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CBD Unlimited COmpany Profile

CBD Unlimited is a fully-stocked brand providing high-quality CBD to meet the varied needs of CBD users. They strive not only to deliver potent, properly dosed CBD in various forms, but also to deepen the understanding of cannabinoids through a scientific approach.

In truth, CBD Unlimited falls into the larger bucket of their holding company. Endexx is responsible for the several branches of this brand including Phyto-bites (for dogs), Third-Eye Chai CBD tea, and CBD capsules, oils, and vapes.

This publicly-held company puts their products in the hands of scientists, developers, and customers. They actively support research into cannabis to enlighten the population and develop more ways of using CBD and similar cannabinoids to improve health.

All About Endexx

Todd Davis served as founder, CEO, and President of Endexx, now known as CBD Unlimited. The goal of his brand, as it’s been since its inception in 2003, is to provide innovative phytonutrient-based food and nutritional products.

Phyto-bites is the line that’s making the most news. This CBD line focuses on soft chews for dogs to help pets deal with separation anxiety, pain, and inflammation.

During Endexx’s expansive growth, they initiated some major developments for the cannabis industry. In 2014, two technologies were launched that spearheaded the “seed to shelf” transparency: m3hub and AutoSpense. M3hub promotes compliance and accountability for hemp brands by providing “seed to sale” inventory management while Autospense covers the “end of sale” management. Autospense is designed to increase productivity and reduce cost on the retailer’s side, while acting as an easy-to-use vending machine for the customer.

Thanks to the CBD boom, 2018 was a fruitful year for Davis and his company. They noted considerable growth both quarterly and year over year. If pop culture trends are anything to go by, he can expect much more.

Product Quality

CBD Unlimited’s commitment to researching cannabis results in some high-quality hemp that is turned into the CBD products on their webpage.

The hemp they use is Colorado-grown. They ensure that it’s clean, pure, and highly nutritional, preserving the integrity of phytocannabinoids in the hemp. To support this, they post their certificates of analysis for customers to refer to while shopping.

Their commitment to finding the best ways to use CBD shows in their comprehensive product line.

Product Catalog

Every good CBD shop has oil on offer. CBD Unlimited–as their name suggests–has several. Their expansive list of oils touches on different tastes, shapes, and sizes to fit into anyone’s health regime. Choose from 5, 10, or 30 mL of coconut citrus, peppermint, or orange flavors.

Oil is just the tip of the iceberg. Their next page of CBD products includes concentrates, isolates, and capsules.

CBD Unlimited COmpany Profile

Their capsules are formulated to do one of the things CBD does best: help you sleep. They realize not everyone needs CBD for this reason, so they also offer capsules blended with natural herbs like turmeric, ginger, and rhodiola, to promote wellness in your waking life.

Their CBD isolates come in a way that you can mix and match how you distribute it through your day. Add it to food, drinks or include it on its own in your health regimine. The isolates also come as a mist or a topical.

One of their more novelty products are their CBD nectars. The nectar shots come in a variety of flavors and have earned themselves the title of #1 shot beverage 3 years running.

If you’re someone who’s interested in a slower uptake, they partnered with Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea to make the CBD Third Eye Chai tea.

And finally, for man’s best friend there is their line of phyto-bites. These popular softchews for dogs inspired them to think further into the health of pets and they now offer a CBD treat for cats as well.

Customer Service

For non-perishable products, they allow you up to 14-days to contact them for a refund. You’re in charge of shipping costs both ways.

Hemp oils are not eligible for a refund, as their return policy page explains, due to their perishable nature.

Website Usage

It’s easy to fall into a rabbit hole on their website, and it’s also easy to completely overlook what you came for. Their products are broken down into categories, but some categories can lead to further categories that you may have missed. If you’re looking for something specific, use one of our links provided in the Product Catalog section or make sure you do a really thorough investigation.

Final Thoughts

It goes against many cannabis users’ ethic to buy from “the man,” but CBD Unlimited’s products make them hard to ignore. CBD Unlimited commits itself to offering CBD and phytocannabinoids that are backed by science. They make their products with accessibility in mind and are expected to uphold their promise of quality and purity.

Last modified: December 18, 2019