BioCBD Plus Company Profile

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BioCBD Plus Company Profile

Are you looking for a company that is genuinely committed to quality, innovation, transparency, and charity? Let us introduce you to BioCBD Plus.

Founded in 2014, BioCBD Plus is a company which specializes in providing the highest quality, water-soluble, full-spectrum CBD products. Moreover, they pride themselves on their unique water-soluble formulations, as they all contain ayurvedic herbs like saffron, turmeric, and boswellia.

In Search of a More Bioavailable CBD

Though full-spectrum hemp oil has many benefits, it is not very bioavailable. Because water and oil do not mix, it’s difficult for the body—which is made up of between 55 and 60 percent water—to put the full amount of the CBD extracts to use. In fact, according to a study in the journal Biomed Environ Mass Spectrom, orally administered CBD only has a bioavailability of less than ten percent.

It begs the question. Why spend more money for less impact?

So, BioCBD Plus set out to formulate a CBD product with five to ten times the bioavailability of other CBD oil extract products on the market. And, since their products have a far better absorption rate, less of the product is needed to produce the same results. In turn, this saves them money on manufacturing and producing the product. Those savings are then passed on to the customer. In effect, customers get more for less.

BioCBD Plus Company Values

At the heart of BioCBD Plus’ business is the desire to produce the highest quality water-soluble hemp extract in the world. Committed to sustainability, they strive to offer holistic education to their customers, actively work to reduce their carbon footprint, conserve all available resources, and carry out their mission to do good in the world. They believe in serving their customers through exemplary customer service and premium-quality products.

Moreover, they are passionate about getting their products into the hands of those who need them the most, regardless of their ability to afford them. This is why they’ve established a scholarship program for customers facing financial hardship and a discount for military veterans.

BioCBD Plus offers all military veterans 25 percent off all their products. In order to qualify for the military veterans discount, simply fill out the form on the page and include a valid military ID or proof of service (DD-214), and BioCBD Plus will send eligible customers a coupon code. This coupon code gives all qualifying holders 25 percent off all their products for life.

BioCBD Plus’ scholarship program serves to make their water-soluble products available to those who are in financial straits and are struggling with medical conditions. To qualify, simply fill out the form on the scholarship page and briefly describe your financial and medical condition. After submission, Ali, their sales and operations manager, will respond.

BioCBD Plus’ Dedication to Quality

BioCBD Plus Company Profile

As a product of more than 30 years of research and development, BioCBD Plus states their water-soluble formulation is the most scientifically innovative product on the market today. It contains no solvents, glycerides, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, added sugar, soy, nuts, or artificial flavors or colors. Moreover, they use their nanotechnology and curcumin to increase the bioavailability of their products to 100 percent.

Committed to sustainability, BioCBD Plus also uses as little packaging as possible so as to reduce the materials they use and the energy consumed. What’s more, due to the 100 percent absorption rate of their full-spectrum, water-soluble, ayurvedic herbal CBD formulation, they can use minimal amounts of Scandinavian-grown hemp. This, in turn, ensures that this precious plant will be available for generations to come.

Last, but not least, BioCBD Plus formulates their products with safety and consistency in mind. BioCBD Plus ensures customers are getting exact servings each time so that customers can rest assured they’re getting consistent amounts of full-spectrum hemp oil and their proprietary blend of ayurvedic herbs.

BioCBD Plus Lab Tests

BioCBD Plus makes all their third-party lab tests available here. All their high-quality products start with full-spectrum CBD hemp oil derived from organically-grown, Scandinavian hemp.

Conducted by Evolved Ayurvedic Discoveries (EAD) Labs, these certificates measure the hemp’s levels of terpenes and cannabinoids. What’s more, they test for levels of heavy metals, residual solvents, and microbial contaminants.

What Are Other Customers Saying About BioCBD Plus?

Fitness expert, biohacker, and author Ben Greenfield wholeheartedly endorses BioCBD Plus’ products. Prior to trying them, he’d spent a year researching and experimenting with CBD, but after trying BioCBD Plus’ patent-pending products, he was hooked. He states that due to their nanoengineering technology, which blends together all the phytochemicals of the hemp plant with ayurvedic herbs, he feels he gets all the healthful benefits of cannabis without ever smoking weed. In short, he states their products have the highest absorption rate of anything he’s ever used. In fact, he liked their products so much that he became an investor.

Dr. Nick Zyrowski, a health professional and licensed chiropractor in the state of Michigan, also recommends BioCBD Plus’ water-soluble formulation. Clinically, he uses their products because they’re made with 100 percent pure CBD. Moreover, they have five times the bioavailability when compared to other CBD oil products on the market. Plus, it’s been triple-tested for purity, so customers can be sure it’s safe.

BioCBD Plus Shipping and Returns Policy

BioCBD Plus’ full shipping and returns policy can be found here. In short, customers can return the product if they’re not satisfied through the feel-the-difference guarantee. In essence, the feel-the-difference guarantee gives customers up to 30 days after the order to return a product and receive a refund, no questions asked.

BioCBD Plus Company Profile

For the first 30 capsules of any formula, BioCBD Plus does not require customers to return the product. However, to prevent fraud, BioCBD Plus requires the return of all products that are over this 30-capsule limit. Regardless, as long as the products are returned within the 30-day window after purchase, they will receive a full refund, minus any shipping costs.

Once the order is placed, BioCBD Plus usually ships their products out within 24 hours. All products are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, and customers should receive them in three to four business days. Additionally, customers will receive the tracking information for their order via email.

Unlike many other CBD products on the market, BioCBD Plus’ products do not require refrigeration, and they will be at their peak freshness once they arrive.

Lastly, all of BioCBD Plus’ products are available throughout all 50 states and in roughly 45 countries around the world. Moreover, customers can subscribe to auto shipping on all their products.

BioCBD Plus Product Catalog

Currently, BioCBD Plus offers the following products:

  • Total Body Care Capsules
  • Muscle and Joint Relief Oil
  • CBD Vape Kits

Our Verdict

First and foremost, we were impressed with BioCBD Plus’ innovative line of products. What’s more, their products are blended with few ayurvedic herbs, like tumeric, which have been scientifically proven to protect your body against oxidative stress.

However, the statement that other CBD oil products have an absorption rate of less than 10 percent is misleading. A much more recent study indicates that vaping CBD oil extracts can have an absorption rate of up 56 percent. Still, that falls below their claim to 100 percent bioavailability due to their formulation’s water solubility, so the gist of their claim still stands.

We really liked their blog as it’s full of informative and timely posts. One of their posts discusses the differences between water-soluble and oil-based CBD products. Another post lays out an awesome recipe for CBD hot chocolate and CBD pumpkin hummus.

All in all, if you’re looking for an innovative, transparent company that produces a product with maximum bioavailability, we’d highly recommend BioCBD Plus.

Last modified: December 18, 2019