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CannazAll Company Profile

If you’ve Googled “CBD companies online,” then you may have come across HempLife Today, which owns the CannazALL line of CBD products. You may have also come across a plethora of reviews about their shipping, customer service, and product quality.

In fact, HempLife Today states that “A quick Internet search will show that there are hundreds of positive entries about HempLife Today™ regarding our products, which we 100% stand behind.” What’s more, a quick, visual scan of the site gives the impression that they’ve been featured in such prestigious news outlets as CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and National Geographic.

But, is this company trustworthy? In spite of their popularity, are they safe? Read on for a comprehensive review of HempLife Today’s CannazALL line. First, we’ll talk about HempLife’s values and policies, and then we’ll get into what customers have said.

Who Is HempLife Today?

HempLife Today was founded in 2014 and was previously known as Ubiquitech Software Corp. According to Insider Financial, Ubiquitech Software Corp. used both internet and traditional marketing methods to spread awareness of multibillion-dollar businesses.

In addition to entering the cryptocurrency market, Ubiquitech Software Corp. was also responsible for creating and developing the CannazALL brand of CBD-infused products.

Though they’ve long considered the name change to HempLife Today, they kept the Ubiquitech name due to negative perceptions of hemp and its close association with marijuana, which is still a controlled substance under federal law.

However, due to recent legalization of hemp under the 2018 Farm Bill and changing attitudes toward hemp-derived CBD supplementation, Ubiquitech informed its shareholders that it would be focusing solely on its CannazALL brand under the HempLife Today name.


After learning of CBD’s myriad health benefits for overall well-being and vitality, CannazALL was launched to make this miracle supplement more accessible and affordable to those who need it the most.

All of CannazALL’s products are formulated with full-spectrum hemp oil exclusively derived from US-grown, first-cut hemp. Moreover, once the hemp is ready to be processed into their full-spectrum oils, CO2 extraction is used to draw out the full range of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids from the plants.

To further increase the bioavailability of their formulations, HempLife Today uses nanotechnology to infuse terpenes, phytocannabinoids, and plant botanicals back into the full-spectrum oil. This full spectrum of compounds produces the entourage effect, enabling our bodies to take full advantage of all the beneficial phytochemicals in the original plant.

HempLife Today’s Company Values

HempLife Today is committed to bringing their customers the finest CBD products in the world. And, through their buying power and entrepreneurship, HempLife Today is perfectly positioned to provide their customers with the highest quality and purest CBD products available on the market.

But, they say, their commitment to quality extends beyond their bottom line. Their products are the very same CBD products they’ve used for their friends, families, and themselves.

However, they do not make their certificates of analysis publicly available. So the customer has to take their word for any claims to quality they make.

HempLife Today’s Dedication to Quality


All of HempLife Today’s products are formulated with full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD oil that has been CO2-extracted from US-grown hemp plants. Moreover, these hemp plants are exclusively grown for this purpose and contain less than the legal limit of 0.3 percent THC. Lastly, HempLife Today never uses CBD from industrial hemp in the formulation of their products, choosing instead to use first-cut, domestically-grown hemp.

Additionally, they assure their customers their products will always be true to the label and be exactly as they are described on their site. Moreover, all their orders are created and packaged in a facility adhering to all state and federal guidelines for safety and quality.

Finally, their hemp is non-GMO, and all their products are batch-tested to ensure they’re free of heavy metals. Then, they are lab-sealed and sent to their customers.

HempLife Today’s Third-Party Lab Test Results

While HempLife Today states that their products undergo third-party batch-testing from scientific laboratories, those third-party test results are unfortunately not available to the public. However, if customers wish to see their certificates of analysis, they may be able to obtain them by contacting HempLife Today.

What Are Other Customers Saying About HempLife Today’s CannazALL Products?

Unfortunately, HempLife Today’s reviews are a bit of a mixed bag. Quite frankly, many of the reviews we came across were not complimentary.

Many customers on the review site Highya expressed frustration at HempLife Today’s shipping process and lack of communication with customers wishing to make returns or request refunds. In fact, quite a few customers warned other potential buyers to stay away or take their business elsewhere because of the inordinately long shipping times.

The first customer, Mary G., states she placed her order on September 10th, 2018, but she had still not received the product by October 30th, 2018. Consequently, she decided to cancel.

According to HempLife Today’s cancellation policy, her refund was due to be credited to her account in 5-7 business days. However, at the time of her review on Dec. 2018, she had still not received the refund.

She states in her review that she plans to file a complaint with the FTC and call her credit card company to dispute the charge.

Michele T., however, had a great experience with HempLife Today’s CannazALL products. She came across HempLife Today online and decided to place an order due to their affordable prices.

After three days, she began to worry, as she had still not received any notification regarding her order’s shipping status. After stumbling onto Highya’s site, she saw all the negative reviews and worried she’d made a mistake. But, a week after placing her order, she received her products.

CannazAll Company Profile

She concludes she may have just gotten lucky, but she also muses that perhaps the only reviews left for a product are the worst ones. Either way, she is grateful she didn’t panic and cancel her order.

Another customer, Bruce G., states that his refund has yet to be credited to his account. After finding out that his order was going to take longer to ship than he had originally anticipated, he decided to cancel.

However, he notes it was very difficult to get ahold of anyone during the cancellation process. What’s more, HempLife Today has held onto his money for two weeks, and he has yet to find out when he will get his refund. He feels that calling and getting ahold of a live human is nearly impossible (a sentiment expressed by many other reviewers) and that leaving messages is useless. He concludes by stating that he would not recommend this company to a friend.

Lastly, Glinda P. states she has been using this product to help with her husband’s seizures and anxiety. She has been ordering from HempLife Today in bulk for a year now, and though she has tried other brands, this product has given the best and most consistent results.

However, while her orders usually arrive within two to five business days, her most recent order has not arrived. And, as of the writing of her review, it has been four weeks.

She states that the CEO usually responds to emails quickly and has offered free bottles and 25-dollar discounts. Additionally, their farms have had trouble due to all the rain.

She concludes by saying she’s left a message but will give HempLife Today one more week.

HempLife Today’s Shipping and Returns Policy

In order to offer their customers the best service, all of HempLife Today’s orders are:

  • Shipped in discreet, unmarked packaging
  • Shipped via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days) with tracking information
  • Includes lab-sealed, CBD oil, instructions, and its full cannabinoid profile
  • And has been triple-checked for quality and correctness

HempLife Today is so confident in the quality of their products that they offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee. Customers may return the products if they are:

  1. Dissatisfied with the product they’ve received
  2. Convinced that the products they’ve received are not what HempLife Today has claimed them to be.

To return a product within the first 30 days, simply send an email to HempLife Today’s customer service department and return the unused/unopened portion of your order. HempLife Today will credit the full price of the unused/unopened portion of your order back to your account.

For example, if you ordered a two-pack of tinctures, tried one, and decided the product wasn’t satisfactory, you can return the other unopened/unused bottle for a refund on that bottle’s purchase price.

To schedule a return, simply contact HempLife Today’s customer service department via the contact page on their site.

CannazAll Company Profile

However, HempLife Today does note that free, bonus items included with their extra-large packages or special offers are only free if customers choose to keep and use the full package.

It’s also important to keep in mind that, according to customer reviews, HempLife Today has not always followed through with their promise to issue refunds.

HempLife Today’s CannazALL Product Catalog

Currently, HempLife Today offers the following products in their CannazALL product line.

Our Verdict

At first, CannazALL seems like a well-established brand with a wide range of products to meet a variety of needs.

However, their lack of publicly available certificates of analysis and large number of poor reviews on their shipping times and customer service is of some concern. Aside from the reviews on Highya, we couldn’t find any reviews on their Facebook page or anywhere else on the web. Moreover, HempLife Today and CannazALL haven’t updated their Facebook pages since 2015.

So, due to their relatively poor reviews and lack of publicly-available lab results, we cannot recommend HempLife Today and its CannazALL line of CBD products.

Last modified: December 18, 2019