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If you’re looking for a company with exceptionally high-quality CBD products and customer service, look no further than CBDistillery™.

Founded by Colorado natives in 2013, CBDistillery™ strives to provide their customers with high-quality products and access to education, research, and testimonials on the benefits of CBD.

About CBDistillery™

CBDistillery™ is a Colorado-based company. They offer a wide range of products containing CBD derived from industrial hemp. Their CBD products range from traditional products—like gummies and tinctures—to more innovative ones—like suppositories and beverage enhancers. What’s more, CBDistillery™ believes all customers have the right to access high-quality hemp products at a fair price.


CBDistillery™ is a proud supporter of the hashtagged #CBDMOVEMENT. This organization is passionate about educating and informing their readers about the scientifically-proven benefits of medical CBD.

In their words, they seek to inform the reader on the “rising tide of evidence that validates the use of CBD as an alternative treatment for many medical conditions.”

CBDistillery™ does this by providing CBD consumers access to CBD-related education, research, and testimonials.

CBDistillery™ Values

At the core of their philosophy, they are firm believers in treating their customers with humility, compassion, and respect. In line with these tenets, they offer exceptional customer service along with the highest quality CBD products at an affordable price.

Through their position as a thought leader in the cannabis industry, they seek to provoke change and spread the #CBDMOVEMENT with each 99 percent CBD isolate slab they break.

CBDistillery’s™ Dedication to Wholesale Partners

If you’re a wholesaler, then partnering with CBDistillery™ ensures you’re aligning yourself with a true thought leader and leader in the future of the cannabis industry.

By working with CBDistillery™, wholesale partners can expect:

  • An extraordinarily broad range of products at a very competitive price
  • CBD and ingredients of the highest quality
  • Unmatched consistency in products and customer service
  • Dependability across the United States
  • Innovative company on the cutting edge of product development and formulation
  • A company constantly seeking to expand their product line, target specific results, increase absorption rates, and improve efficacy
  • And a company serving as one of the largest CBD manufacturing and fulfillment centers in the U.S.

CBDistillery™ Product Quality

CBDistillery™ has exacting standards that all hemp plants and products must meet. Grown outdoors under natural sunlight, CBDistillery™ consistently monitors their plants to ensure their products are pesticide-free, non-GMO, and grown in organic conditions.

Since industrial hemp cleans the soil around it, CBDistillery™ gives back to the environment by growing their hemp in optimal conditions.

Some Brief Facts About High-Quality Industrial Hemp

For industrial hemp to be at its best, it must be grown in a mild climate with no more than 30 inches of rainfall per year. What’s more, hemp usually prefers deep, well-aerated soil which has a PH of six or higher. The right PH ensures the industrial hemp gets all the nutrients it needs to produce top-of-the-line CBD oil extracts.

What Other Users are Saying About CBDistillery™

CannaInsider gives CBDistillery™ an overall rating of 4.375 out of 5. They reviewed CBDistillery’s™ full spectrum tincture, rating it on price and value, CBD content, color, and taste.

Daniel and Michelle from “All CBD Oil Benefits” gave CBDistillery™ an overall rating of 9.5 out of 10. In their review, they rated CBDistillery’s™ products on packaging, CBD content, quality, taste, and price. Their review is quite extensive, as they reviewed CBDistillery’s™ tinctures, capsules, topical creams, 99 percent pure CBD isolate powder, disposable vape pens, terpsolates (terpene isolates) and CBD pet tinctures.

Last but not least, the YouTube content creator Sam from OG Reviews credits CBDistillery’s™ products with helping her recover from the extremely detrimental side effects of antidepressants. By gradually decreasing the dosage of her antidepressants, she eventually reduced her antidepressant dosage to zero grams.

Customer Service

In keeping with their commitment to exceptional quality and customer service, CBDistillery™ has a Zendesk-powered site called the CBDistillery™ Customer Education Center. Here, they cover:

  • Shipping
  • FAQs
  • Orders
  • Product-specific facts and information
  • And a beginners guide to CBD

Shipping Policy

Once you place your order with CBDistillery™, your products ship via USPS within 48 hours of payment. Because CBDistillery™ is only open from Monday to Friday during regular business hours, your products won’t ship until the next business day. So, if you want to get your products as soon as possible, CBDistillery™ recommends you order earlier in the week.

CBDistillery™ offers two types of shipping.

  1. First Class (3-5 business days)
  2. And Priority: (2-3 days)

Once your order has left the fulfillment center, you’ll get the USPS tracking information in the email associated with your account. For free shipping, CBDistillery™ only offers First Class shipping.

International Shipping and Restrictions

Currently, CBDistillery™ cannot ship to countries outside the United States or to Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

What About Returns?

CBDistillery™ will let you ship unopened and unused products back within seven days of purchase. Also, if your product arrives damaged, be sure to take a clear picture of the damaged product along with your invoice and send it to their customer service email.

However, CBDistillery™ does not offer a money-back guarantee because every CBD product will interact differently with individual consumers.

CBDistillery™ Products

CBDistillery™ offers an extensive collection of products, which can all be customized by dosage. Additionally, their LinkedIn page states they also offer White and Private label products as well. Their full product line includes:

  • Hemp CBD oils available in 250, 500, 1,000, 2,500, and 5,000mg
  • Vape pens, cartridges, and juice
  • Capsules and Softgels
  • 99 percent pure CBD isolates
  • Terpsolates (terpene-infused isolates)
  • Broad spectrum wax
  • Water-miscible CBD (1%, 5%, 10%)
  • CBD Beverage Enhancer (grape, cherry, blueberry, lemon-lime)
  • Effervescent Beverage Additive
  • Face Creams, Lotions, Topicals, Salves, Lip Balms
  • Pet CBD Oil
  • Gummies
  • Suppositories
  • Tinctures
  • Variety packs

Customer Transparency

If you need to ask a quick question, their contact form and customer service email are pretty much the only ways to get in touch. CBDistillery™ does not have a live chat feature, and they ask that you give their customer service team one or two business days to get to your question.

Our Final Thoughts

First, CBDistillery™ has a well-organized website with clear categories for each product offering, e.g. clicking on the “Gummies” section will take you to all their CBD gummies. Their FDA disclosure statement is also present on each page, and their sales email and contact link can be found without too much digging.

Unfortunately, our biggest ding against CBDistillery™ is the lack of transparency regarding their industrial hemp. As a consumer, it’s important to be clear on where the hemp is being sourced from and how it’s grown. 

Additionally, CBDistillery™ does not mention how their CBD oils are extracted, stored or packaged.

But, if you’re passionate about the #CBDMOVEMENT and want to support a company that is as passionate about CBD research, education and outreach as you are, we encourage to check out the CBDistillery™.

Last modified: January 28, 2020