Fab CBD Company Profile

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Fab CBD Company Profile

Are you looking for a company that is wholly dedicated to quality and preventative health? Let us introduce you to Fab CBD.

Founded in 2017, Fab CBD is a CBD company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. It offers premium-quality, full-spectrum, hemp-based CBD oil and CBD isolate products.

From the beginning, Fab CBD set out to inspire a generation of people. Through proper nutrition, Fab CBD strives to help this new generation pursue healthy lifestyles focused on preventative health. With science, innovation, and the highest quality products, Fab CBD and Fab Nutrition strive to help their customers look, feel, and perform at their best.

As a team, Fab CBD’s staff has had more than 25 years of experience in the health, fitness, pharmaceutical, and supplements fields. With this passion and knowledge under their belts, they are dedicated to helping their customers play a proactive role in their preventative health through Fab CBD’s products and programs.

Fab CBD’s Company Values

Fab CBD’s staff members are nerds, health nuts, and fitness junkies who are obsessed with helping the people around them feel and look great. Fab was founded because they wanted to help their grandmothers and mothers become healthier by eliminating their need for over-the-counter drugs. Through Fab, they hope to redefine what it means to be healthy by starting a revolution in the healthcare marketplace.

This compassion for others is coupled with a relentless pursuit of knowledge. They keep abreast of the latest scientific developments and clinical studies in the CBD industry. What’s more, Fab CBD customers can expect to get top-of-the-line products which are all supported by scientific evidence.

Fab CBD’s Dedication to Quality

Fab CBD Company Profile

In keeping with their dedication to quality, all of Fab CBD’s products start with premium-quality, organic, full-spectrum hemp extract. Sourced from a Colorado-based farm and manufacturers, this industrial hemp is tested by third-party labs for safety and potency and grown under 100 percent organic conditions. It’s also non-GMO. Moreover, Fab CBD partners with the farm and manufacturers at each step during the seed-to-sale process to ensure their customers are getting the best quality products possible.

When the hemp is ready to be processed, Fab CBD and their partners extract this high-CBD oil using hypercritical CO2. Since carbon dioxide, or CO2, is in the air we breathe, it naturally evaporates from the full-spectrum CBD oil, leaving behind a CBD oil that is free from residual solvents.

Fab CBD derives all its CBD oil from a high-CBD strain of industrial hemp. This, in turn, yields a product that contains no more than 0.2 percent THC. In fact, their CBD oils typically contain as little as 0.054 percent THC.

Last, and certainly not least, before supplementing your healthy diet and lifestyle with any CBD products, be sure they don’t negatively interact with any of your existing medications.

Fab CBD Third-Party Lab Tests

Fab CBD believes in transparency. This is why they make all their third-party lab tests available to the public. Customers can find them under either individual product pages or on their official “Lab Reports” page.

Conducted by ProVerde Labs, all their certificates of analysis appear to be complete and up-to-date.

What Are Other Customers Saying About Fab CBD?

Fab CBD Company Profile

Fab CBD also makes all customer reviews available on their site. Here, real customers leave their feedback on Fab CBD’s products.

The first customer, Rusty A. from Huntsville, AL, states that Fab CBD’s products have helped him sleep much better. He suffers from insomnia and was unable to sleep more than two or three hours at one time. After supplementing with Fab CBD’s products, the quality and duration of his sleep has improved. Plus, he is far calmer and more relaxed before bedtime, which has helped him fall asleep much faster.

The next customer, Lindsey E. from Menomonee Falls, WI, says that Fab CBD’s topicals with CBD are great. They relieve pain from tension headaches, neck pain, muscles soreness, and even skin abrasions very well. As a bonus, customers only need to use a bit on their skin for it to take effect. And, unlike other topicals, Fab CBD’s topicals absorb into the skin very quickly.

Lastly, they’ve been “a lifesaver” for her grandmother, who had been dealing with a very persistent pressure sore by her tailbone. Once she used the topical, though, it cleared up in a matter of days.

Robert G. from Washington, DC says that Fab CBD’s products have all but eliminated his anxiety and stress. Before supplementing his diet with CBD, he experienced a great deal of stress and anxiety over getting to work on time and getting his children ready in the mornings. However, after taking Fab CBD’s products for 11 days, all his stress and anxiety have virtually disappeared. Now, he considers CBD essential.

Lastly, an anonymous customer states that Fab CBD’s CBD gummies have helped them cope with work-related anxiety, pressure, and stress. Before finding Fab CBD’s CBD gummies, they would experience chest tightness and panic attacks at work due to the tremendous amounts of stress and pressure they were under. Now, when they feel some chest tightness coming on, they take half a gummy and the pain subsides.

Fab CBD’s Refund and Shipping Policies

Fab CBD Company Profile

After placing your order with Fab CBD, you will receive your items usually within four to seven business days via USPS. However, if you wish to request a refund for the purchase price of the product or return your items, you may do so within 30 days of purchase. If you have any additional questions, you can email Fab CBD at [email protected].

Fab CBD Product Catalog

Currently, Fab CBD offers the following products.

Our Verdict

We were impressed with Fab CBD’s overall attention to detail. Their blog is chock-full of helpful information for both the experienced CBD connoisseur and CBD novice alike.

What’s more, they include a very helpful table on CBD and potential drug interactions. To our knowledge, no other company we’ve reviewed thus far has done this.

Lastly, they make all their third-party lab reports readily available by posting a clearly designated link to them. Once again, this is really helpful for any customers looking to make an informed decision about their CBD source.

So, if you’re looking for a CBD company that is as dedicated to quality and preventative healthcare as yourself, we would highly recommend Fab CBD.

Last modified: December 18, 2019