About Us

CBD Breaker was born out of a vision to cut through the noise and misinformation in the world of CBD. The experts on our team have a variety of backgrounds, but they all share a steadfast commitment to providing you with the most accurate information possible.

Our conditions specialists review all the latest scientific research to give you a balanced and factual answer about whether CBD can help with certain ailments–you won’t find any erroneous claims here.

Our product reviewers carefully research countless CBD products using our unique methodology to ensure our lists only include the best of the best.

Our company reviewers conduct in-depth investigations and aren’t afraid to tell the truth about what they uncover–but they also love to give kudos to those who are doing it right.

Finally, our educators enjoy teaching you the basics about CBD, answering common questions, correcting misconceptions, and going into detail on more complex subjects.

Together, we’ve created what we dreamed of in our original vision: a source of information about CBD that you can trust.