Bluebird Botanicals Company Profile

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Bluebird Botanicals Company Profile

Are you looking for a CBD company that goes above and beyond to ensure the safety and quality of all their products? Let us introduce you to Bluebird Botanicals.

Founded in 2012, Bluebird Botanicals is an award-winning company focused on providing high-quality, lab-tested CBD oil products. Bluebird’s CEO Brandon J. Beatty is an herbalist, entrepreneur, and ardent hemp advocate who is on a mission to make the world a better, more sustainable place. And, after launching their first Hemp CBD product in 2013, Bluebird Botanicals grew rapidly and now ships their products to countries around the world.

Bluebird Botanicals’ Core Values

With a firm belief that everyone deserves to lead the happiest, healthiest lives possible, Bluebird Botanicals strives to be at the forefront of the hemp and cannabis industries. They are dedicated to transparency, quality, and compassion for their customers. What’s more, an authentic sense of compassion, empathy, and making the world a better place is the driving force behind their advocacy and hemp research efforts.

In addition to serving on the Technical Advisory Council of the National Hemp Association, Bluebird Botanicals’ CEO also works with the National Hemp Association to federally legalize hemp and to de-schedule it under the Controlled Substances Act.

In keeping with their mission to make their CBD products more accessible, Bluebird Botanicals also has assistance programs for low-income individuals, veterans, and individuals on long-term disability. Customers who fall into any of the above categories may receive 25 to 40 percent off their purchases from Bluebird Botanicals.

Last, but not least, Bluebird Botanicals also donates to many charitable organizations. These include:

  • CURE
  • The American Cancer Society
  • The Autism Research Institute
  • And the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

Bluebird Botanicals’ Dedication to Quality

With the exception of their Classic formulations, Bluebird Botanicals uses 100 percent Colorado-grown hemp extracts in their products. For their Classic line, they use certified organic Canadian-grown hemp seed oil as a base oil.

What’s more, Bluebird Botanicals uses ethanol extraction on their hemp, which is a cold extraction method that is more gentle on the terpenes and other beneficial compounds. However, because a higher purity is required for their CBD isolates and vape oils, they use low-pressure and cooler CO2 extraction.

Bluebird Botanicals’ and Third-Party Lab Test Results

Bluebird Botanicals demonstrates their commitment to transparency with their third-party lab test results. Here, you’ll find products separated by their lot or batch numbers, dosage, date, and product.

Once you click on a product’s batch number, you’ll see a list of links which take you to individual test results for things like heavy metals, potency, mycotoxins (fungus), pesticides, residual solvents, and terpenes.

Bluebird Botanicals Company Profile

In addition to making all their certificates of analysis freely available online, Bluebird Botanicals also takes great pride in their quality standards.

Though not required by the FDA to do so, Bluebird Botanicals allows Eurofins Scientific to conduct a CGMP audit of their two facilities. During their most recent CGMP audit, Bluebird Botanicals received a 99 percent rating in April 2018. What’s more, their facilities are registered with the FDA and Bluebird holds a license with the Colorado Department of Health and Environment.

What Are Other Customers Saying About Bluebird Botanicals?

After judging it on its price and value, CBD Content, color, and taste, CannaInsider gives Bluebird Botanicals a solid rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Firstly, they compliment Bluebird Botanicals for its high-quality, complete line of blended cannabidiol oil. Bluebird Botanicals’ Complete formulation contains a combination of raw, decarboxylated, and steam-distilled extracted hemp oil extracts with a full terpene profile.

CannaInsider goes on to explain that this Hemp Complete blend contains roughly 26 terpenes plus many aldehydes and ketones. This is important because many believe that CBD works best when it’s working synergistically with all the other compounds that are naturally present in hemp, i.e. the entourage effect.

This and the fact that their extracts have undergone total CO2 extraction make Bluebird Botanicals a worthwhile purchase. Additionally, they’ve set the gold standard in accountability by making all their lab test results available to the public.

Bluebird Botanicals Shipping and Returns Policies

Bluebird Botanicals’ shipping and returns policies may be found in their entirety here.

To summarize, Bluebird Botanicals accepts VISA, Mastercard, and over 70 cryptocurrencies when customers buy products through their online store. However, Bluebird Botanicals does reserve the right to refuse an order at their sole discretion. What’s more, if they suspect that an order is false or fraudulent, they have the right to inform the appropriate authorities.

Next, if you have a coupon code, you may only apply one at a time. No coupon codes may be combined with other coupon codes.

Bluebird Botanicals ships all their orders within the United States through USPS Priority Mail. Typically, they ship all orders within one to two business days of receiving them, and it will take about two or three days to arrive. And, if you plan to buy more than $250 worth of products, be aware that Bluebird Botanicals requires a signature upon arrival. If you need specialized delivery methods, like courier service or overnight shipping, you may request these over the phone.

Bluebird Botanicals Company Profile--Products

In cases where USPS has either delivered the package to the wrong address or if it’s marked as delivered but the customer does not receive it, Bluebird Botanicals assumes no responsibility for shipping or other costs.

If customers wish to file a damage claim, they must do so within three days of receiving the product. However, customers have 30 days from the time of receipt to file for a refund or return.

If you’ve purchased a Bluebird Botanicals product elsewhere via a retailer, then you’ll have to go back to the retailer for refunds and returns. Lastly, refunds may only be processed for orders up to $110.00.

Bluebird Botanicals Product Catalog

Currently, Bluebird Botanicals offers the following products.

  • Extracts
  • Concentrated extracts
  • CBD isolates
  • Vape products
  • Capsules
  • Pet products
  • Hemp apparel

Our Verdict

After researching Bluebird Botanicals’ history, dedication to quality, philanthropic efforts, assistance programs, third-party lab tests, and quality controls, we would highly recommend them and their products.

While some companies may pay lip service to quality and transparency, Bluebird Botanicals has truly taken the extra step and made everything available to the potential customer. What’s more, their fantastic blog, podcast, and FAQ section genuinely make them a cut above the rest.

Last modified: December 18, 2019