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Are you looking for a CBD company with a steadfast dedication to quality, transparency, and helping their customers reach their fullest potential? Let us introduce you to DREEM Nutrition.

Founded in 2016, DREEM Nutrition is a CBD company that is wholly dedicated to helping customers awaken their ambition to its full potential. Though DREEM Nutrition’s products are great for every lifestyle, they were formulated with the unique needs of the competitive athlete in mind. Because DREEM Nutrition’s founders have stepped onto the competitive athletic field themselves, their products are formulated to help competitive athletes perform at their best.

What’s more, DREEM Nutrition’s founders have brought this competitive spirit to their products. By working in partnership with the field’s best scientists and subject matter experts, they strive to formulate products which transcend all others in the CBD marketplace by virtue of their innovation, research, versatility, and quality. After all, DREEM Nutrition’s founders are all active individuals, each striving to reach their own optimum goals.

DREEM Nutrition Company Values

DREEM Nutrition believes that the body is a temple, one with vast reservoirs of limitless potential. Through their premium-quality products, they have made it their mission to care for their customers—both athletes and non-athletes alike—from start to finish.

Though the CBD industry has grown by leaps and bounds, sometimes customers’ needs may fall by the wayside in favor of the big financial windfall or the bottom line. DREEM Nutrition strives to be a breath of fresh air for their customers by serving them with top-of-the-line products, all formulated to exacting quality standards. As a veteran-owned company, DREEM Nutrition is committed to each customer’s longevity and success.

DREEM Nutrition’s Dedication to Quality

At the core of DREEM Nutrition’s business is their relentless pursuit of quality. From cultivation to formulation and sale, DREEM Nutrition and their strategic partners take great pains to ensure their customers get the very best.

Their products are all derived from a naturally-developed strain of industrial hemp that is high in CBD. This high-CBD hemp is then grown under 100% organic conditions. Regulated by the Colorado Department of Health, these stringent organic guidelines ensure that no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides are ever used.

Next, DREEM Nutrition’s supplier uses a proprietary extraction method to draw out the full-spectrum CBD oil from the industrial hemp. This extraction method faithfully maintains the original phytochemical profile of the hemp. Thus, customers are getting a full-spectrum CBD oil with all the plant’s original cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids, and other beneficial compounds.

Because this extraction process is cold, enclosed, and being run continuously, the natural molecules of the oil are protected from degradation during both the extraction and purification processes. What’s more, their proprietary extraction method yields a full-spectrum oil that is truly THC-free because it extracts even trace amounts of THC from the oil.

First, DREEM Nutrition ensures their products meet the highest quality standards by partnering with scientists and subject matter experts in the CBD field. Then, they cultivate their hemp under 100% organic conditions. Lastly, they ensure the full phytocannabinoid, terpene, and phytochemical profile of the plant is maintained in the full-spectrum oil by using a proprietary, solvent-free extraction method. The end result is a safe, zero-THC product.

Last, but not least, DREEM Nutrition’s partner conducts thorough in-house tests on all their products. In turn, these test results are later verified by an independent, third-party lab. This third-party lab uses state-of-the-art high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) to separate, analyze, and quantify all the components in their batch samples.

Lastly, DREEM Nutrition is also a member of the Better Business Bureau and has an A rating.

DREEM Nutrition’s Third-Party Lab Test Results

In keeping with their dedication to transparency, DREEM Nutrition has made all its third-party lab test results available to the public.

However, DREEM Nutrition takes it a step further than almost any of its other competitors in the CBD space. In addition to making their certificates of analysis available, they also list the product ID, batch number, brand name, product type, batch size, manufacture date, expiration date, and a link to a PDF of the certificate of analysis. Moreover, extra information, such as their pesticides and heavy metal screening results, can be found under the “Lab Results” drop-down menu.

What Are Other Customers Saying About DREEM Nutrition?

All of DREEM Nutrition’s customer reviews have been gleaned from their Facebook page. Overall, customer feedback is very positive, and DREEM Nutrition seems to be quite actively engaged in their Facebook community. In fact, their response to a somewhat negative comment about their branding, while not quite relevant to this section, is still worth pointing out. This type of transparency deserves a special mention.

Now, on to the reviews.

The first customer, Christal Burris, suffers from vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome—an inherited, genetic condition which causes fragile muscles and tissue that are prone to rupture. While there is presently no cure or treatment, Christal has found that supplementation with DREEM Nutrition’s products have really helped to keep the symptoms at bay. They keep her from getting too sick and from experiencing severe symptoms.

Without DREEM Nutrition’s products, Christal experiences 40 ruptures at any given time. What’s more, she cannot digest her food and can become both physically and mentally paralyzed.

While doctors have suggested pain management through the use of pharmaceuticals like morphine and oxycontin, Christal has been refusing it for several years. As a result, DREEM Nutrition has changed her life.

Next, Tonya Compton states that DREEM Nutrition’s products are the best that she has tried. After receiving a sample, she states she felt relief from her back-breaking pain within only a few minutes.

Though she admits CBD oil products can be pricey, she nevertheless feels that, if she can avoid seeing the doctor or taking pain medication, it’s worth the cost. She has purchased the 500mg product and believes she will continue to buy from DREEM Nutrition.

Lastly, Braedi Huneck states DREEM Nutrition’s products have played a key role in helping her recover from a serious accident. As a direct result of the accident, Braedi suffered several injuries, which included an open-book fracture on her pelvis and a fractured sacrum. Thus, she couldn’t place any pressure on her right side for three months and was in excruciating pain.

Then, Braedi got the opportunity to try DREEM Nutrition’s transdermal patch and capsules. After placing the patch on her right shoulder blade, she says her pain was greatly diminished after just 30 minutes. She kept the patch on for a bit more than 24 hours, and it alleviated a lot of pain.

Braedi also uses the transdermal patch on days when she has intense workouts or painful physical therapy sessions. On those days, the pain can be so severe that it “jolts her insides.” So, the patch allows her to rest, as it enables her to have pain-free days and nights.

Later, she tried the capsules and, while they didn’t act as quickly as the transdermal patch, they were still crucial in helping to alleviate her pain. Initially, Braedi didn’t notice their impact, but after she stopped taking the capsules, she realized they had helped quite a bit.

Braedi says she greatly appreciates the fact that these products are all-natural and free from side effects. Unlike her prescription medication, DREEM Nutrition’s products don’t make her feel dizzy, fatigued or like her thoughts are in a fog.

DREEM Nutrition’s Return and Shipping Policy

While there was no information for shipping on their website, DREEM Nutrition does display its return policy on every page.

If a customer receives a defective or incorrect product, then they must return the product to DREEM Nutrition within 30 days. Otherwise, the subsequent refund request cannot be accepted.

To get the ball rolling on all returns and refunds, customers must first email DREEM Nutrition’s customer service department at [email protected]. Then, they must include their order number in the email. DREEM Nutrition will then respond with a return authorization number. And, if the product is found to be damaged or defective, the customer will receive a prepaid return shipping label. However, customers should carefully inspect their products upon receipt because they have only five business days to report the defect or damage to DREEM Nutrition.

For all order cancellations, contact DREEM Nutrition at the above email address. If the order is canceled before the order has shipped, then refunds will be credited to the customer’s account immediately. Otherwise, refunds will be credited to the customer’s original payment method after DREEM Nutrition receives the item back from the customer. In both cases, customers will receive confirmation emails for their records.

DREEM Nutrition’s Product Catalog

Currently, DREEM Nutrition offers the following products.

Our Verdict

First, we were very impressed with DREEM Nutrition’s commitment to transparency. Both their certificates of analysis and heavy metals and pesticides screening results were publicly available.

What’s more, they cordially responded to a reader who had some rather negative feedback about their branding. In their response, they explained that they partnered with Pure Spectrum of Colorado and even named the terpenes found in their product formulations.

While negative feedback of any kind is difficult to receive, DREEM Nutrition navigated that with grace and courtesy. And that’s truly a breath of fresh air.

So, if you’re looking for a CBD company that truly walks the talk in transparency and quality, we’d highly recommend DREEM Nutrition.

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Last modified: December 18, 2019