Cannadiol Company Profile

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Cannadiol Company Profile

Committed to the mission of providing the highest quality CBD-based supplements and body wellness products, Cannadiol was launched in 2014 by their parent company Saint Bibiana & Company.

According to their “About” page, Cannadiol is dedicated to putting their customers before their bottom line, transparency, and quality. They seek to serve as a healthy complement to a well-balanced diet, regular visits to the doctor, and a healthful lifestyle.

Through in-person and online dialog, they also hope to increase awareness and understanding of the myriad benefits of cannabidiol-based products. In doing so, they hope to make their hemp products more accessible to everyone. Lastly, they strive to make the highest quality hemp products available to customers at the lowest price.

But Here’s the Problem

Cannadiol doesn’t appear to exist.

Upon first glance, you’ll notice that all their products appear to be out-of-stock. If you click a bit further, you’ll also discover that all seventeen links to their certificates of analysis inevitably lead to a message which reads: “The page you are looking for can’t be found.”

Other Customer Reviews

Despite all this, there is, in fact, one lone customer review for Cannadiol from CBD Oil Reviews. According to their rating criteria, Cannadiol received a 5 out of 5 stars and qualified for their quality, safety, charity, mission, and innovation badges.

Cannadiol qualified for these badges because:

  • They use SC Labs to test the safety of all their products.
  • They extract the CBD oil from their hemp using CO2 extraction in FDA-certified labs.
  • They’re committed to a people-first policy of improving the quality of life for their customers, placing a special emphasis on integrity.
  • They donate to St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which is dedicated to helping children with cancer.
  • And they’re one of the only companies to combine their CBD oil with emu oil and cayenne pepper for a more potent topical.

However, the good news ends there. CBD Oil Review is quick to point out that Cannadiol is probably selling white label products. This means they’ve most likely taken products made by other companies and placed their own labels on the packaging.

Most concerning of all, a bit more Googling turns up the fact that Cannadiol appears to have abandoned their trademark application in 2015.

Our Verdict

While their website is well-organized, simple, and appears to have everything set up for ecommerce, we can’t recommend Cannadiol to anyone due to the above factors. Defunct links to third-party lab tests, out-of-stock products, and no other information on the company and its products—other than the CBD Oil Reviews piece—make this company a risky bet for a discerning CBD customer.

Last modified: December 18, 2019