Cloud 9 Hemp Company Profile

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Cloud 9 Hemp Company Profile

Are you a CBD user looking for a company that is dedicated to quality and providing the best to providing the widest range of CBD products? Let us introduce you to Cloud 9 Hemp.

Founded in 2014, Cloud 9 Hemp is a subsidiary of Platinum Vapors LLC. Cloud 9 Hemp was established because their founders sought to provide their customers with a safe, legal alternative to THC-rich products. All of the products in their broad catalog of CBD additives; full spectrum, hemp-derived CBD oils; and flavored e-liquids contain zero THC. This way, their customers can experience all the benefits of a cannabinoid-rich oil without the psychoactive high.

Cloud 9 Hemp Company Values

In addition to providing the purest, most potent CBD products, Cloud 9 Hemp is dedicated to providing exemplary customer service. With a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, broad range of versatile CBD products, and free shipping for orders within the United States, Cloud 9 Hemp has everything you need to take your CBD vaping experience to the next level.

Cloud 9 Hemp Product Quality

All of Cloud 9 Hemp’s products are derived from a specialized strain of industrial hemp. The strain contains high levels of CBD and next to no levels of THC.

Once the plant is ready for processing, Cloud 9 Hemp uses supercritical CO2 to extract the full-spectrum oil from the hemp. Though this method can be relatively expensive, it is the best method for producing a safe and pure product. CO2 extraction produces a full-spectrum oil which contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and phytochemicals present in the hemp.

Last, but not least, Cloud 9 Hemp uses a proprietary process of ultrasonic emulsification, steeping, and blending to make their high-quality flavored e-liquids.

Cloud 9 Hemp Third-Party Lab Test Results

Unfortunately, Cloud 9 Hemp does not make its certificates of analysis available to the public. However, customers may be able to access their third-party lab test results by contacting the company and requesting them.

What Are Other Customers Saying About Cloud 9 Hemp?

Overall, customers have only great things to say about Cloud 9 Hemp’s products. Their reviews may be found by clicking on the “Reviews” button at the bottom of the page.

The first customer, Maureen H., says that she has tried a few different brands of CBD e-liquids. However, she has found that Cloud 9 Hemp’s products have worked the best for her. Out of all the products she has tried, Cloud 9 Hemp’s e-liquids have provided the most relief.

Another customer, Marilynn T., states Cloud 9 Hemp’s CBD gummies are delicious. What’s more, she says they have reduced her pain by 25 percent and wishes she could afford them all the time.

Cloud 9 Hemp Company Profile

Dianna M. says Cloud 9 Hemp shipped her products to her within a day. What’s more, they have really worked to alleviate the pain caused by her arthritis.

Alex M. has been a loyal Cloud 9 Hemp customer for a year now. He has used the Dark Side of the Moon e-liquid to help alleviate his knee pain. What’s more, he says the flavors in this product are incredible and that it has helped with his anxiety and arthritis.

Another customer Brandon H. raves about Cloud 9 Hemp’s Sweet Nothings e-liquid. First and foremost, he says that everything was perfect, from checkout to delivery. In his review, he describes his experience with the 30 ml bottle of e-liquid containing 200 mg of CBD.

He says he was very impressed with the quality of the e-liquid from the first draw. The e-liquid produced thick, fluffy clouds, and both the flavors and aromas were very reminiscent of strawberry or cherry Starburst chews.

Moreover, the CBD isolate used in this product, he says, was very pure and clean. He says customers can see it floating in its crystalline form in the e-liquid itself. Once atomized, the CBD isolate left no residue in the tank.

Once it takes effect, the CBD is very soothing. It has helped him relax when he starts to pace due to anxiety. Moreover, it helps him calm down after he has had a mood swing.

Lastly, he states the second-hand inhalation has the same strawberry and cherry Starburst chew aroma with just a bit of flavor and that he will definitely purchase more in the future.

The only con, in his opinion, is that the product only comes in a 30ml bottle. He would have liked to see a 60 or even 100 ml bottle.

Cloud 9 Hemp Shipping And Returns Policy

Free shipping is only available for orders placed within the United States. Moreover, all orders, with the exception of wholesale orders, are shipped within 24 hours of order placement. Orders are also only shipped during business days, and any delivery times are estimates.

By default, Cloud 9 Hemp ships all orders through USPS First Class Mail. However, expedited orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. However, whether products are being shipped by standard or expedited shipping, they will leave Cloud 9 Hemp’s facilities at the same time. For this reason, Cloud 9 Hemp Encourages their customers to place their orders ahead of time to ensure there are no delays and shipping or product availability.

Cloud 9 Hemp Company Profile

If a product is missing, customers must report it to Cloud 9 Hemp within 24 hours. If a customer has provided the incorrect address, they will be responsible for all associated shipping charges.

While Cloud 9 Hemp does offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, they cannot provide refunds for a product if a customer merely dislikes the flavor. Moreover, they cannot provide refunds on products based upon their levels of CBD.

What’s more, Cloud 9 Hemp does not provide refunds on opened bottles. Thus, Cloud 9 Hemp encourages its customers to inspect their items carefully upon receipt. If a product is found to be defective or broken upon arrival, then Cloud 9 Hemp will provide a refund for those products.

Lastly, customers must file for refunds within 21 days of delivery. Once a request has been approved, they are typically credited to the customer’s account within three to five business days.

Cloud 9 Hemp Product Catalog

Currently, Cloud 9 Hemp offers the following products.

Our Verdict

We were very impressed with Cloud 9 Hemp’s blog. It is full of timely posts on the latest news in the cannabis world. Also, Cloud 9 Hemp has one of the largest flavor selections we’ve seen for vape additives and e-liquids.

Yet, Cloud 9 Hemp does not make their certificates of analysis publicly available, and there is very little information on how and from where they source their industrial hemp. Consequently, the customer is left to infer that Cloud 9 Hemp’s products are safe, based upon the claim that each batch is tested by an independent lab.

Because they don’t make their certificates of analysis publicly available, we cannot outright recommend Cloud 9. However, they seem to provide good quality in terms of variety, fast shipping, and excellent customer service, which is confirmed by their many happy customers.

Last modified: December 18, 2019