Fairwinds Cannabis Company Profile

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Fairwinds CBD Company Profile

Cannabis is getting the chance at a new reputation, but that doesn’t make it new. It has been considered a medicinal supplement for over 2000 years. Ancient Chinese and Indian texts logged their use of cannabis as a medicine. In the ancient Chinese text, the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing, cannabis is listed as being able to help a full range of emotional and physical pain.

Fairwinds is among the new wave of cannabis-based companies digging up the past and unearthing the ways to benefit from cannabis. Society is finally ready to bring cannabis back into the conversation and examine the possibility of using it in modern medicine. Fairwinds is making it their mission to make this process as true-to-the-source as possible.

Fairwinds is all about looking at cannabis as part of ancient traditional healing practices. Their approach is not just to use CBD, but to implement it alongside other proven herbal supplements. The synergistic effects of cannabis and other natural ingredients, like willow bark, turmeric, and green tea, create a host of products that are each intended to inspire a different effect than the last.

It’s true scientific engineering for a holistic approach to wellness, not just a new wellness gimmick.

Product Quality

In ancient times, and even today, hemp grows in the wild. Its prominence in the Himalayas and throughout central Asia made it easy for healers to access it and implement its powers in their community.

As modern demand rises, there’s a lot more care that goes into the grow. All of Fairwinds’ cannabis is grown in a clean-room environment, ensuring that no free-radicals, pests, or chemicals are present.

This indoor growing method allows them to have their finger on the climate dial. To create a network of products with different abilities, they work with different cannabis strains. Carefully controlling the climate in these grow rooms allows them to cater to the preferences of different strains.

Where Can I Buy Their Products?

Fairwinds loves using cannabis in their herbal supplements to elicit different results. Because of their passion for marijuana strains, a lot of their products push farther than the country-wide legal threshold of 0.3 percent THC. Because of this, they don’t ship their products.

Their website offers a guide to where their products can be found throughout Washington state.

Product Catalog

Fairwinds CBD Company Profile--Products

There’s been a surprising amount of press surrounding Fairwinds as a company due to their range of products. They’ve put their hat into the ring with their CBD tinctures, but what’s garnered much of their attention is the CBD K-Cups.

Their K-Cups are made with Paper Tiger coffee, a Vancouver-based company who also makes their Hot Mocha Coffee. This choice is just as thoughtful as all their other business decisions. Partnering with Paper Tiger supports small local business and is consistent with their value of sticking with quality ingredients untouched by mass production practices.

Aside from these specialty coffees, Fairwinds also offers various CBD staples including capsules, tinctures, topicals, and vape cartridges. There are varied options stemming from these product types, all aimed at achieving a different desired result.

Need to get some rest? Try their deep sleep tincture. Need a morning boost? Try their AM Relief formula.

There are opportunities to get what you need on any end of the daily function spectrum and more.

A new and exciting frontier for modern-day cannabis is suppositories. There’s some evidence to suggest that CBD can help women through the troublesome time of the month that brings waves of cramps and pains. These feminine relief suppositories are designed to bring on soothing relief.

Perhaps their crown jewel is their Flow topical. It’s a a high potency gel designed to penetrate the skin in as little as 5 minutes. The award-winner comes as both a cream and a gel; the gel being strictly focused on CBD while the cream enlists the power of essential oils, canna vera, and other herbal extracts.

Their Website as a Resource

It’s nice when a company says they base their products on science and research. It’s even nicer when they’re able to back up these claims with scientific facts.

Fairwinds’ website has an entire page devoted to scientific research into cannabis. This “Knowledge Base” provides articles related to traditional herbal use, clinical studies, and understanding cannabis 101.

Their knowledge base is a hand-picked assortment of all the information needed to make the decision to use CBD. They break down everything from answering “What is Cannabis?” to the First Record of Medicinal Cannabis Use.

Having this resource center does a few things for their brand. It helps to legitimize their products, educate their consumers, and guide decisions to begin using cannabis or CBD products.

Final Thoughts

Fairwinds is a holistically-approached, Dope Cup winning brand that can act as a one-stop shop for cannabis lovers… that is, if you live in Washington state. Not shipping nationwide puts some limits on its reach but, ideally, as cannabis laws change, there will be an opportunity for the whole country to witness the synergistic effects of their products.

Last modified: December 18, 2019