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Are you looking for a CBD company that believes in charity, transparency and quality? Are you also interested in creating a CBD business of your own? Let us introduce you to CBD Biocare.

Launched in 2017 by husband-and-wife duo Matthew and Stacey Pitts, CBD Biocare is a company dedicated to spreading the word about CBD’s many benefits and to helping others establish CBD businesses of their own.

With many years of experience in sales, video production, marketing, and leadership between them, Matthew and Stacey founded CBD Biocare after searching for a business opportunity which would make the most of their talents and passions. They had been searching for something that would align with their values, make the most of their respective talents, and help them leave a lasting legacy in the world.

The seeds for this opportunity were planted after Matthew visited his friend Daryl who was dying from cancer. Daryl, who had previously weighed 220 pounds, was now barely 97 pounds. During his last moments, cannabis, which was then illegal, was the only supplement which alleviated his pain and restored his appetite for food.

Though that would be Matthew’s last time seeing his friend, he and his wife Stacey never forgot about cannabis’ role in sustaining Daryl and his family during that difficult time. So, after medicinal marijuana became legal in 2016, Matthew and Stacey decided to launch CBD Biocare.

Since industrial hemp was low-THC and contained high levels of CBD, it would be legal throughout all 50 states. This gave them the freedom to market and sell CBD-infused products which had tremendous benefits for overall well-being and health.

CBD Biocare’s Company Values

CBD Biocare is dedicated to transparency, quality, charity, and to helping others establish their own CBD businesses.

CBD Biocare’s Affiliate Program and Direct Sales Platform

In establishing their affiliate program and direct sales platform, CBD Biocare hopes to give others the tools to either create a side income or a full-time business by spreading the word about the benefits of CBD.

The CBD Biocare affiliate is in total control of their schedule and earning potential. Additionally, CBD Biocare provides their affiliates with marketing materials and training to help them reach their business goals. The affiliate also has the opportunity to earn referral fees and receive commissions on sales. Next, a thorough dashboard enables an affiliate to manage and track their sales. Lastly, CBD Biocare affiliates are not required to order, hold, or deliver products.

CBD Biocare’s Commitment to Transparency and Charity

In keeping with their commitment to transparency, CBD Biocare makes all its third-party lab test results available to the public. What’s more, they fully disclose the source of their industrial hemp and the method they use to extract their full-spectrum hemp oil.

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CBD Biocare also firmly believes in giving back. They do this by donating no less than 10 percent of their profits to Youth for Christ Ministries—a Nicaraguan-based ministry that aims to spread the Christian message and empower youth through leadership skills training, evangelism, and education.

CBD Biocare’s Dedication to Quality

First, CBD Biocare tests all its products at various points to ensure their quality and safety. The plants are tested at the farm, during the extraction process, once the extract arrives at their manufacturing facility, and lastly, once it arrives at CBD Biocare. By the time customers receive their products, they can rest assured that the product is safe, compliant with all laws, and consistent.

In addition to subjecting their products and hemp oil to third-party lab tests, CBD Biocare also partners with a US-based manufacturer that embraces the same dedication to quality and safety as they do.

This manufacturing facility has had many years of experience in producing quality CBD products. What’s more, all of CBD Biocare’s hemp is grown in Kentucky, under a federally-registered pilot program.

Their manufacturing facilities are also cruelty-free and abides by Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines. These guidelines ensure that all products are being manufactured consistently according to certain quality standards.

Last, but not least, CBD Biocare extracts all their full-spectrum, whole-plant hemp oil using supercritical CO2. This method ensures the product is safe, potent, and free from chlorophyll, which can leave an unpleasant taste and odor.

CBD Biocare and Third-Party Lab Test Results

CBD Biocare makes all its certificates of analysis available to the public. What’s more, each product contains a QR code that can be scanned any time to access their latest certificates of analysis.

In addition to containing links to actual certificates, CBD Biocare also has written a helpful explanation for interpreting the lab test results. What’s more, they explain that their hemp is sourced from family-owned farms which comply with all regulations set forth by their state departments of agriculture.

Lastly, CBD Biocare’s suppliers collaborate with agronomists, scientists, and lab developers, and partner with several universities to develop the highest quality products. They strive to create the purest full-spectrum hemp oil available on the market.

What Are Other Customers Saying About CBD Biocare?

Overall, CBD Biocare has great reviews. On their “Reviews” page, they have garnered an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars. What’s more, their reviews are current, and as of this writing, seem to be updated fairly frequently.

Jackie P., who gives CBD Biocare five out of five stars, says she tells everyone about CBD Biocare’s products. Her favorite product is CBD Biocare’s CBD peppermint-flavored oil. She takes it just before going to bed to help her get a restful night’s sleep.

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Another customer, Jeannine Miller also gives CBD Biocare five out of five stars. She uses CBD Biocare’s CBD oil to alleviate the symptoms from her restless leg syndrome and combat her anxiety.

Lastly, Dena Briley also gives CBD Biocare five out of five stars. After suffering extreme shoulder pain, she finally got to the point where she was unable to work. However, after supplementing with CBD Biocare’s CBD oil, her pain has completely subsided, and she can now use her arm. Because of her experience, she is determined to continue using the product and telling others of its benefits.

CBD Biocare’s Shipping and Returns Policy

CBD Biocare’s full shipping policy can be found here.

In short, CBD Biocare reminds their customers that their shipping carriers only run during weekdays, not weekends or holidays. Next, if a customer needs to have an order rerouted or requests a change of address, they will be charged a $50 fee. Moreover, any deliveries which are undeliverable will be assessed the full shipping charge once it’s redelivered. Lastly, orders will typically take 1-3 business days to process.

If a customer is dissatisfied with their products for any reason, they may return the product within 14 days of purchase. However, they must also return the unused portion of their product along with a copy of their receipt.

In turn, CBD Biocare will refund the amount for the unused portion of the product to the customer, minus any shipping costs. This means that if a customer has used half the product, then they will receive half the amount for the original purchase price.

CBD Biocare’s Product Catalog

CBD Biocare offers the following products.

Our Verdict

Overall, we loved that CBD Biocare arose out of a genuine desire to educate others on CBD’s health benefits. We also liked that they made their certificates of analysis available to the public.

However, we weren’t huge fans of their site layout. Though their blog was informative and chock-full of current news, the top dropdown menu navigation makes it difficult for those using screen readers to navigate the site.

However, if you’re looking for a faith-based CBD company that is dedicated to quality, we highly recommend CBD Biocare.

Last modified: December 18, 2019