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History of Mary’s Medicinals

Mary’s Medicinals is a Denver, Colorado based company best known as the creator and exclusive distributor of the “Transdermal Cannabis Patch.” The company was founded in 2013, with the goal of transforming how people view and use cannabis and creating products that maximize the benefits of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant nutrients.

Mary’s Medicinals currently owns and operates both the parent company as well as the CBD arm, Mary’s Nutritionals, and a CBD for pets arm called Mary’s Whole Pet. For this article, we’ll largely be discussing Mary’s Nutritionals due to the CBD focused products offered there.

The mission of Mary’s products is to combine modern technology with natural components to create products that offer safe and effective pain relief as well as proactive support. 

Mary’s “Nutritionals” Product Quality

Quality seems to be a very important part of the Mary’s mission statement across all three companies including Mary’s Medicinals. They’ve put together a team of physicians, chemists, botanists, and nutritionists, to create products using full spectrum hemp extract and other plant nutrients designed to provide an effective and natural alternative for health and wellness.

Mary’s Medicinals, now Mary’s Nutritionals, state in no uncertain terms that each and every batch of product is sourced from U.S. growers and laboratory tested for quality, accuracy, and consistency.

Lab Testing

One thing we really like about all three of the Mary’s sites is that they make their potency reports very visible and easy to access by including them as a link in the description section for each product on their page. Here is an example. This is a huge benefit for customers looking to ensure they’re getting a quality product with the advertised level of CBD.  

What Customers Are Saying About Mary’s Nutritionals

One thing we found really helpful were the customer testimonials on the Mary’s Nutritionals website in the “Community” section. More mini docu-features than reviews in scope, these testimonials offer a deeper glimpse into the lives of real people suffering from various diseases and ailments and a detailed look at how Mary’s products have affected each buyer’s symptoms and pain levels.

One such testimonial featured 85-year-old Peggy Trimble who was suffering from ​vascular dementia. After her daughter Helen did some research and found Mary’s Nutritionals Remedy Oil, ​they saw drastic improvement​ in Peggy’s​​​ cognitive​, gross, and fine motor skill​s​. They also found Peggy’s ​appetite returning and that she was experiencing​ ​​less ​agitation​. ​

In addition to the testimonial videos, Mary’s offers what appears to be curated reviews beneath the fold of each product, but they don’t show a star rating. We like the quotes, but would prefer a more clear, star rating format that was inclusive of all reviews, not just the positive ones. That said, when we searched outside of the company site, the reviews we found were also largely positive. 

With regard to customer service, we’re not seeing any complaints, although that may be because we’re seeing curated reviews on the website. According to the website, turnaround on orders is quick and items are shipped within 2 or 3 three business days. Mary’s also offers free shipping on orders over $100. While they don’t allow returns at this time, they do state that, if the product received is incorrect or damaged, that customers should contact them to “make it right.”

Mary’s Nutritionals Product Catalog

Mary’s has a lot of great and luxurious-looking products. Their skin care line includes products like Renew Illuminating Face Moisturizer which retails for $90 and their Dead Sea Mud Mask priced at $45. The entire skin care package, including all 6 of their plant-based skin products, can be purchased together for $370, which represents a $45 savings over buying each item individually. 

They also offer their highly-touted transdermal patches for $10 each, but a good percentage of that cost can be shaved off if you buy in bulk (100 patches can be had for $700, saving you 30%).

Mary’s offers a variety of other items, such as sub-lingual tinctures for $80 and bath bombs in Calm or Boost formulas for $12.

A complete selection of Mary’s offerings can be found here.

Additional Thoughts on Mary’s Nutritionals

We like the site’s ease of use, but they also have something we haven’t seen all that much of in other CBD companies, and that is a member rewards program. For every dollar spent, you earn a point.

500 points earns you $5.00 off your next order. But, even cooler? You get 100 free points on your birthday, 50 points the first time you leave a review, and 50 points just for creating an account.

Our Verdict

Mary’s Nutitionals (or Mary’s Medicinals) has a lot of different products which cover all the bases, and we love that.

We were also really impressed by the YouTube video testimonials because it gave us a chance to see how many people CBD is helping and to really dig into how the Mary’s products were benefiting customers. That said, we wish the website had a review system that reflected all reviews on each product with both pros and cons, and that they implemented a star-rating system so we could evaluate products at a glance.

The return policy isn’t great, and even when the products are incorrect or damaged, it’s still not very clear how the customer will be compensated aside from the terms and conditions saying that Mary’s will “make it right.” Does that include money back, or replacement only? Is the customer charged for shipping to return the original product before getting a replacement? Inquiring minds want to know! 

As always with companies who don’t offer a full satisfaction, money back guarantee, we suggest trying a single product to ensure you like it before investing in Mary’s whole product line (despite the free shipping for orders over $100 deal). If you love the product, load up on your next order, and make sure you take advantage of the rewards program.

All in all, because of the great testimonials, transparency when it comes to purity testing, and the fact that Mary’s has been around for quite a few years now, we recommend giving them a try for your CBD needs.

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Last modified: December 18, 2019