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History of Aceso Hemp

Aceso Hemp is a Denver, Colorado-based company that sources its product from Europe.

Named after the Greek goddess of healing, Aceso is a company founded on the belief that nature holds the key to wellness. They feel that hemp, combined with other beneficial plants such as turmeric and lavender, can provide the world with the power to “let nature nurture.”

Aceso was launched by Dixie Brands, a Denver-based company founded in 2010, as a health and wellness offshoot in late 2015.

Aceso Hemp’s Product Quality

Aceso dedicates a large section of their website to Education, where they have lots of information and studies available about hemp, cannabinoids, and their products. In this section, they discuss whole-plant extract vs. isolated cannabinoids. According their research, whole-plant extracts yield dose-dependent results. This means that the more a whole-plant product is administered, the more visible the results, with no plateau in benefits.

On the other hand, benefits of isolated cannabinoids are only achieved within a small dosage range, which they feel limits their therapeutic value. They also go on to say that research has shown formulations, derived from whole plant extracts, have fewer potentially negative effects and lower overall toxicity than those formulated from isolates.

Needless to say, this research supports their own formulation model as Aceso solely uses whole plant extracts in their products, made and distributed from their Denver, CO facility.

Despite all that information, they don’t offer much insight into the other ingredients used in their products, which we aren’t too thrilled about.

Lab Testing

While Aceso doesn’t have lab results readily available for customers to read on their website, they do claim that they believe in transparency, and offer to send all lab results by request to back up that statement. To request results, you can message them at [email protected]

What Customers are Saying About Aceso Hemp

Aceso does have very easy-to-find reviews on each of their product pages, formatted in the standard 1-5 star model with comments below. Even better, they don’t seem to be curated since we were able to find both negative and positive reviews. That said, the number of customer reviews available is pretty low, with most products having only a couple to reference.

But the reviews listed on Aceso’s site are generally positive. For example, their Soothe Spray has two reviews, both five stars. One user commented that it was simply, “Great!” while the other stated that they saw an improvement in joint pain after use.

We did find one independent review online, and the reviewer had positive things to say about the Aceso products she tried and claimed to see immediate results.

Aceso does have a Twitter account, which they only post to very sporadically. They also have Facebook and Instagram accounts, and while those are updated pretty frequently, their doesn’t appear to be a lot of social proof on any of them in the way of interaction or comments, positive or negative.

We didn’t see any negative feedback in relation to their Customer Service team, and Aceso does offer a lot of different ways to contact them, as well as an extensive FAQ page.

At this time, according to the website, Aceso Hemp does not offer returns on opened or “tampered with” products.

Long story short? If you buy it, try it, and don’t like it, you’re stuck with it.

But Aceso does claim to accept returns on orders that don’t fit into the above categories (which we assume means they accept returns if you change your mind or ordered the wrong product in error).

Once ordered, the website states that it usually takes 3-5 business days to receive your product and the company ships to anywhere in the U.S., and even internationally.

Aceso Hemp Product Catalog

Aceso Hemp has 9 different products shown on their website, but only 6 of them are currently available. Their Calm, Soothe, and Wellness fizz tabs are listed as “Coming Soon.”

With prices ranging from $10-$50, they seem to be focusing on two niche markets: drink mixes and sprays. Drink mixes come in a 5 pack for $10, or a 30 pack for $50, the latter of which represents a $10 savings for buying “in bulk.” Aceso also offers a monthly 5 pack subscription plan for $8.50. Each sachet contains 7.5 mg CBD, and is meant to be mixed with 4-6 oz of water “for an effervescent experience.”

The sprays come in one size only, a 1 ounce bottle that retails for $50 and contain 335 mg of naturally occurring cannabinoids per bottle. Both the drink mix and the spray come in three different options: Calm, Soothe, and Wellness.

One other interesting note about Aceso’s Calm Spray is that it was approved for use in helping alleviate symptoms of Tourette’s Syndrome in New Zealand back in 2016.

A complete selection of Aceso’s product offerings can be found here.

More Facts to Note

We found the company’s website both easy to use and simple to navigate, and we’re also fans of the pop-up they use, designed to attract mailing list subscribers. One in particular offered a pretty great incentive in the form of a 20% discount off your next order.

Our Verdict

Aceso has some interesting products, and we do like that the reviews are generally positive and don’t seem to be curated. That said, we wish there were more of them. We also don’t see much mention of the other ingredients in their products, so it isn’t immediately apparent whether the products are organic, all-natural, vegetarian, or vegan, which is typically something companies who adhere to those guidelines tend to mention.

All that to say, on the whole, due to the availability of lab results, the overall transparency online, and the approval for use in those suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome in New Zealand, we think Aceso might be worth a try, as long as the lack of information about additional ingredients isn’t a deal-breaker for you.

As always, with companies who don’t offer a 100% money back guarantee, we suggest trying a single, less expensive product to ensure you like it before investing in the company’s whole product line. We also recommend not following the prompt to sign up for their mailing list until you plan to make a larger purchase. That way, you can get the best bang for your buck out of that sweet 20% discount code once you do subscribe.  

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Last modified: December 18, 2019