, speaker, and a proud big “T” trauma survivor. For both her long and short-term health, she uses every tool at her disposal to maintain a sense of self-objectivity and non-judgment. For her, Farmacy Bliss’s CBD products is just one of those tools.

Used in conjunction with her daily meditation and yoga practices, CBD oil enables her mind to slow down. For big “T” trauma survivors, she states the biggest problem is the messages from the brain, to the nervous system, and ultimately, to the body occur so rapidly and at such a frantic pace that it often overwhelms and disconnects the survivor from their body. CBD oil helps her mind slow down enough so she can take the steps she needs to create positive change in her life.

Farmacy Bliss Company Profile

Next, Nina Chulak says Farmacy Bliss’s CBD products have helped her grandmother cope with the effects of dementia. At first, her grandma was forgetting things and was overcome with fear and anxiety due to her rapidly changing mental state.

In order to try and alleviate some of her suffering, Nina and her family began searching for supplements to help her grandma cope. However, they found nothing in conventional, allopathic medicine which was appropriate for her due to their many side effects.

When considering CBD, Nina only expected the supplements to help her grandma cope with her changing mental state, get better sleep through the night, and help her feel calmer.

However, within the first week or so, they began seeing a difference. Nina’s grandma was no longer pacing around and looking for items. Overall, she seemed calmer, and her demeanor and well-being seemed to improve. Moreover, she was less panicked, less anxious, and slept better throughout the night.

Farmacy Bliss Shipping and Returns Policy

Farmacy Bliss’ full shipping and returns policy can be read here.

In brief, orders are typically shipped within 24-48 hours of the order being placed. All orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, and Farmacy Bliss provides the tracking information to its customers once the product has been shipped.

Because all Farmacy Bliss products are perishable, they cannot accept returns for any opened or used products. However, if a customer wishes to return an unopened or unused product, they may do so within 14 days of receipt.

Products which are four or fewer ounces must be accompanied by a return merchandise authorization number, which can be obtained by contacting their customer support team. Once obtained, the number must be clearly visible on the outside of the box and returned to Farmacy Bliss within 14 days of receipt.

Farmacy Bliss Company Profile

Then, once Farmacy Bliss has had the opportunity to process and inspect the returned item, a refund will be credited to the customer’s account within 30 days, if the return has been approved. In addition to the 15 percent processing fee, all return shipping costs are non-refundable.

Lastly, if items have been damaged during shipping, Farmacy Bliss will replace them no additional cost to the customer.

Farmacy Bliss Product Catalog

Currently, Farmacy Bliss offers the following products.

Our Verdict

Overall, we were very impressed by Farmacy Bliss’ unpretentious website and content. On the main home page, customers are told their products are sourced from organic hemp, full-spectrum, and solvent-free.

Moreover, we are told their hemp is sourced from Holland. While most CBD companies are transparent about where they source their hemp from, quite a few are not.

We appreciated that Farmacy Bliss customers were willing to appear on camera and talk about their experiences with the products. This puts faces to their brand and makes them seem very accessible, genuine, and honest.

It’s also nice to see that all certificates of analysis were current, clearly visible, and detailed. What’s more, they are also available for each product.

So, if you’re looking for a family-owned company that is truly dedicated to quality, transparency, and charity, we highly recommend Farmacy Bliss.

Last modified: December 18, 2019