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Are you looking for a CBD company that is reliable and dedicated to quality? Let us introduce you to Canna Trading Company.

Founded in 2014, Canna Trading Company is a 100% American, CBD company that sources all its organic industrial hemp from family-owned farms.

Owned by MHE Manufacturing LTD, Canna Trading Company formulates all its products with broad-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD oil. As a result, the oils are non-psychoactive and contain less than 0.3 percent THC.

Canna Trading’s parent company, MHE Manufacturing, specializes in providing private labeled services, wholesales, and in formulating ingredients. Moreover, they help other companies with branding, turn-key solutions, and creating customized or stock formulations. So, customers can rest assured that Canna Trading Company is experienced in providing high-quality, trustworthy CBD products.

Canna Trading Company Values

Canna Trading Company’s mission is to serve their customers with the most affordable, broad-spectrum CBD oil extracts of the highest quality. What’s more, they proudly support American-owned, family farms that work hard to grow the highest quality hemp. Plus, every step—from cultivation to formulation—is carried out in the United States.

Last, but not least, Canna Trading Company is dedicated to transparency. They make all third-party lab tests available online to their customers. These test results are available under all product descriptions on their Canna Trading’s website.

Canna Trading Company’s Dedication to Product Quality

Canna Trading’s tinctures contain various blends of terpenes that target different health challenges, such as anxiety and insomnia. Each targeted tincture contains its own unique range of terpenes and terpene ratios.

Over the course of testing, Canna Trading Company has discovered that certain combinations of natural plant terpenes give their products specific aromas and affect our bodies in a variety of ways. For example, both cannabidiol and caryophyllene have anti-inflammatory properties. The inclusion of both these terpenoids in a tincture enables the broad-spectrum CBD oil to target inflammation

Canna Trading Company’s Third-Party Lab Test Results

In keeping with their dedication to transparency, Canna Trading Company makes its third-party lab test results available to the public here. However, this certificate of analysis is the only COA available and is the same across all of Canna Trading Company’s products.

Customer Reviews

Overall, Canna Trading Company’s customers seem to be fairly satisfied with their purchased products. On Weedmaps, Canna Trading Company was rated 4.2 out of 5 stars according to five reviewers.

“Ncook” states that Canna Trading Company’s products are amazing. They appreciated Canna’s fast shipping and Ncook uses the company’s inflammation tincture on a daily basis, saying their vape pen also provides a quick stress relief. In short, they’d highly recommend Canna Trading Company to their friends and family.

“Folksister” states that Canna Trading Company’s products are great for alleviating symptoms of autoimmune arthritis. At first, they were drawn to Canna’s products due to their CO2 extraction method and their packaging.

However, after using the company’s vape oil for only 24 hours, it was successful in almost completely reducing a flare-up of Folksister’s autoimmune disease.

Though they’ve tried capsules and tinctures by other companies, Folksister notes that Canna Trading Company’s disposable vape pen has been the most effective. However, they do acknowledge that it may have been due to differences in dosing.

Nevertheless, Folksister plans to try Canna Trading Company’s vape pen and cartridge next, along with their inflammation tincture.

Eva Carafa even credits Canna Trading’s products with helping her dog, Gus, make the most of his remaining years.

After being diagnosed with a large chest tumor in May 2018, eight-year-old dog Gus was becoming increasingly stiff and fatigued. The doctors informed Gus’ owner Eva and her family that Gus would only have a few months to live. Upon receiving this devastating news, Eva was determined to make her dog’s life as comfortable as possible.

Eva and her family reached out to Canna Trading employee Mark and immediately noticed that the CBD oil he gave them for Gus was making a difference. After taking the oil, Gus seemed happier to Eva and much more relaxed.

Though she is uncertain of whether it will prolong Gus’s life, Eva is nonetheless grateful that Gus seems to be enjoying his life again, thanks to Canna Trading Company’s CBD oil.

In the comments section, Eva posted an update six months after her initial review and stated that Gus is still alive and thriving. His medical results say he shouldn’t be here, but he is still fury-flirty and thriving, if a bit lazy. Eva is also happy Gus has managed to gain some weight as well. In short, she could not be more grateful to Canna Trading Company’s CBD oil for helping her dog elongate his time on Earth.

Canna Trading Company’s Shipping and Returns Policy

Canna Trading Company’s full shipping and returns policy may be found here.

Because Canna Trading Company’s products contain less than 0.3 percent THC, they may be shipped throughout all contiguous 48 states. All orders will ship via UPS Ground by default and are shipped out within two business days. Generally speaking, customers can expect to receive their Canna Trading Company products within three to five business days.

After an order is placed, customers will receive an email containing all tracking information. And, if a customer is not completely satisfied, they may return their Canna Trading Company products within 30 days. To initiate the refund or returns process, start by contacting Canna Trading Company at [email protected].

If customers received an incorrect item, a product that was damaged during shipping, or products that are defective, Canna Trading Company encourages their customers to get in touch via phone or email.

Canna Trading Company’s Product Catalog

Currently, Canna Trading Company offers the following range of products.

Our Verdict

Overall, we were impressed with Canna Trading Company’s straightforward website and live chat feature. Through the course of writing this company profile, we had a question regarding their CBD extraction methods and reached out. To our surprise, they responded fairly quickly.

Moreover, they seem engaged with the community on their Facebook page. Overall, reviews were positive, and they responded to comments and Facebook posts promptly and courteously.

Lastly, Canna Trading Company makes their third-party lab tests available to the public and briefly explains how to read their certificate of analysis.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable CBD company who dedicates itself to formulating high-quality products, we recommend Canna Trading Company.

Last modified: December 18, 2019